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Kaledon will open XX ANNIVERSARY SHOW


Kaledon is an heavy/power metal band from Rome, born in 1998 from a concept by lead guitarist Alex Mele. The original line-up was composed by Alex Mele (guitar), Tommy Nemesio (guitar), Paolo Lezziroli (bass guitar), Dario Sacco (drums), Anthony Drago (voice).

Earlier this morning the band posted that will open the XX ANNIVERSARY SHOW that will take place on 12 Oct. 2018 at the Jailbreak LiveClub Roma, Italy.




More details about the band can be found here (Get To Know Kaledon)


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There is a Promotion Strategy Update ::

From now on all those bands i work for will get* the option of 'Wikipedia Greek Article'.

I did this for the Italians 'Kaledon' and i will keep doing it for the rest of the roster.

The Wiki Article includes mini-bio, discography & Image and can be found here :: Kaledon on Greek Wikipedia


I believe that it's a great idea and  it will add some extra points of exposure!

* If this is applicable according Wikipedia's Policy 

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Hellsingland come from Sweden. The band spews forth one epic dirge of supreme underground Black Metal. They have successfully built the time machine which will guide you through your Journey to the early '90s Norwegian era.




 Editors Pick

🎧 Skuggornas välde ★★★★☆

🎧 Svårmod ★★★★☆


 More info of the band can be found by clicking the link below,

 Get to know 'Hellsingland'


 Editorial and promo by Kostas B.

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Krepuskul New Video 'Hybrid High Breed' is out!

Krepuskul is a Death Metal band comes from Transylvania, Romania. They have recently released the full-length 'Hybrid' via MSH Music Group, based in London. Below you can watch the official Video Clip of the 2nd Album Track called 'Hybrid High Breed'


>>>>>> Facebook Video Link

If you like the material of the band feel free to buy the merch Official Store




Heavy Metal Promotion

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Interview with Erik Hillströms (Vocals for Hellsingland

Hello maniacs,

I 've recently conducted an interview with Erik Hillströms (Vocals for Hellsingland, Black Metal from Sweeden) and introduced his band to the mass.

Hellsingland come from Sweden. The band spews forth one epic dirge of supreme underground Black Metal. They have successfully built the time machine which will guide you through your Journey to the early '90s Norwegian era.


You can read the full story by clicking the link below,

Link to full Interview



If you want to be part Heavy Metal OTD Roster as a band then you can drop me a message here Email

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War of Thrones Feat. Former Members Of Crimson Glory, Rob Rock and more : Debut Album 'Conflict In Creation' is Out NOW via Sonic Night Music !!



1.    Ascending         
2.    Creation         
3.    Savior         
4.    Entranced         
5.    Damnation         
6.    Aftermath         
7.    Say What         
8.    Kingdom         
9.    Rule the World         
10.    Reaction         
11.    Channeling Demons         
12.    Descending

✅ Listen to “Rule the World” :: bit.ly/2p8p8be
✅ Get to know the band :: bit.ly/2pa3XVj
✅ Profile :: bit.ly/2FSkyHE
✅ Official Merch Links,

    Amazon - http://amzn.to/2mO7zvg
    Best Buy - http://bit.ly/2DuUJMH
    Barnes&Noble - http://bit.ly/2rmPwBF
    Bull Moose - http://bit.ly/2DkSwAb
    CC Music - http://bit.ly/2EVTdQX
    CDUniverse - http://bit.ly/2mNEbVG
    Deep Discount - http://bit.ly/2DhBd34
    Gallery Of Sound - http://bit.ly/2mVhakJ
    Heartland Music - http://bit.ly/2DpYN1G
    Import CDs - http://bit.ly/2DohTVR
    iTunes - https://apple.co/2DtdCj2

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Below A Silent Sky :: 'A View From Afar' is OUT NOW!




Band offers a unique mixture of progressive post-elements and aggressiveness. If you consider the fact that it’s an instrumental entity this makes the whole thing more interesting!

A View From Afar consists of 5 tracks in a total duration of 54 minutes. The album is based on polythematic enorchestration and the quality of the production makes it easier for the listener to get in to the trip.




