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Cave/amazone/wild woman/witch a'la carte...what ever...

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Sorry for the somewhat scruffy title, but despite me eating this dish almost everyday, there is no official name for it...basically because it is my own creation and I am absolutely suck at comming up with cool names/titles. But to this dish you will need:

Butter or lard

Minced or chopped meat

One egg (or three if you skip the meat)

One or two red onions

3-4 white mushrooms

Some green leafy veggies of your choice

Nori seaweed



Heat the butter or lard on a pan (margarine is a kinder word for transfats!), and while it heats slice or chop the meat. Then start chopping the onion and put it together with the meat on the pan.

Chop the mushrooms and turn the meat and onions, when the meat is more rare than raw, add the mushrooms and let them fry a bit. Now take the egg(s) and crack them adding both the yoke and whites to the mish mash on the pan and mixing it all together while frying the egg(s).

Then take a three good hand full of oats and add them to the pan and give it all a good mix!

Take the pan of the heater and add the leafy vegetables, spices and teared Nori seaweed...and you are done!!!!

It takes around 15 minutes to make, but if you are a little shit like me...you will feel full well into everning time, if you eat this for breakfast!

Tip: in the summer go to parks and in the forest and get your own free vegetables. Dandelion leaves taste like rucollo and cleanse your body, birch leaves have a fresh taste and are anti-inflamatory, and stinging nettle leaves are good for your hair and lungs...all contain high amounts of vitamins, minerals, and anti oxidants! 

Tip: come autumn or winter...skip the mushrooms or leafy vegetables a few times a week and go for unprocessed beetroot...it cleanses and strengthens your blood and bidy making it ready for the dreaded but unavoidable icey winter storms!

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    • Black metal is the snow-covered forest at sunset; the full moon glimpsed through jagged trees; the candle that flickers in ghost winds; the indelible emptiness of the lonely human soul that cries out to empty skies.
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    • I’ve been watching a bunch of nature documentaries recently. Dangerous animals only, for the most part, because I refuse to devote an hour of my life watching turtles mosey around the deep blue. Additionally, I’ve sought out very in-depth material so I can appreciate the animal being analyzed. As a result I’ve been able to watch a decent amount of material closely scrutinizing the habits of predators, and that’s given me a particularly good context for understanding Sadist’s 2015 album “Hyena”.

      This album is intended to track the habits of a hyena. Seems a bit on the nose, but bear with me; the album’s style is important. The album takes the listener on a markedly violent safari in an open-top jeep. Feel the wind in your hair, enjoy the natural splendor of the savannah, watch some animals murder and/or eat each other. Bring along some Mango Jive but for goodness sake leave your droewors back at the hut. Musically, as far as the metal goes – it’s a technical death/thrash album with the ferocity of the latter and the substance of the former. The vocals are higher-pitched snarls, characteristic of Sadist and perfect for the concept; in fact the entire production isolates the smooth bass to allow for moodier lines from said instrument.

      I’ve always noticed that in the grand sweep of folk metal African music usually gets left out. Makes some sense – I’ve heard quite a lot of traditional African music and it’s way too happy and tropical. Then again, Dan Swano, Skindred and even Equilibrium have managed to make Caribbean music work in metal, so it’s not impossible. The next best thing is something thematically evocative, which is what “Hyena” represents. It’s not perfect; Sadist could have paced out the textures better and deepened the nature sounds, perhaps taking influence from the largely untouchable Russo-Finnish metal masters Second To Sun. That being said, it’s a one-of-a-kind work and Sadist deserves credit for taking their vicious brand of tech-death on a sun-bleached adventure into the wild.
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    • After listening to both albums, I am having difficulty deciding which I think is better.  Both have excellent songs and guitar work, and express the atmosphere of Burzum extremely.  Personally, however, I think that the vocals are delivered better on Filosofem.  Filosofem also has more songs, but the 25 minute synth track is not as good as Tomhet.  What do you all think?
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    • Post photos of your various collections here! 

      Here are three shots of my black metal collection. The first is the whole thing, but i've also included two closer shots that should be clearer when zooming in etc.  

      Entire Black Metal CD collection: 

      Top half:

      Bottom half: 
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    • On BM scene there are also good worth of attention female vocalists. Some of my fav bands.

      1 Astarte - All female black metal band from Greece. In my opinion Tristessa is one of the best female growler.

      2 Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Onielar and her growls and style are something amazing. Nothing more nothing less. 

      3 Gedanken Toten Lebens - Interesting one-woman atmospheric black metal project. Lyrics are about naure, death and philosophy. 

      Who is your favourite black metal female vocalist? Do you like these bands? Or maybe you think black metal isn't for women? Let's start the discussion!
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