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Death - Spirit Crusher (The Sound of Perseverance)

Bolt Thrower - The Killchain (Those Once Loyal)

Judas Priest - Starbreaker (Sin After Sin)

Morbid Angel - Suffocation (Altars of Madness)

Entombed - Left Hand Path (Left Hand Path)

Deicide - Blaspherereion (Deicide)

Absu - Pillars of Mercy (Tara)

Judas Priest - One Shot at Glory (Painkiller)

Entombed - Revel in Flesh (Left Hand Path)

Death - Voice of the Soul (The Sound of Perseverance)


Wow lots of Death Metal here...

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1. Immortal - In My Kingdom Cold 2. Mayhem - Funeral Fog 3. Dissection - Night's Blood 4. Darkthrone - In the Shadow of the Horns 5. Celtic Frost - Circle of the Tyrants 6. Ba

We're not in the business of naming and shaming for music taste here anymore so you'll be fine   1. Savatage - Hall of the Mountain King (Hall of the Mountain King) 2. Suffocation - Inv

1. Immortal - In My Kingdom Cold 2. Anathema - Kingdom 3. Dissection - Soulreaper 4. Cradle Of Filth - Thirteen Autumns and a Widow 5. My Dying Bride - Crown Of Sympathy 6. Pa

1.- Daughter - Candles

2.- White Iverson - Post Malone

3.- Molly's Lips - Nirvana

4.- My Immortal - Evanescence

5.- Cursed In Eternity - Mayhem

6.- Ware, Yami Tote - Dir En Grey

7.- Tokyo Negative - Miami Vice

8.- Chambermaid - Emilie Autumn

9.- Inno A Satana - Emperor

10.- Opeth - Hope Leaves

Idk if I should feel embarassed but I kinda think so


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16 minutes ago, Unborn said:

1.- Daughter - Candles

2.- White Iverson - Post Malone

3.- Molly's Lips - Nirvana

4.- My Immortal - Evanescence

5.- Cursed In Eternity - Mayhem

6.- Ware, Yami Tote - Dir En Grey

7.- Tokyo Negative - Miami Vice

8.- Chambermaid - Emilie Autumn

9.- Inno A Satana - Emperor

10.- Opeth - Hope Leaves

Idk if I should feel embarassed but I kinda think so


We're not in the business of naming and shaming for music taste here anymore so you'll be fine


1. Savatage - Hall of the Mountain King (Hall of the Mountain King)

2. Suffocation - Involuntary Slaughter (Effigy of the Forgotten)

3. Suffocation - Infecting the Crypts (Effigy of the Forgotten)

4. Testament - Disciples of the Watch (The New Order)

5. Death - To Forgive is to Suffer (The Sound of Perseverance)

6. Deicide - When Satan Rules His World (Once Upon the Cross)

7. Deicide - Sacrificial Suicide (Deicide)

8. Judas Priest - Painkiller (Painkiller)

9. Mayhem - Funeral Fog (De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas)

10. Satan - Trial by Fire (Court in the Act)



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Don't know why I never contributed to this thread. Here goes nothin'.

1. Kristallnacht- 'A Strife... A Victory' (The Night and the Fog)

2. Rimfrost- 'Void of Time' (Veraldar Nagli)

3. Grand Belial's Key- 'Sumerian Fairytale' (Castrate the Redeemer)

4. Spear of Longinus- 'Jarl's Quest Eternal' (Nazi Occult Metal)

5. Antichrist (Germany)- 'Cry of the Black Raven' (Ghoul Metal Spread His Glory)

6. Children of Bodom- 'Red Light in my Eyes Pt. 1' (Something Wild)

7. Ohtar- 'The Abyss Pt. II' (Deep Wood's)

8. Conqueror- 'The Curse' (War. Cult. Supremacy)

9. Satanic Warmaster- 'Strength and Honour' (Strength and Honour)

10. Absurd- 'The Gates of Heaven' (Thuringian Pagan Madness"

AND... forgive me if I'm jumping the shark by including:

11. Command- 'Illusive Freedom' (The Night and the Fog)

This surprisingly represents my current listening very well. The only cuts that I no longer frequent are those of Rimfrost and Children of Bodom. I was most excited by the final 4 songs, particularly 'Gates of Heaven'. I didn't know I was in need of some old Absurd. And no, I'm not overlooking GBK, I have just been listening to them quite a bit recently.