The Highest Shrine – 09:05

Caverns of Light – 08:51

Tartarus – 10:28

Earthshifter – 08:53

The Great Divide – 18:29


Artwork and Graphic Design by Teilchensturm




Below A Silent Sky hails from Ilmenau, Germany and was founded in 2012. Since that time band released one EP in 2013, their debut “Corrosion” in 2015 and now the second album “A View From Afar”


Lineup, Heinz :: Drums, Christian :: Guitar, Robin :: Guitar, Diego :: Bass 


Band's Info & Source.

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The debut release ‘Ante Ruinam’ of ‘The Last Oblation’ is finally here, and delivers seven tracks of twenty five minutes savagery. The reason I really enjoyed this album is because the duet of Juanjo and Dani delivers a combination of catchy riffology and multirange schizo-vocals while preserving the status of Death Metal high.


The Last Oblation hail from Catalunya, Spain. The band was formed at the end of 2016 by Juanjo Pérez (Bizarre, Ex Human Carnage, Ex Avgrunn) as One Man Project . A year later when Dani Torres ( Ex Human Carnage, Ex Instinto Canibal) joined forces they decided to release their first single "Aurum Deceptio". Due to the great acceptance of the project they decided to be established as a former band, looking for musicians to make it to the stages.


Lineup, Juanjo Pérez :: Songwriting, Bass & Guitars and Dani Torres :: All kind of Vocals






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A Ten-Tracks’ journey lasting forty-five minutes is enough for Cockblockers to dip in to southern/stoner paths while maintaining the ability to build their identity in a unique way to make music. I am pretty sure that if you loop the album you will get the strength needed to cross the desert with a Jack on hand … twice!

But never mind, this is how i felt myself, musically speaking what i am trying to say here is that it’s an obvious fact that they know their way around the assembly of modern sound and the combination of various genre’s elements.

The debut full-length ‘Cockblockers’ by ‘Cockblockers’ was recorded at “The Slow Animals” studio in Patras, with engineer John Slacker.

Mixing and mastering was done by Steve Lado at SL studio.

The cover of the album was hand drawn on demand by Alec Webb.

The whole album is dedicated to a close friend of the band, Aggelos Fasoulis, who have been loved dearly. Lost but not forgotten. – Cockblockers, 2018





🎧 Driven Dog

🎧 Deadweight

🎧 Carpet Burn

🎧 Absinthe

🎧 Enemies

🎧 Be My Valentine

🎧 Sour

🎧 Taste Delight

🎧 Ichi

🎧 For the Loss


Cockblockers hail from Kalamata, Greece. They were formed in the (very hot) summer of 2011. Their grace period lasted a while, since they had a very specific end game. But, through trial and error, they came up with the lineup that would allow them to take the next step, record their debut album.

While composing and pre-producing it, they took short breaks here and there, to share the stage with many a great bands from the Greek scene. Amongst them where, Planet of Zeus, 1000mods, Tardive Dyskinesia, Mahakala, Yellow Devil Sauce & Beggars, just to name a few.



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I have recently conducted an interview with Trevor Owen (Drummer of the Australian Brutal Death Metal Band Grotesque). Feel free to check it below and share your opinion with the forum.


Grotesque are a four piece death metal band from Perth Australia. They combine a special blend of modern technical death metal, groovy old school riffing and bring a unique original sound into the mix. If you are a fan of decrepit birth, deeds of flesh and dying fetus you will not be disappointed!




Heavy Metal OTD Well Grotesque! How did your name came up?

Trev :: The name Grotesque came up when the guitarist Marc and I started the band, actually Marc came up with the name and we thought it was cool and it kind of suits the music we play so we just ran with it.


Heavy Metal OTD What type of band are you?

Trev :: We consider ourselves to be a modern death metal band, with our roots from all different types of metal and influences from a diverse range of music.


Heavy Metal OTD Do you have a record label? Are you a member of any music organizations?

Trev :: No, we aren't signed to a label at the moment but thats not to say we aren't looking!




Heavy Metal OTD Tell us the brief history of your band.

Trev :: Well, Marc and myself met when his old band was looking for a drummer, anyway that drummer was me, we got along well and decided we should start our own band since we wanted to play similar styles of music. We got a couple of mates to play bass and do vocals, we jammed hard for just under a year before we started playing shows and yeah, the rest is history, we have had a few line up changes here and there but i feel this line up with Josh and Ross is really strong and committed so we're really looking forward to the future and bringing something really brutal to the table.

