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Favourite lyrics

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2 minutes ago, Requiem said:

So gracious of you. You made a mistake, just own it and don't try to turn it back on me. I don't like Slipknot lyrics and don't want to be quoted suggesting I do. I added a 'hahahaha' to show I wasn't that concerned. Thanks for doing me the laborious favour of correcting it. 

I'm not trying anything and I'm not trying to be malicious with you, no need for sarcasm. It's just like, fine, I did it but like, whatever. 

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11 hours ago, Requiem said:

It may have come from the ramblings of a distempered mind, but it definitely means something.

In many ways, Marlon Brando's meteoric rise to fame in the 50s then slide into egotistic obsession and self-doubt (eg only filming him from the neck up in 'Apocalypse Now') and obesity seems a perfect analogy for California and Hollywood. The crushing power of image, expectation and ego. Ergo, it makes sense when you perceive California from Brando's perspective. Through our own eyes we can only wonder at the fragility and failings of even the most lauded our species.  

I guess with that explanation it seems to make sense.


11 hours ago, Requiem said:

I have committed countless heinous crimes the nature of which would make all of you vomit.

Kinda weird that you can edit quotes on this sight.

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43 minutes ago, Will said:

I guess with that explanation it seems to make sense.


Kinda weird that you can edit quotes on this sight.

Guilty as charged.

Actually the only ‘crimes’ I’ve committed that make people around here ‘vomit’ involves my penchant for the love metal soft rockers HIM.  

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Thank you for your support, but I don't want to make any kind of thing. As far as I'm concerned, I left this behind us and I'm cool, no bad vibes in any way. Just enjoying forum and music and interaction and stuff. So, really, no any bad feelings at all. 

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There is a god in man

And in nature

He who sits in the dark

The bringer of light

This beauty

The sign of an open eye

Call him to black flame

Call him (the bringer of light)

Call him to black flame

Call him, call him, call him

- "Sign of an Open Eye" - Gorgoroth

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Zephyr drifting,

The first touch of chill in the last green of autumn.

Jasper peaks obscured in mist,

Empty mountains, timeless clouds, a fluting echoes afar.

White cranes dance in maple woods,

Swirling along, shatters of Terpsichore.

Brook warbles through the valley,

Toxicated in the amber odor of autumn.

Yellow leaves staggering, 

One thousand years in a never-ending chess game under the pine tree.

Birds linger on and on,

Wings so heavy for the sough way home.

- "Afterimage of Autumn" - Zuriaake

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Rust - Darkthrone
Endings and Continuations - Dimmu
Materal - Enslaved
Natural Liberation Of Fear - Nile
Face of God -HIM
Defiling Morality of Black God - Behemoth

of course pretty much anything from these bands and others like Satyricon, Borknagr, Summoning, etc. but these six are examples of my most favorites 

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All I need is this city and this mind and I will get by...

Fuck sleep, fuck all of you!


But we can never look back because we will never get a second chance

I like people who can take the pressure!


"Velvet Kevorkian" (intro from "City" - Strapping Young Lad)

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Suffocation - Misconceived

Everything you thought or were led to believe was a misconception
This unsafe approach at life has killed all hope within.
Worthless attempts of achieving happiness
Disgusted, mistrusted, betrayed and persuaded
Reveling such feelings, mistakes of disgrace
The shock and disbelief of reality SETS IN
The weight of the world CRUSHES
These pains within are intolerable
Changes are of utmost importance.
Intolerable ways of living brought on by oneself.
Waiting to be let down,
Depression, remove for all negative surroundings
False perceptions broken dreams
Living this unhappy life is not worth living
Whose life to take?
Mine or theirs
Dismiss the anguish brought one self.
Relearn how to live and only trust yourself.
Disgusted, mistrusted, betrayed and persuaded
Reveling such feelings, mistakes of disgrace
Negative energy trapped and enraged
Unable to fix what has/is,
Essence of death kills all in its path.

