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Post your metal collection photos

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5 hours ago, FatherAlabaster said:

Someone who didn't know you well might be forgiven for thinking you were obsessed.

I'm actually wearing the Mayhem hoody right now, so you could be right...

I just find everything about the Mayhem story fascinating, even more so than my Sabbath/Ozzy fascination. The way the band got together in Ski in a very non-metal environment, the letter writing era, the travelling around by train and the crazy stories, Metalion's involvement, the personalities of Dead and Euro, the Helvete store, the 'scene', the suicide and murder, the different line-ups, their live shows, their merch, the huge wealth of old photos and personal anecdotes, even their logo. And of course the amazing music over the years. It's just an intriguing narrative that spans 33 years and counting....

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