Heavy Metal OTD One of your greatest achievements among others is the Kataklysm National support! How did you manage to get that slot? Share with us your experience!

Trev :: That tour was back in 2008 and we had a fucking great time! We got that tour because at the time we were signed to a local label Prime Cuts and we'd just released the Museum record, they were the guys that helped us along the way and it was awesome, all the bands we played with and Kataklysm were all a really good bunch of guys and i think we'd all do it again in a heartbeat!



Heavy Metal OTD What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs? Do you think these topics will change over time?

Trev :: Our lyrics are mostly centred around historical, technological, scientific, cosmological events and explanations, also some theoretical stuff like mind over matter, alien races, biological manipulation, things like that. I think that for any band to grow with their music there has to be change, whether its a big change or a small change that depends on the individuals, but we are really satisfied with our lyrical content at the moment and I'm sure if it changes we will be cool with it.


Heavy Metal OTD Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Trev :: There's a lot, anything from Primus to Decrepit Birth to Helmet to Cannibal Corpse , there really is way too many to name. Non musical, i like reading about secret government type stuff, secret government programs, "alien" technologies, the works of Nikola Tesla and other historical figures etc. Heavy Metal OTD It’s been 7 months since the release of ‘Feedback Loop’, how the reviews ‘ve been going so far? Trev :: Great! We have had fantastic reviews and all so far have been really positive, we did put a lot of effort into this recording and its really come to fruition so, i hope we don't get any bad reviews!



Heavy Metal OTD Where did the recordings of the album take place and how did you manage the process of writing your tracks?

Trev :: We recorded Feedback Loop with our friend Sam Allen, the drums were tracked in a studio that we payed for and the guitars we recorded at home and re-amped in the studio too. We always start writing our songs from a base of guitars and drums first, just jamming out in the jam room, followed by the bass and lyrics/vocals. This process usually works quite well for us so this is how we are comfortable to write most of our music.

Heavy Metal OTD What are your dreams and goals?

Trev :: I think all musicians have similar dreams you know, make it big, play really big festivals and shows, record great album and go down in history as a great band, but, we have to be realistic and take one step at a time, writing good content is the first hurdle, our near future goals are to write an even better album than Feedback Loop and to get signed to a label that we will respect and they'll have respect for us.

Heavy Metal OTD How do you promote your band?

Trev :: We try to promote out band by the use of social media and internet sites etc. We are also trying to get our merchandise wheel rolling which is on its way, and yeah, just write good music and try get it out there for the metal fans.

Heavy Metal OTD What's your outlook on the record industry today?

Trev :: I think it can be a pretty cut throat industry in many ways but i also think there are many good labels out there wanting to take care of their artists, in terms of the record industry experience these days there's not really much i can tell you as we've had little experience with labels.

Heavy Metal OTD What do you think of the scene in Australia?

Trev :: The Australian metal scene is really good i think, there are a lot of really awesome bands everywhere and the support for those bands and metal bands in general is really strong, there's a list as long as my arm i can tell you bands with really good guys and girls in them and we are very fortunate to be among those bands.

Heavy Metal OTD : Anything you would like share, from new merch to upcoming shows/tours or songs/albums?

Trev :: We have a lot of things going on right now, we are in the process of writing new material for a third full length album, we are planning doing some international shows soon too, we have a great collection of merch that any metal head will love so go check out our merchr shop, grab a copy of Feedback Loop if you haven't yet and STAY FUCKIN BRUTAL!!


Check Band's Merch


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The debut release ‘Ante Ruinam’ of The Last Oblation is finally here, and delivers seven tracks of twenty five minutes savagery. The reason I really enjoyed this album is because the duet of Juanjo and Dani delivers a combination of catchy riffage and multirange schizo-vocals while preserving the status of Death Metal high.




The Last Oblation hail from Catalunya, Spain. The band was formed at the end of 2016 by Juanjo Pérez (Bizarre, Ex Human Carnage, Ex Avgrunn) as One Man Project . A year later when Dani Torres ( Ex Human Carnage, Ex Instinto Canibal) joined forces they decided to release their first single "Aurum Deceptio". Due to the great acceptance of the project they decided to be established as a former band, looking for musicians to make it to the stages.






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AUTOMATON's self-titled :: The Airship 'Initiative' crew wish you a pleasant journey.

