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Extra Ticket Giveaway for Metallica at the O2 on the 22nd of October at 6:30 with Kveltertak as Supporting Band (yes really not a scam)

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Guest 11nicbar   
Guest 11nicbar

Hi there.

So not too long ago I was given 2 tickets to Metallica's upcoming concert by my parents as an early 18th birthday present.

Sounds pretty sick right? I mean I'm not the biggest Metallica fan in the entire world but they are a legendary band nonetheless and getting the chance to see them live is a once in a lifetime experience considering their fame and success.

One problem though: Ya see, what my parents didn't consider about OP here is that I'm a fucking autist with no social skills to speak of.

So here I am with one Metallica ticket going to waste because I'm a sadboi loner.

Keep in mind my parents' money situation isn't exactly free flowing right now, so I'll feel especially bad about having it possibly go down the drain.

I would give one of them the ticket, but neither like Metallica, plus it'd be like having to pick a favourite parent and I'd rather have the ticket go to someone who genuinely likes the band and music.

So I'm setting up this forum in the hopes I can find someone in London at the time of concert to give the extra ticket to.

Now I know that many of you are thinking this sounds way too good to be true, so some obligatory giveaway info: No I'm not a rapist or serial killer or some kind of psychopath trying to find their next victim, nor am I looking for a date or to find a friend. I'm an extreme introvert and the fact I have no one to go with is a result of decisions in my life I've deliberately made (yes, very edgy, I know). Assuming I get any responses on this post, I'd be happy to validate my claims and answer any questions, so long as I don't have to compromise my privacy in the process. Other that that you'll have to just take my word that what I'm saying is legit, although I can understand if you're skeptical.

That being said, I myself am not looking to get raped or murdered anytime soon, so if anyone wants the ticket all I ask is that we meet up outside the O2 in a public area and that I'm provided with £50 cash then and there (we can negotiate this price further).

I think that's pretty much it for what I have to say at the moment. Hopefully people will see this.

Well, here goes nothing...annnnd...post.

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