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The King Is Blind - Godfrost (Plague: Invidia) - We Are The Parasite, We Are The Cancer (2017)

Morgoth - Exit to Temptation Cursed (1991)

Behemoth - O Father O Satan O Sun! The Satanist (2014)

My Dying Bride - Vast Choirs - As The Flower Withers (1992)

Horna - Incipit Atavistic Resurgence (split with Acherontas) (2015)

Thelonious Monk - Bye-Ya - Monk's Dream (1963)

Deathspell Omega - You Cannot Even Find The Ruins..." The Furnaces of Palingenesia (2019)

Winterfylleth - Latch To A Grave The Hallowing of Heirdom (2018)

Deftones - Mascara Around the Fur (1997)

Black Breath - Eat the Witch - Heavy Breathing (2010)

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1. Immortal - In My Kingdom Cold

2. Mayhem - Funeral Fog

3. Dissection - Night's Blood

4. Darkthrone - In the Shadow of the Horns

5. Celtic Frost - Circle of the Tyrants

6. Bathory - Blood Fire Death

7. Behemoth - O Father O Satan O Son

8. Absu - Pillars of Mercy

9. Tormentor - Anno Domini

10. Venom - To Hell and Back


Wow all the black metal today

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Emperor - Wrath of The Tyrant - Wrath of the Tyrant (1992)

Autopsy - Horrific Obsession - Severed Survival (1989)

Ghostface Killah - Homicide (feat. Nems and Shaun Wigs) 36 Seasons (2014)

Alice in Chains - The One You Know Rainier Fog (2018)

Master - Judgement of Will - On The Seventh Day God Created... Master (1991)

Obscura - Clandestine Stars Diluvium (2018)

Thin Lizzy - Do Anything You Want To - Black Rose (1979)

Motörhead - Dogs - Rock 'n' Roll (1987)

Dee Snider - Tomorrow's No Concern - For the Love of Metal (2018)

Varathron - Luciferian Mystical Awakening Patriarchs of Evil (2018)

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Godflesh - Towers of Emptiness - A World Lit Only By Fire (2014)

Incantation - Legion of Dis - Vanquish in Vengeance (2012)

Grima - Leshiy - Will Of The Primordial (2019)

Motörhead - Claw - Orgasmatron (1986)

Thunder - Until My Dying Day Backstreet Symphony (1990)

Marduk - 502 - Panzer Division Marduk (1999)

Draugur - Behold The Third Eye Vision - By The Rays of His Golden Light (2016)

Runemagick - After The Sepulchral Lava - Into Desolate Realms (2019)

Machine Head - A Thousand Lies - Burn My Eyes (1994)

Ritual - Journey Into the Frozen Wasteland - The Summoning (1995)

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Mercyful Fate - Church of Saint Anne - 9 (1999)

Impetigo - Bad Dreams - Ultimo Mondo Cannibale (1990) - Reissue from 2000

Borknagar - Tidal - True North (2019)

Bathory - Holocaust - Blood Fire Death (1988)

Slayer - Skeletons of Society - Seasons In The Abyss (1990)

Dimmu Borgir - Relinquishment of Spirit and Flesh - Enthrone Darkness Triumphant (1997)

Oppressor - Prelude to Death - Solstice of Oppression (1994)

Sargeist - Panzergod - Satanic Black Devotion (2003)

Master - The Truth - Master (1990)

Blood Incantation - Hidden Species (Vitrification of Blood Pt. 2) - Starspawn (2016)


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Alright, let's do this: 