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Another town another place,
Another girl, another face,
Another truce, another race,
I'm eating junk, feeling bad,
Another night, I'm going mad,
My woman's leaving, I feel sad,
But I just love the life I lead,
Another beer is what I need,
Another gig my ears bleed,
We Are The Road Crew
Another town I've left behind,
Another drink completely blind,
Another hotel I can't find,
Another backstage pass for you,
Another tube of super glue,
Another border to get through,
I'm driving like a maniac,
Driving my way to hell and back,
Another room a case to pack,
We Are The Road Crew

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'War in Heaven' by Septicflesh (for stargazers like me)

Planets that rule the abyss
The architects behind this carnage
They are black holes in the sky
Predators lurking as spiders

Whirlpools that cannot be seen
Are sucking the dark oceans dry
Victors in these killing fields
Crushing the essence of others

Battalions turned to ashes
Dark Suns
Event horizon masters
They clash with ruthless violence
Dark Suns
The mighty atom smashers

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Who else is a fan of Iron Maiden's "Hallowed Be Thy Name"? The lyrics are EPIC! My all-time favorite from that song has to be the line: "As the guards march me out to the courtyard, somebody cries from a cell God be with you. If there's a God, then why does he let me go?". You can't get any more philosophical than that with Iron Maiden.

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  • Our picks

    • At the start of pulling this list together I had thought it to have been a "light" year for BM releases.  It was only when I got into compiling my "Best of 2018" that I realised it had in fact been quite a good year.  2018 in BM saw the return of some well established acts, some of them doing what they have always done well whereas others took to the recording studios minus long standing members.  When all is said and done, I think it all turned out rather well.

      Click the link to read more.

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    • It was 2014 when Corpsessed released their debut full length and mighty fucking good it was too.  Some 4+ years later and it is time for the sophomore release to land in my music stream and seek my attention.  When I say seek I actually mean possess my attention.  Although the album is by no means perfect, this record grabs hold of you by your very soul, dragging it off on a journey littered with horror, darkness and crushing heaviness to boot.  One of its main successes is the atmosphere that is obvious from the opening of "Impetus of  the Dead" and plays an integral part over the remainder of the release.

      It is a very well structured album too, with strong song writing that layers tracks up to behemoth size and proportions.  Yet at the same time there's a real sense of balance too, for every cavernous and mammoth like structure there's shorter and more intense bursts that whilst moving the pace slightly away from the heaviness, don't distract too much from it.  "Paroxsymal" and "Sortilege" are great examples of this, two well placed tracks that add a variety to the pace and increase the memorability of the whole experience.

      The album only has two weak points for me.  The penultimate track on the record seems just a random and not altogether necessary inclusion, especially given the quality of "Forlorn Burial" before it and the vast ending of "Starless Event Horizon" after it.  Secondly, the production does seem to give off a muddled sound on some tracks although the horror of the atmosphere and those lead guitars certainly do rescue the day on more than one occasion.  In a year that has struggled overall to bring many standout DM records, "Impetus of Death" will be a welcome addition to any fan's Top 10 DM Albums of 2018 no doubt.  It is one of the stronger records of 2018 and also a fine step up from their debut offering also which makes me excited for album number 3.


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    • Behemoth "I Loved You At Your Darkest"
      The first song I heard ahead the full 2014 release ("The Satanist") from Behemoth was "Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel".  It immediately peaked my interest, setting the tone nicely for what was to become one of my favoured full lengths of that year.  This time around I heard "God = Dog" (which I think means the band are more cat people?).  It sounded blunted and frankly restrained.  Yes, there was a brief passage of some interesting string work towards the end but generally it just passed me by.  Sadly, just as my experience of the lead song/single from 2014 was an excellent benchmark for my expectation of the full length, the same has happened in 2018 but with a very different outcome.

      "I Loved You At Your Darkest" rarely achieves touching distance of the band's previous full length.  There's lots of things that stop it from doing this, indeed the list is as long as either one of my lanky and lengthy arms.  The songwriting is poor, it lacks any real structure the majority of the time.  As a result there is a constant sense of this just being a very hastily written, rush of ideas.  Tracks like "If Crucifixion Was Not Enough" and "Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica" show this in abundance, the former nailing the lid down on its own coffin with one of the laziest attempts at a menacing riff I have heard in a while.

      When we do actually settle into some sense of structure it actually works well.  "Bartzabel" is a sole triumph in the songwriting/structure stakes here and this is almost ruined by the annoying double layered, chanting backing vocals.

      Next on my list of grumbles?  The sound.  It is one of the most sterile and strained sounding mixes I think I have ever heard on a record.  The drums sound like they were tracked for a completely different purpose on some of the tracks, "Wolves ov Siberia" and "Rom 5:8" in particular.  I can't believe that this was the intended sound the band wanted to achieve.  I follow Behemoth on Instagram and they make much majesty and menace over their theatre and general pomp when performing live it seems.  Surely then they haven't listened to the final playback of this record?

