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War Metal

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Not "battle metal" - whatever that is? This is about one of metal's harshest and most extreme sub genres.  It is chaotic and primitive in equal parts and so very often gets confused with black metal.


Let's start with the obvious.  Blasphemy, Canada's very own version of dynamite and gunpowder are the fucking epitome of war metal.

Conqueror, also inflicted their own particular brand of Maple Leaf misery back at the end of the 90's.

Bestial Warlust, relentless and crushing with "after thought" 5 second solos.

Ouroboros, the band that never was - after two promising demos they went wayward after vocalist/guitarist Ryan Page went to prison for selling machine guns and explosives.

Diocletian, the planet lost a true pioneer of war metal when these boys hung up their shitkickers last year.

Deiphago, my favourite of all of theses bands.  This is insanity on vinyl, cd or whatever other format you take your madness in.

Revenge, a little more calculated in their delivery but still no less emphatic in their obscene extremity.


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It is a shame that this thread has not gotten more attention, as war metal is an interesting subgenre.  My contribution to this list is a Russian war black metal band called Doomsday Cult.  They only produced an ep and one album, but they nevertheless are solid musicians that I would highly recommend.


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Here are some recommendations:  There will be some overlap in this list with some of my posts in the bm recommendation thread, but seeing that war metal is a substyle of it I do not think that it should be an issue.  I will post more if I think of any.


An awesome war/noise/grind band from Sri Lanka.  Pure aggression and extremity.


An Indian war metal band that also combines elements of noise.

Thy Sepulchral Moon:

A dark and murky sounding war metal collaboration with members from Canada and South Korea.


A brutal and violent sounding band from India.

Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes:

Technically this is a blackened grindcore band, not war metal (for there is no death metal influence).  Nevertheless, this Japanese band's music is very similar, and they have done split albums with several of the bands on this list.

Fogged by Fleshflies:

A collaboration between members of Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes and Thy Sepulchral Moon.  It was formerly a beat-driven ambient project.


An absolutely ridiculous name, but a great band.  This Brazilian project remains very influential in this genre.

Phosphore Blanc:

A French ns war metal band with heavy and aggressive riffs.

Genocide Shrines:

A Sri Lankan war metal band with a great vocalist.


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Another round of recommendations:

Death Worship:

A war metal super-group featuring members of Blasphemy, Revenge, and Conqueror.


This is a noisegrind project (not war metal) that has been influential to a number of the bands listed above.  The vocalist has collaborated with RotUGF, Konflict, and others.


A war metal band from Texas, USA that has a particularly chaotic sound.

Grizzly Fetish:

A Japanese war metal band with added experimental and atmospheric aspects.

Caveman Cult:

An American war metal band with a harsh and bestial sound.


A Canadian war metal band that retains the pure essence of the genre, eschewing the noise that many others now incorporate.

Godslaying Hellblast:

A Turkish war metal band that, much like Necroholocaust, retains a pure black/death metal sound.


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    • Whichever tier of thrash metal you consigned Sacred Reich back in the 80's/90's they still had their moments.  "Ignorance" & "Surf Nicaragura" did a great job of establishing the band, whereas "The American Way" just got a little to comfortable and accessible (the title track grates nowadays) for my ears.  A couple more records better left forgotten about and then nothing for twenty three years.  2019 alone has now seen three releases from Phil Rind and co.  A live EP, a split EP with Iron Reagan and now a full length.

      Notable addition to the ranks for the current throng of releases is former Machine Head sticksman, Dave McClean.  Love or hate Machine Head, McClean is a more than capable drummer and his presence here is felt from the off with the opening and title track kicking things off with some real gusto.  'Divide & Conquer' and 'Salvation' muddle along nicely, never quite reaching any quality that would make my balls tingle but comfortable enough.  The looming build to 'Manifest Reality' delivers a real punch when the song starts proper.  Frenzied riffs and drums with shots of lead work to hold the interest.

      There's a problem already though (I know, I am such a fucking mood hoover).  I don't like Phil's vocals.  I never had if I am being honest.  The aggression to them seems a little forced even when they are at their best on tracks like 'Manifest Reality'.  When he tries to sing it just feels weak though ('Salvation') and tracks lose real punch.  Give him a riffy number such as 'Killing Machine' and he is fine with the Reich engine (probably a poor choice of phrase) up in sixth gear.  For every thrashy riff there's a fair share of rock edged, local bar act rhythm aplenty too.

      Let's not poo-poo proceedings though, because overall I actually enjoy "Awakening".  It is stacked full of catchy riffs that are sticky on the old ears.  Whilst not as raw as perhaps the - brilliant - artwork suggests with its black and white, tattoo flash sheet style design it is enjoyable enough.  Yes, 'Death Valley' & 'Something to Believe' have no place here, saved only by Arnett and Radziwill's lead work but 'Revolution' is a fucking 80's thrash heyday throwback to the extent that if you turn the TV on during it you might catch a new episode of Cheers!

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