1. Sabaton - 'A Ghost in the Trenches' from 'The Great War'

2. To/Die/For - 'Chaotic Me' from 'IV' 

3. Bathory - 'Holocaust' from 'Blood Fire Death'

4. Marduk - 'Wartheland' from 'Frontschwein' (hail)

5. Darkthrone - 'Kathaarian Life Code' from 'A Blaze in the Northern Sky'

6. Falkenbach - 'Laeknishendr' from 'En Their Medh Riki Fara'

7. The Clancy Brothers - 'The Rising of the Moon' from 'Irish Folk and St Patrick's Classics'

8. Cradle of Filth - 'The Graveyard by Moonlight' from 'Dusk and Her Embrace' (fuck yeah, what a classic)

9. Dark Funeral - 'The Eternal Eclipse' from 'Where Shadows Forever Reign'

10. Cradle of Filth (what, twice??) - 'Absinthe With Faust' from 'Nymphetamine'

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Burzum - Nidhoggr - Umskiptar (2012)

Ritual - Journey Into The Frozen Wasteland - The Summoning (1995)

The Prodigy - Spitfire - Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned (2004)

Samael - The Black Face -Worship Him (1991)

Leviathan - The Bitter Emblem of DissolveThe Tenth Sub Level of Suicide (2003)

Pallbearer - Worlds Apart Foundations of Burden (2014)

King Diamond - Funeral - Abigail (1987)

Sargeist - Snares of Impurity Feeding The Crawling Shadows (2014)

Vulture - The Garotte - Ghastly Waves and Battered Graves (2019)

Cypress Hill - Red Light Visions III Temples of Boom (1995)

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It's Saturday night and I'm ready for anything. 

1.  Woods of Ypres - 'Suicide Cargoload' 

2. Sirenia - 'Blue Colleen'

3. My Dying Bride - 'Base Level Erotica' (yes, what a classic. One of the great erotic songs of all time)

4. Saor - 'Autumn Rain' (now I can't go on, I'm too emotional and destroyed!)

5. Moonsorrow - 'Raunioilla' (I'm on a great run here. Hope it continues)

6. Marduk - 'Castrum Doloris' (yes, it's continuing)

7. Anathema - 'Shroud of Frost' (amazing)

8. Darkthrone - 'Inn I De Dype Skogens Fabn'

9. Paradise Lost - 'Shades of God' from Draconian Times (Holly shit what a run!)

10. Taake - Inntrenger' (two Norwegian songs with the word 'Inn' in them. Google translate tells me it just means 'In'. So there you go)

Great run of ten songs there. Holy hell. Classics all. 

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1. Burzum- 'Dunkelheit' (Filosofem)

2. Mudoven- 'Lightning Rod- Your Band Fucking Sucks... ' (Truth and Tragedy... )

3. Disgorge (San Diego)- 'Penetrate the Unfledged' (Cranial Impalement)

4. Purulent- 'Patalogia Grotesca' (Garavito's Pathological Factor)

5. Last Days of Humanity- 'Prolapsed Transpired Bowel Junk' (Putrefaction in Progress)

6. Satyricon- 'Into the Mighty Forest' (Dark Medieval Times)

7. Wolfnacht- 'Siehst Du Im Osten Das Morgenrot' (Töten Für W.O.T.A.N.)

8. Vaginal Jesus- 'X Marks... ' (Affirmative Apartheid)

9. Nitberg- 'The Triumph of W.O.T.A.N.' (Blazebirth Hall: Hammerkrieg)

10. Napalm Death- 'The World Keeps Turning' (Utopia Banished)

I shortened some not-so-savory song titles. This would make a terribly-coordinated playlist, but this is all stuff that I've been listening to lately (with the exception of Satyricon). Also, that ND song is quite relevant for the time.

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Judas Priest - Rock Hard Ride Free Defenders of the Faith (1984)

Autopsy - Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay Shitfun (1995)

Miþyrming - Stjörnuþoka - Söngvar elds og Óriedu (2015)

Led Zeppelin - Communication Breakdown - Led Zeppelin (1969)

Marduk - Legion Heaven Shall Burn When We Are Gathered (1996)

Of Feather and Bone - Throne of the Serpent - Bestial Hymns of Perversion (2018)

Massacra - Cyclone (Rehersal 1991) - Enjoy the Violence (1991)

Saxon - Nosferatu (Raw Version) Thunderbolt (2018)

Triptykon - Black Snow Melana Chasmata (2014)

