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    I'm a songwriter I write metal song's
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    Royston Georgia United States
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    Metalcore death metal industrial metal power metal

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  1. Brucefiction

    New metal song writer

    I write power metal song's and I like different kinds of genre of metal music first iron saver fates warning they have inspired me to be a song writer I also listen to five finger death punch and Linkin Park
  2. Brucefiction

    Does my voice suits black metal?

    Man you're good
  3. Brucefiction

    Frozen Crown (Female Fronted Power Metal)

    That's my kind of power metal song
  4. Brucefiction

    My song keeping the vision alive

    Here is a song that I wrote called keeping the vision alive
  5. Brucefiction

    New metal song writer

    Hi everyone I'm a metal song writer that has done a few songs nice to be here