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In case you missed this from the Introductions section, here it is again:

ALL music promotion goes here:


Whether it's your band, or your friend's band, or your solo project, or you're on a street team, or whatever - if your purpose here is promotion, do it in the promotion forum.

Specifically, this applies to you if you're here to post your own music videos, live videos, covers, playthroughs. Don't do it here. Start a thread in the promo forum and update it when you have something to add. 


BLOGGERS, ZINES, EVENT PROMOTERS, MERCHANTS, ETC, please start your promo threads here:


We are in the process of restructuring the forum so that these sections make more sense and are easier to find. We know you want to get people to see your posts. Please bear with us.

Promotional material in this section will be deleted. Repeated spam will get you banned. As has been noted in other threads, and from my own personal experience, the best way to get us interested in your music or other output is to engage us in conversation and become a part of our community. Hope you enjoy your stay.

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