Sadus - Chemical Exposure Chemical Exposure (1991)

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Deftones - Digital Bath White Pony (2000)

Immolation - Here In After Here In After (1996)

Accept - From The Ashes We Rise - Blind Rage (2014)

King Witch - Call of the Hunter Body of Light (2020)

1349 - Nekronatalenheten Beyond The Apocalypse (2004)

Mitochondrion - Chapter 11 - Archaeaeon (2008)

Ulcerate - Burnt Offering The Coming Of Genocide (2004)

Musta Surma - Miekka Ja KrusifiksiHorna/Musta Surma - Vihan vuodet (2005)

Autopsy - Forever Hungry Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves (2014)

Anaal Nathrakh - The Supreme Necrotic Audnance - The Codex Necro (2001)

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I'll give you ten of the best young lady: 

1. My Dying Bride - 'Your River' (Live) from 'The Angel and the Dark River' bonus track. Classic Aaron Stainthorpe introduction to the song with his voice cracking like that. Gloriously hilarious. Check it out. 

2. Ozzy Osbourne - 'AVH' from 'No More Tears'. Oh man, compare this album with the god-awful 'Ordinary Man'. Hail classic Ozzy. 

3. Choir of King's College Cambridge - 'Ecclesiasticus 24:11 Responsory: Stirs Jess (Mode Ii)'. Difficult to type out, but it's Gregorian chant basically. 

4. Def Leppard - 'Pour Some Sugar on Me' from 'Hysteria'. hahaha yes!!!!

5. My Dying Bride - 'The Cry of Mankind' from 'The Angel and the Dark River'. What's this, two songs out of five from the same digital release? 

6. Cradle of Filth - 'Tearing the Veil from Grace' from 'Midian'. First six songs are all from English bands (and... er...colleges...). That's brilliant. 

7. Anathema - 'Black Orchid' from 'The Silent Enigma'. 7 out of 7 from England, and all my old favourites! What's going on here? 

8. Saor - 'Hearth' from 'Guardians'. This is my album of the last decade, and this is a beautiful song. So emotionally powerful. If you like Scottish themed metal check this album out. Also, 8 out of 8 UK bands (and colleges). 

9. Arkona - 'Kolo Navi' from 'Goi, Rode, Goi!'. Ah, those Russians... Thought I was going to have a British clean sweep. Great song here by the way. What an album. 

10. Kreator - 'Flag of Hate' from 'Pleasure to Kill'. And the last track gets fast and dirty. And German. Don't mention the war. 

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Diocletian - Beast Atop the Trapezoid Gesundrian - (2014)

Motorhead - Mean MachineOrgasmatron - (1986)

Wormed - 57889330816,1 Krighsu - (2016)

Emperor - Introduction Emperor/Wrath of The Tyrant - (1998)

Darkthrone - I En Hall Med Flesk Of Mjod Transilvanian Hunger - (1994)

Summoning - A Distant Flame Before The Sun Stronghold - (1999)

Encoffination - Pale Voices - III: Hear Me, O' Death (2014)

Enslaved - 793 (slaget om Lindisfarne) - Eld - (1997)

Demilich - Two Independent Organisms One Suppurating Deformity 20th Adversary of Emptiness - (2014)

Anthrax - Efilnikufesin (N.F.L) Among the Living - (1987)

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I can't help but feel that this thread is wasting all of our time. Nevertheless... you want ten of the best? Bend over and feel Requiem's paddle!  

1. Katatonia - 'Fighters'. Amazing rocky bonus track from 'City Burials'. It's a cover tune. Check it out. 

2. Taake - 'Bjoergvin IV' from 'Bjoergvin'. The second album was for a long time my favourite from Hoest. It's so melodic and has bags of attitude. 

3. Darkthrone - 'Inn I De Dype Skogens Fabn' from 'Under a Funeral Moon'. Possibly the blackest of the trilogy, Darkthrone have outdone themselves here. Great shot of Nocturno on the cover by the way. This song is strangely montonal and not a favourite. 

4. Slayer - 'Darkness of Christ' from 'God Hates Us All'. I love this intro, it's amazing and perfect for the album. It amazes me how so many people dismiss this album, but I think it has a few tracks that are real highlights. This intro is one of them. The fucking chaos begins!!!

