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  1. Hi guys, I just remembered a song I used to love, no idea about the band or the name of the song. I can only remember the clip, which was quite specific I think: it's a young man who is skateboarding the street, he arrives at a hotel quite nice, he takes a lift down (I remember a middle-aged black employee in a proper suit staring at the young man in the lift, or maybe before the comes into the lift), the lift goes down (I can remember a posh/classical music in the lift) and when the door opens, he's right in the middle of a concert hall. The music is quite hard core and I believe (not sure) there is a pogo at some point. I believe the young man ends up sick of the music and leave the concert hall/hotel but not sure either. The environment inside the clip has more a British touch than a US touch the way I remember it. Does it ring a bell to someone?