AUTOMATON hail from Cincinnati, Ohio - USA, delivering Barrel-chested and fancy vested Steampunk metal since 2012. The musicians are characters who prepare for conflict in an aggressive new wave of traditional metal sound mixed with folk and power metal spirit.

The idea of Airship-Custome-Storytelling theme in combination with NWOBHM, energy, punk's speed, melodies and injected traditional heavy metal led to the creation of something really fresh and catchy!


Automaton is the follow-up of band's debut predecessor 'Bold New Horizon'. The crew decided to make this one self-titled as they went a completely different direction by recording the entire album on analog tape rather than digital tracking.



🎧 We Say...No More [02:14]

🎧 The Cull [04:02]

🎧 Blanket of Night [05:19]

🎧 Facings [03:46]

🎧 Highbinder [05:11]

🎧 Tavern in the Sky [04:56]

🎧 Verdict be Damned [04:35]

🎧 Automata [05:31]

🎧 The Imprisonment of Duncan Batchworth III [01:57]

🎧 The Trial of Duncan Batchworth III [04:02]


You can stream/buy the album on Bandcamp

Article's Source

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Screaming Beast - Our New Narrative of Hate

Our New Narrative of Hate is the debut, full-length, release of the UK Heavy Metal Band Screaming Beast. The Album is the follow-up of 2 EPs, Blistering Lies (2014), To Assail and Conquer (2015) and released on March 23rd, 2018.

Musically speaking, Our New Narrative of Hate is a Ten tracks' pack, delivering forty-five minutes of stomping groove, blended with powerful breakdowns and dueling guitar harmonies. The way double kicking has teamed up with Jason's lines gives extra points on the overall aggression of the album!

Looping debut gave me an always-on, "what's coming next?", feeling as these guys have successfully avoided repetition and the usage of fillers.

Really loved the changes between distorted and clean atmosphere, the vocal range plus the amount of reverb, which is my thing, but this is me! I hope you enjoy the album and stop by the band's merch stand to show your love and support.




✓ This Dawn This Day
✓ World with Fate
✓ Giving into Fear
✓ Silent Submission
✓ Despair
✓ Lost and Betrayed
✓ This Fray
✓ Society of Slaves
✓ The Nameless
✓ Reborn


Lineup, Daniel Mucs - Drums, Anton War - Vocals, Arun Kamath - Guitar/Backing Vocals, Rory Vallely - Guitar, Jason Hartley-Smith - Bass/Backing Vocals


Follow Band


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INSINERATEHYMN - A Moment in a Vision


INSINERATEHYMN is an upcoming Death Metal band from Los Angeles, CA, heavily influenced by bands such as Unleashed, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Edge of Sanity, Entombed, Pestilence, Sepultura.




✔ Enigmatic Voyage 05:38 
✔ Caliginous Pneuma 03:25 
✔ Seeking Immortality 04:53 
✔ A Moment in a Vision 02:16 
✔ Terminal Existence 05:16 
✔ Putrid Hordes 03:52 
✔ Temple of Solitude 03:13 

Lineup, Hugo Gomez (Vocals), Demitree Rivera (Lead Guitar), Frank Montero (Lead/Rhythm Guitar), Miguel Martinez (Bass), Abraham Garcia (Drums)

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There is a sacred geometry in the whispers of the strings, creating music in the space between spheres, take a journey through the Void, above the Suns. Start to inhale quantic hummings, vibrating, chaotic energy fills the void following the first information given: Birth, Create.

Where no eye can create Matter with his sight, the real fabric of the universe create the basic pillars of the existence: the Hyle, in bright giant furnaces. And Cosmos can be called like so, following a second law: Procreate. So light trasmits the data of life. Light, Lumis, Light. Cosmos is living, Cosmos is breathing. And we are through Streams of Shine. Eye that creates Matter at sight, Matter that bends time at will, then Cosmos duplicate himself to be aware of his own potential.

Segments, Ifenes, portions of frozen spacetime. A view of a giant infinite fractalized universal Tree, where every branches are a pulse of a Divide in the storming dusts of time. From infinite possibilities, universe create a multiverse, channeling in this line of spacetime. This is the choosen path. Cosmos is living, Cosmos is breathing. And all goes to repeat where dilute gases uniform to the void, time's exhale: End, Entropy.

