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37 minutes ago, SenedeSwaere said:

Right now I'm in this wonderful state of being pleasantly drunk. I really don't know much about rum, but some years ago I bought a "trial package" with six different sorts of rum. I did a tasting evening with my flatmate at that time and the first rum we tasted was the Botucal Reserva 8 years old. Still to this day it is my favourite rum. Very pleasant in taste, pretty mild, not burning and with a sweet aftertase. With my limited knowledge about rum, I can aboslutely recommend this.

And if you're a rum lover anyway, then definitely try the Botucal Rum Liqueur. This one's the best in my opinion, while being less strong (because it's not a pure rum) it has a fantasticly sweet and rich taste and definitely has to be drunk pure. I have yet to find a person who doesn't like the liqueur.

I really don't know much about rum, although I'm interested in finding out more. I don't think I've ever had rum straight - it's always been mixed with ghastly cola. Definitely worth finding out more.

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30 minutes ago, Requiem said:

I really don't know much about rum, although I'm interested in finding out more. I don't think I've ever had rum straight - it's always been mixed with ghastly cola. Definitely worth finding out more.

I've never been a great fan of mixed rum drinks. Vodka is usually my liquor of choice and most of the rums I've tasted were some kind of a "meh" experience for me. But the Botucal rum really did leave a positive impression so this is the only rum I can really recommend. There are also the 4 years old and the 12 years old variants of Botucal. The 4 years old rum is really nothing special, no need to buy it. The 12 years old Botucal is even smoother and sweeter than the 8 years old one, which is not bad, but I prefer the 8 years old one for its stronger taste.

Other than that I've only drank the "Pyrate" rum straight, which I can also recommend. It has sort of a fruity taste which is pretty nice in my opinion. Bought it someday out of curiosity and didn't regret it.

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On 8/8/2015 at 6:05 PM, MacabreEternal said:

Talisker 10 has been a preference single malt wise in recent years, it is so enjoyable that I actually savour it as I drink it.  That's how a proper whiskey should be.

Also Cardhu and Jamesons make regular appearances.  Jack Daniels and coke is my big weakness, I have lost whole weekends because of it before now.  I remember (well sort of) me and a girlfriend going to a 21st birthday party years ago and it was so dull we decided to to do Tequila slammers at the bar most of the night.  I got into a fight and ended up in bed for 2 days with a monster hangover.  First and last time I have had tequila.


I got a bottle of caol Ila 12 year old Islay whisky for Christmas and it's definitely one I savour to drink. What a glorious drink. You get loads of flavour and long finish. Def a slow sipper. Wow. 

due to health reasons I've cut down my drinking alot which comes to alot of people these days, most times when I drink I drink blended whisky like famous grouse or Whyte and McKay neat.looking forward to getting a bottle of j&b as that's what my grandparents always had in the cupboard, funny association but brings back good memories as theyve been gone along long time. When Im drinking i Go in for a few quick sipping  shots then enjoy being a bit tipsey.  Then these days that's about it. 

Also tried rhum agricole this year on my brother's 40th anniversary zoom rum tasting night and that is definitely worth a try. Very different to anything I've had before. The flavour is very nice especially when you get the ones with the strong meadow grass notes. It's better than you think. 

Re tequila shots. I've done them once at a friend's 18th birthday party along long time ago and blacked out so try to avoid doing them,and try to avoid downing drinks of any kind tbh. It very often ends in regret for me anyway ?

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    • Whichever tier of thrash metal you consigned Sacred Reich back in the 80's/90's they still had their moments.  "Ignorance" & "Surf Nicaragura" did a great job of establishing the band, whereas "The American Way" just got a little to comfortable and accessible (the title track grates nowadays) for my ears.  A couple more records better left forgotten about and then nothing for twenty three years.  2019 alone has now seen three releases from Phil Rind and co.  A live EP, a split EP with Iron Reagan and now a full length.

      Notable addition to the ranks for the current throng of releases is former Machine Head sticksman, Dave McClean.  Love or hate Machine Head, McClean is a more than capable drummer and his presence here is felt from the off with the opening and title track kicking things off with some real gusto.  'Divide & Conquer' and 'Salvation' muddle along nicely, never quite reaching any quality that would make my balls tingle but comfortable enough.  The looming build to 'Manifest Reality' delivers a real punch when the song starts proper.  Frenzied riffs and drums with shots of lead work to hold the interest.

      There's a problem already though (I know, I am such a fucking mood hoover).  I don't like Phil's vocals.  I never had if I am being honest.  The aggression to them seems a little forced even when they are at their best on tracks like 'Manifest Reality'.  When he tries to sing it just feels weak though ('Salvation') and tracks lose real punch.  Give him a riffy number such as 'Killing Machine' and he is fine with the Reich engine (probably a poor choice of phrase) up in sixth gear.  For every thrashy riff there's a fair share of rock edged, local bar act rhythm aplenty too.

      Let's not poo-poo proceedings though, because overall I actually enjoy "Awakening".  It is stacked full of catchy riffs that are sticky on the old ears.  Whilst not as raw as perhaps the - brilliant - artwork suggests with its black and white, tattoo flash sheet style design it is enjoyable enough.  Yes, 'Death Valley' & 'Something to Believe' have no place here, saved only by Arnett and Radziwill's lead work but 'Revolution' is a fucking 80's thrash heyday throwback to the extent that if you turn the TV on during it you might catch a new episode of Cheers!

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