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    We are a Hardcore, Heavy Metal, Swamp Stomp group from Mobile Alabama.

    We are in a reformation process.

    We are on the search for a Percussionist and a Bassist. The Percussionist must play the double bass kick drums. The Bassist must be able to play at least a five string bass.

    We have Vocals (Trip), that’s been doing vocals for 20 years. We have a Guitarist (Mike), which plays an 8 string Ibanez and has been playing for 34 years.
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    Mobile Alabama
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    Writing - 32 years

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  1. Hi, New member to the group here. Vocalist out of Sanguinum, a Hardcore, Heavy Metal, Swamp Stomp band based in Mobile Alabama. Looking for a Percussionist that plays the double bass and a Bassist that plays at least a 5 string bass. We have a Vocalist (Trip) with 20 years of experience that sings and screams. A Guitarist (Mike) with 36 years of experience that plays an 8 string Ibanez. This account will be managed by Trip, the Vocalist of Sanguinum. Thanks and take care, Trip