      Now then.  I don't recall chanting children on a record ever working well?  But there's a couple of tracks here of children chanting their disdain for Christianity alongside Nergal and co.  It sounds frankly fucking ridiculous and trite even over only two tracks!

      In summary, this is a massive disappointment whether you enjoyed "The Satanist" or not.  Hastily put together, poorly arranged and mixed terribly to boot.

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    • On July 27, 2018, Redemption released their seventh full-length album, Long Night’s Journey Into Day. The release was mastered by Jacob Hansen, who has also worked with Amaranthe, Doro, Primal Fear and Volbeat. It is the first album to feature Evergrey vocalist Tom Englund on vocals, replacing longtime frontman Ray Alder, also of progressive metal institution Fates Warning. Englund’s highly emotional, husky vocal style could lend a rougher edge to Redemption’s simultaneously melodramatic and contemplative approach. It is also worth pointing out that in the band’s new promo shoot (https://www.redemptionweb.com/) he looks quite a lot like the 30-year-old Boomer (https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/30-year-old-boomer).

      It’s a good choice, however, considering that Evergrey and Redemption are strongly reliant on their vocalists to define their sound. The Art of Loss was the band’s most eclectic effort, but Alder’s singing provided the basic foundation that defined it as a Redemption album. Englund could be better off in Redemption, given that Evergrey have been meandering for the last couple releases while the former band have been musically top-notch for most of their oeuvre. Chris Poland, formerly of Megadeth, returns for this album, having appeared on The Art of Loss for a very noticeable shred outing on the title track. He will be joined by Italian guitar veteran Simone Mularoni, of Empyrios and the estimable prog-power heavyweights DGM. Also, after an extensive coma after a 2014 aneurysm (https://www.facebook.com/Bernie-Versailles-379611832240834/), the band’s longtime lead guitarist Bernie Versailles returns to the lineup.

      Long Night’s Journey into Day tracklist
      1. Eyes You Dare Not Meet in Dreams
      2. Someone Else’s Problem
      3. The Echo Chamber
      4. Impermanent
      5. Indulge in Color
      6. Little Men
      7. And Yet
      8. The Last of Me
      9. New Year’s Day
      10. Long Night’s Journey into Day
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    • Glen Benton is 51.  Fuck I feel old now too.  Deicide are 30 years old (32 if we count the Amon era).  Album number 12 from the fathers of Florida death metal is a strong effort considering yet another change of personnel has occurred.  It is bye-bye Jack Owen, hello Mark English of Monstosity fame taking up guitar duties and ironically I like "Overtures of Blasphemy " a lot more than Monstrosity's effort this year.

      Whilst it can never make the "beast of a DM record" title I would give to the debut or"Legion" for example, "Overtures..." is entertaining.  Whether it is the melo-death passages that litter the streets and alleyways of this record or the more familiar sacrilegious blasting fury of Deicide at their (old) best, there's plenty to balance the experince over these 12 tracks.  Take "Seal The Tomb" for example, it goes immediately for the jugular, relentlessly chugging riffs alongside Benton's usual demented growls only to be tempered by menacing and interesting leads and sonics that carry the song along well.  Listen once to this track and it is in your head for literally days after.

      Then there's the vehemence of the lyrics of "Compliments of Christ" were you can feel the spittle from Glen's lips splattering your ears as he spews forth the vitriol he is best known for.  "Anointed in Blood" opens like a lead jam session recorded mid flow before developing into a hellish gallop of fiery hooves, again perfectly completed by some well placed and well timed leads.

      This is were Morbid Angel went wrong with "Kingdoms..." safe DM with little if any attention paid to the sonic wizardry of their sound.  Take a leaf out of Glen's book Trey!

      It is clear that this is no nonsense DM that is not out to reinvent any wheels it still has enough equal measure of extremity and assured and unapologetic attitude to hold it's own against most of the DM records released this year.  It is not perfect by any means.  I lose it on more than one occasion if I am honest ("Crucified Soul of Salvation" in particular hits my 'standby' button really nicely) and it is a couple of tracks too long making for an almost excessive feel to the running time.  Whilst it is a well paced record there's definitely some "filler" present.  But very any turkeys in here there is still thankfully the brilliance of tracks like "Consumed by Hatred" to snap you back to attention.  "Flesh, Power, Dominion" is one of the strongest things Deicide have ever put to tape btw.

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