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Hi so the other day I was digging for records and found a metallica ride the lightning with a green cover. I'm not 100% it's the real rare misreading one. Just wondering if anyone can help me verify 

And I can't post the pictures. Links



Nothing else inside the record sleeve, plain inner sleeve. Despite what the record looks like it plays absolutely fine

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Well, from what I can find, the green ones were a misprint by Bernett records (this looks right). The gold disc makes me question, is the gold a mask or something? I can find these with yellow discs but none with gold. The shine and surface looks pretty good for what should be a 1984 printing but this doesn't necessarily prove anything.


If you think that yours may be a faded disc (or weird lighting) version of the above I'd guess you're onto the real thing. Just a warning, I knew pretty much nothing on this subject and did about 5 minutes of research so I'm not an expert or anything. Hope this helps.

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