Cosmos is living, then he follows the third and last order given: Destroy, dragging its charm of absolute emptiness. But we are a single breathe of his quantic lung, feeling again a geometry, whispers inside spheres. We are travelling inside his body to keep it alive.

Universe needs a conscious sentient being from the essence of stars. Cosmos is living. Cosmos is breathing.

And we are through Streams of Shine.


1. Quantum 01:42
2. Matter 05:08    
3. Hyle 04:13    
4. Cosmi 02:37    
5. Lumis 05:35    
6. Ifene 07:54    
7. Fractals 03:13    
8. Divide 07:15    
9. Entropia 07:40



Lineup, Alexios – Vocals, Guitars Dave - Guitars Adres - Bass Marco - Drums


Feel free to follow band :: https://www.facebook.com/DeadlyCarnage/


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  • Our picks

    • I invite you to come with me to a time before 2008. It may surprise you to learn that at this point, Circle II Circle was actually a pretty damn good band. They did eventually become prog Godsmack, as history will record with bitter regret chronicling the storied tale of Savatage. For now, however, let’s make like boomers and complain about how things used to be better.

      Burden of Truth sounds like sentimentalism, at times. It feels rather like Skid Row filtered through Phantom of the Opera, in that characteristically Trans-Siberian Orchestra fashion. The difference, though, is that Circle II Circle crank the technicality and bite of their music significantly higher than TSO’s comfortable bombast. It’s certainly a little saccharine, but performed with such conviction and talent as to make that nearly irrelevant.

      Zak Stevens’ voice is vital to this whole undertaking. His overbored bass resonates unstoppably through every song, an unmistakably mature vocal delivery that dignifies even the album’s most banal emotional turns (“How can we learn to live as one…” “I walked by the church and saw the children, and the world through their eyes…”). Moreover, it is very identifiably American, and that’s the biggest selling point of this album. It’s worth noting he layers very nicely with his backing vocalists. The “The Black” and title track have particularly good harmonizing.

      One might be tempted to snicker at some of these lyrics and the melodies. How antiquated the notion of melodic music without dizzying rhythmic changes or production magic out the ass. Yet, the sheer power behind it all is impossible to deny. The piano line on “Heal Me” would be insufferable if it didn’t drag you in immediately. Despite the sugar content, Burden of Truth is largely fat-free. It doesn’t fall victim to most metal tropes, including the prevalence of vibrato. It’s endearing too, in a sort of Andie McDowell in Five Weddings and a Funeral kind of way, or perhaps of Joy Davidson in Shadowlands – very American.

      The opening to Revelations? Badass. The crunchy riffs of A Matter of Time? Some slick shit. The entirety of Evermore? One of the most masterfully tight, pointed pieces of prog metal out there that still pounds away at the ears like a cannon blast. If you wanted an aspirational American soundtrack, this is it. Songs for an endearing everyman with more behind his ears than you might guess.
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    • No matter how much you dislike Donald Trump, Ministry's overt and constant attack on his administration doesn't mean that "AmeriKKKant" is actually a good album.  I mean it isn't entirely a terrible album either but you will struggle to remember of of it after even a couple of listens, beyond the endless stream of frankly confusing and almost barrage like snippets of Trump audio bites that is, they are the only really memorable part.

      It isn't really an industrial metal album either.  It sound s more like a nu-metal band got sealed into a steel drum with their instruments and got rolled down a big hill.  It doesn't come across as particular caustic or aggressive though, just a bit of a racket made in a Republican nightmare.  

      Not long into the record the message you are constantly force-fed just gets bloating.  There's no rescue or reprise from it as the pace of the album is so inconsistent and frankly repetitive you have nothing else of worth to focus on as a distraction.  I mean you can be really angry and pissed off and still transfer it to audio without being boring (Body Count "Bloodlust" is a great recent example of this).

      Even if Donald Trump is listening, the message of this record is that it is too mediocre a response to the true horror of his administration.  The facepalm on the cover of the album is unfortuantely all too indicative of the quality of the record itself.

      2 horns out 5
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      When I was 14 I witnessed the video on Raw Power TV to the title track from Judas Priest's "Painkiller" album.  "Painkiller" blew me the fuck away!  I mean, what was not to love?  Thunderous drums, a mix of gruff and shrill vocal antics and duelling lead guitars.  I went straight out that afternoon and bought the album on blasted it for consecutive days for the next 3 months.  All in all, not a bad gateway album to the band. 