5. Ozzy Osbourne - 'I Don't Want to Change the World (live)' from 'Live and Loud'. Never heard this kid, he must be a new act. Sounds like he has potential. 

6. Immortal - 'Tragedies Blows at Horizon' from 'At the Heart of Winter'. They certainly do blows at the horizon. Possibly Immortal's greatest album and a brilliant song. 

7. Dissection - 'Night's Blood (live)' from 'Live in Stockholm 2004'. Hard to quantify the magic of this song from this show for a post-prison pre-suicide Jon Nodtveidt. 

8. Cradle of Filth - 'Right Wing of the Garden Triptych' from 'Hammer of the Witches'. This album pops up regularly on the 'shuffle' list. Must be an inside job. Good song. 

9. Ozzy Osbourne - 'Road to Nowhere' from 'No More Tears'. See I fucking knew this thing was rigged. There are so many artist double-ups it's fucking crazy. Great song though, no doubt. Great ending to a wonderful album. Before the rot set in...

10. Moonspell - 'Full Moon Madness' from 'Irreligious'. The perfect gothic metal anthem to end the list of ten. If you've never heard this before, take five shots of something strong, light a few candles, turn the stereo up to 11 and check it out. 

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Tormentor - Tormentor I Anno Domini (1989)

Bathory - Reaper Bathory (1984)

Winterfylleth - The Shepherd - The Harrowing of Heirdom (2018)

Dimmu Borgir - Tormentor of Christian Souls Enthrone Darkness Triumphant (1997)

Thelonious Monk - Just A Gigolo Monk's Dream (1963)

Ritual Chamber - The Eternal Eye Obscurations (To Feast On The Seraphim) (2016)

Heads for the Dead - Of WRath and Vengeance Serpent's Curse (2018)

Gorguts - Inoculated Life Considered Dead (1991)

1349 - Slaves Massive Cauldron of Chaos (2014)

Nattravnen - From The Haunted Sea Kult of The Raven (2018)


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    • Whichever tier of thrash metal you consigned Sacred Reich back in the 80's/90's they still had their moments.  "Ignorance" & "Surf Nicaragura" did a great job of establishing the band, whereas "The American Way" just got a little to comfortable and accessible (the title track grates nowadays) for my ears.  A couple more records better left forgotten about and then nothing for twenty three years.  2019 alone has now seen three releases from Phil Rind and co.  A live EP, a split EP with Iron Reagan and now a full length.

      Notable addition to the ranks for the current throng of releases is former Machine Head sticksman, Dave McClean.  Love or hate Machine Head, McClean is a more than capable drummer and his presence here is felt from the off with the opening and title track kicking things off with some real gusto.  'Divide & Conquer' and 'Salvation' muddle along nicely, never quite reaching any quality that would make my balls tingle but comfortable enough.  The looming build to 'Manifest Reality' delivers a real punch when the song starts proper.  Frenzied riffs and drums with shots of lead work to hold the interest.

      There's a problem already though (I know, I am such a fucking mood hoover).  I don't like Phil's vocals.  I never had if I am being honest.  The aggression to them seems a little forced even when they are at their best on tracks like 'Manifest Reality'.  When he tries to sing it just feels weak though ('Salvation') and tracks lose real punch.  Give him a riffy number such as 'Killing Machine' and he is fine with the Reich engine (probably a poor choice of phrase) up in sixth gear.  For every thrashy riff there's a fair share of rock edged, local bar act rhythm aplenty too.

      Let's not poo-poo proceedings though, because overall I actually enjoy "Awakening".  It is stacked full of catchy riffs that are sticky on the old ears.  Whilst not as raw as perhaps the - brilliant - artwork suggests with its black and white, tattoo flash sheet style design it is enjoyable enough.  Yes, 'Death Valley' & 'Something to Believe' have no place here, saved only by Arnett and Radziwill's lead work but 'Revolution' is a fucking 80's thrash heyday throwback to the extent that if you turn the TV on during it you might catch a new episode of Cheers!

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