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Early Man-O-waR

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5 hours ago, BlutAusNerd said:  


I don't have that album, but it is from Manowar in their prime (80's). Sounds like it could be fun. Too bad I'm on the other side of the world.





Yeah, True Belief turned me down like a virgin at a prom after-party about going, so if you were here we could go, praise heavy metal and argue over about how At the Gates and Sentenced finally got good around 1995.... 





What's there to argue? Both bands died in a fire around that time, and were never heard from again... ?



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9 hours ago, FatherAlabaster said:

So you'll drive each other around all hours "listening to music together" but he still doesn't want to be seen in public with you? Hmmm.

That's a very suspicious use of quotation marks there... 

He has just started a new job so is really busy. I'm sure he'll call when things settle down. Right..? Right???

I'll just have to make some more friends at the Manowar show. I'm sure everyone who attends a Manowar covers band gig in a tiny bar in suburban Melbourne is going to be really down to earth with their head screwed on properly. Right? Right???

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