      The real draw of "Painkiller" was the memorability of the experience was that one run through the record left seared scorch marks across your brain.  For years after I could run through the entire album in my head note for note.  "Firepower" is exactly the same.  A mere 24 hours after it coming into my life and I can sing along with the lyrics, air guitar to near note perfection and bash my fingers bloody to the drums on my desktop.  It's full of anthemic choruses and simple yet effective hooks that just pull you in.

      Try and not headbang to any of the opening six tracks, if you can achieve it you are almost certainly dead inside.  Try not to make ridiculous gurning faces to any of the lead work on here and again if you succeed, check your pulse!  Sad though it maybe that Glenn has confirmed his Parkinson's is now progressed enough to stop him from touring there is no doubt that he can exchange blows, pound for pound with Faulkner and barely break a sweat.

      There's no point doing a track by track description here, if you have read the review to this point you'll get the idea.  Criticisms?  It is too long, by about 2 or maybe 3 tracks.  However, you can easily suffer the dips in the quality here and there as you are rarely away from some truly great music.  It does get a little samey at times too but that's forgivable to me as nobody is looking to reinvent any wheels here this may cause issue with the longevity of the record though for me.  Right now though I love it, I fucking love it.

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    • One of my favourite urban myths is that you will go blind if you masterbate too much you will go blind.  Listening to Portal might make you go blind as you ears frantically take resource from your brain that was needed for mundane tasks such as vision and bladder control as they try to cope with the relentless auditory assault of "ION", however pulling your pud won't affect your eyesight boys.  Science bit over, on with the review.

      "ION" seems instantly more refined than previous outings.  Don't get me wrong here, there's no slick production values been applied and there isn't any venture into clean vocals for example.  It just seems that this time around things are more calculated.  "Phreqs" is like being attacked by a swarm of wasps, as chaotic as it seems there's some well thought out structure to the attack to maximise the impact.  One of the only criticisms I could draw against Portal of old was that sometimes the mental factor was up over 11 and things did tend to get lost.  "Vexovoid" remedied this a lot with its more "Horror" approach and "ION" seems to take that on a notch further combining dark alchemy and atmospheres perfectly.  The build of "Crone" for example is full of creeping dread and menace, finally arriving and proving to be as ghastly as I had hoped it would.

      For all the scientific intimation of the cover things are still more on the experimental as opposed to technical side of death metal.  There's still that pit of the stomach sensation of being dragged into some fathomless void by the spiralling darkness of those fucking guitars and the taunting evil of those drums - they are not just about all out assault folks.  The layers do genuinely seem to be being applied with more structure this time around and the instrumentation is used better than ever to produce real atmosphere.  Favourite release of 2018 so far.

      5 horns out 5

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    • Fucking hell.  Where to start really?

      Nu-metal is apparently alive and well in 2018 and I don't like Nu-Metal, so the prospects for positive words in this review are slim.  It is not that I don't like Machine Head.  I mean I am not one of the mindless internet troll brigade who respond to every release with "These guys made "Burn My Eyes" and listen to this!".  Get over it bell ends, there's no more "Burn My Eyes" nor is there anymore "The Blackening" left to come.  Whilst I will openly admit to enjoying most releases since "The Blackening" there is no denying that the sound of MH has become increasingly diluted over the albums since their "comeback".  "Catharsis" is the end point for me.  It is so diluted it is like wearing my once dark black hoodie after it has been bleach hand washed and then boil washed - it kind of has lost all substance.

      The rapping is back, as if the first time round wasn't enough of a fucking car crash.  "Triple Beam" is without doubt one of the worst pieces of "music" I have ever heard.  When we aren't being treated to poor attempts at lyrical rhyming we are drowning in dreamy, hazy clean vocals that seem to be aiming (yes actually aiming) for harmony.  Yep, there's some catchy riffs but who fucking cares if you have to drink from the toilet to realise all you'll ever find in there is shit?

      Why this all has to go on for 15 tracks is a mystery?  I'll be honest, the skip button got used at least 13 times in writing this review.  For all the (frankly excessive) marketing that has been done for "Catharsis" I don't think I could feel anymore of an anti-climax.  Robb Flynn is all over every mag cover, web and video interview defending "Catharsis" and that's his entitlement, he didn't write any of this for me.  It is still terrible though.

      0 horns out of 5

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