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    Sole member of the one-man-band DispensatioN, sort of a Death/Black Metal project
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    All about electric guitars

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  1. DispensatioN

    Hello from Germany

    Not much to be said about me. I'm from Germany. My purpose is clear: To get into talking about Metal music. I prefer the heavier and darker (and faster) side of Heavy Metal, so I lend my ears mostly to Black and Death Metal, although my tastes are not confined to that. Rather I'm always looking for new sources of inspiration. I look forward to getting to know a lot of bands and music that I have never heard (of) before. That's it, folks.
  2. DispensatioN

    Albums you wish you could unhear.

    Metallica's St. Anger is certainly their nadir. It even renders (some of) their previous double Load of WTF almost audible.