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Found 1 result

  1. Nice to make your acquaintance 😊 My musical taste is varied, and while for most of the artists/genres that I like I have (offline) friends to discuss this with, none of them really appreciates metal to the extent that I do. So I figured I that might as well subscribe to this forum. I suppose that I mostly like black metal, in all of its incarnations (which certainly doesn't mean that I like every band labeled as such) including the arguably-trash-rather-than-black first few records of Venom, which were incredibly important to me when I was 15/16 yo. At that time, during the mid 1980s, the distinctions between black, death, thrash and even speed metal were vague; in retrospect the term 'extreme metal' is more convenient (see the next paragraph for examples of my taste). But I also enjoy some more mainstream metal like Iron Maiden, the 2nd and 3rd of Metallica and about half of the oeuvre of Manowar. Some other bands/artists that I like (and in many cases just a bunch of their records, or maybe even just a few songs, not everything): Bathory, Possessed, Exodus, Slayer, Mercyful Fate/King Diamond, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Voïvod, Destruction, Kreator, Onslaught, Darkthrone, Burzum, Immortal, Ildjarn, Veles, Vlad Tepes, Skálmöld, Blackdeath, Klabautamann, Alcest, Nav' (HABb), Root, Sammath, Todesstoß, Absurd, Akitsa, Al Namrood, Besatt, Book of Sand, Botanist, Brujeria, Darkspace, Enthroned, and more. That seems like a lot, but whenever I read a magazin about Metal, it is always full with bands that I've never heard of! The mystique/drama (whatever you want to call it), that is mostly seen in the black metal scene also has my interest. I find it often both ridiculous and impressive at the same time! Some non-metal music that I like (again, not everything) includes hard rock, stoner rock, krautrock (e.g. the first 8 or so records of Tangerine Dream), psychedelic rock, space age bachelor pad music (I mean the genre, not the Stereolab album; e.g. stuff like Les Baxter, Martin Denny and Esquivel), jazz, classical, so-called 'old music', minimal music (like Steve Reich and Philip Glass), ambient, and more. Well, I suppose I might run into some of you on the forums