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Hello from the great white north

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Hi, all.  Basically I joined this place in hopes of finding some new tunes (have trouble finding music I like) and to throw around a bit of my own music.  I love metal, there's just so much generic crap out there it's kinda disheartening.  I started with thrash (slayer/megadeth), moved onto death metal (cannibal corpse/suffocation/dying fetus) and dwelled some in doom/sludge (wet cactus, bonripper, the bad light) aswel as some dabbling in black metal (leviathan, shining, whatever I can find).  Somewhere in the mix the whole tech death thing came up and ended just as soon.  The band viraemia with their self titled EP is probly one of the most influential things I head after braindrills apocalyptic feasting. 

I am also a guitarist/bassist. While I do have an album written (instrumental death? Metal) I am still in the works of getting it recoded.  My buddy and I made this improvised thing, it's bad lol, but we thought it turned out better than it should have.  So we gave it a bad name and threw it up on YouTube.  Last week we recorded the accompanying "b side", don't know when we are gonna throw it up there.  Any way here's pt I,  pope slayers "popeslayer".  Pt II is named "the soiled throne", a bit more aggressive than pt I but definitely still "popeslayer".  I am aware it sounds trashy and uncoordinated, but I think of it like an abstract painting....  Guitar and drums were recorded together in one take and I immediately recorded a bass track on top, also in a single take. Nothing rehearsed or written, just us "jamming". I know it's bad lol, good fun though, nice change from rehearsing/recording the same stuff over and over.




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    • "Wizard Bloody Wizard" is like the lifting of a thick fog.  From the off there's a feel of a dense weight being lifted from the band's signature occult/stoner blend of doom.  By the time I get to track two "Necromania" things almost seem like a dark cock-rock affair which is odd.   The over-arching feel though is of a band who have gone off the boil somewhat.  Despite the aforementioned lifting of the heavy atmosphere "Wizard Bloody Wizard" seems more of ground out effort made under some duress resulting in the album being robbed in the main of any feel...
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    • I am a huge Cradle of Filth fan and on the album Hammer of The Witches they have a song called Right Wing of The Garden Triptych and based on the lyrics I believe it is a reference to the painting Garden of Earthy Delights by Hieronymus Bosch. Does anyone know if this is true or not? 
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    • Whether you love or hate Cannibal Corpse, their penchant for churning out accessible, fun and consistent DM can't be denied. Yes when they suck they really do suck (Gallery of Suicide), but even if technically never more complicated than most Kinder egg toys there's always a familiarity to CC albums that appeals. I get those that hate that familiarity. If you prefer to become lost in a Portalesque vortex when enjoying your extreme metal then the obvious churn of CC won't be for you. However, for every complex and archaic DM record in my collection I like to have a fair amount of surety too (someone will be along in a minute to replace "surety" with "safety" no doubt) and "Red Before Black" is as familiar to me after a few listens as most of the band's previous output...
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