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Found 6 results

  1. Great Monday to all Rockers n Metalheads!!!!!! Today we have a full day playing the best HARD ROCK and HEAVY METAL in our RADIO STATION ! 2020 new Releases on special AIR play all week are: BROTHER FIRETRIBE Melodic Rock LASTWORLD Melodic Rock THRASHERWOLF Thrash Metal RAGEHAMMER Thrash Metal And non Stop 80s & 90s Classics, all the best songs n records always ON AIRPLAY!!! Keep Tuned and play it loud! www.hardnheavymetalradio.blogspot.com
  2. karakter.pw Online Radio Service: Rock, heavy metal music 0-24 hours. Introducing amateur bands this month is free. Other services: Advertisements, free blog introduction, band contacts. We accept several types of cryptocoin, we have our own token, KRT token. Find us on the website, listen to us! http://karakter.pw
  3. We are going to start an online radio station dedicated to Metal music of all sorts. But in order to do that we need to gather some info, so we have built this survey just for that purpose: https://goo.gl/forms/GDlVxsXiiyHAs1v33 The survey will help us understand what the metal community (you) wants, and will show us the best way to deliver content to you. If you have a new band and you want to have some songs featured in the future, you can write down songs/albums/links in the suggestion tab in the survey. We will think about it and contact you back when we will get started to discuss legal/copyright stuff. Feel free to share this survey, really... we don't mind. Thanks for your time!
  4. Hello everyone, We just joined the community and we'd like to share our internet radio station, Rock Now Radio. You can find us here, on email, on the web or on our Facebook page. We're at the start of the road, so anyone suggesting us how to become better would be a real help for the station. Thanks, Cristian Rock Now Radio
  5. Hi there, opened this account to let you know we have a weekle Heavy Show on http://fortheloveofmusic.info/ radio. Every Tuesday from 220..0 (10PM) CET two hours of rock and metal. Go to the website to listen through the player of your choice (no downloads needed, free of charge). Hope to meet you there!
  6. I am always on the lookout for opportunities to help bands along, get the word out about them and promote. That's what my blog is all about. Well, in my searches I have found and teamed up with a partner, who offers promotion services for metal bands starting as low as 20$. All metal genres welcomed....recordings though have to be good otherwise the DJs won't play them. Band promotion - What does it include? Your band posted and included in their resident bands list. Posting stuff about your band on a regular basis (4-5 posts a week and maybe more) on at least two facebook pages plus tweets about your band. Radio play for your band, that is guaranteed airplay mind. As I have joined in this effort now, we will be adding a lot of European radio stations to the list very soon. I have seen a lot of promotional offers that do a lot less for a band and cost a lot more. That's why I am wholeheartedly behind this team and will be adding my piece of cake to the feast now. I hope to get you interested, please visit http://www.powerprogmetal.com/band-promotion/
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