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  1. Hello everyone. Lasse here from Eye Of Fenris. I'm reaching out because our drummer needs your help. His battling the US insurance companies on behalf of his daughter and are now left with a huge bill to pay out of pocket. We've made a post about on our Bandcamp that we would like to share. https://eyeoffenris.bandcamp.com/communityhttps://www.gofundme.com/f/my-5yearold-daughter-to-continue-her-battle
    Hope you can help,

  2. Hey ppl! ive got this one song that needs some badass vocals on it. Im open for either male or female vocals!
    For text and theme we can either write together, or you can take full control and put your own spin on it.
    I expect your vocals to be on par with the music, and to have your own mic for recording.
    I'll do the mixing and further mastering at a later date :)

    here is the song.

  3. Hello peeps! My name is Lasse. Im a producer/ guitarist/songwriter located in Denmark. Im looking for a vocalist to collab with. I have a number of different styles to offer though i mostly do melodic death metal/melodic thrash metal. 

    A few things to know:
    You must be able to record yourself
    My work is not of professional quality, but i do expect your quality to be matching of the overall production
    I do everything myself I.e Record, Program midi, mix, etc but if you know your way around a DAW better than my then i would welcome your mix :)
    I'm open for either female or male singer, and also for you to put your own take on the songs I.e Lyrics, melodies and themes of the overall project.
    I'm not aiming for fame and glory, i just love making music and want people to hear it.

    Here is some of the music that i can offer : The mix is not final

    Personal note
    I'm a chill dude, loves cats and cookies!
    I have standards, though with certain things i can be flexible
    I would like to work with one or more vocalist if such a scenario should arise, though the project will be on a person to person basis.

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