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Found 1 result

  1. I had to switch medications because I gained 10" worth of waist on Aripiprazole (generic Abilify) in a year. My doctor switched me to a brand name medication called Vraylar that has far less of a weight gain profile. I have insurance through Obamacare that I currently pay $0 a month for due to some law that Biden passed a few months ago. The cost of the Aripiprazole was bad enough ($678/30 3mg tablets) but the Vraylar is a god damned sin ($1228.55/30 3mg capsules). I seriously have no bloody idea how anyone without insurance is ever supposed to be able to pay for psychiatric medication, especially when the majority of severely mentally ill people are living under every god damn bridge in every city in this country and nobody gives a fraction of a shit about them. I feel legitimately bad for my insurance company and I am paranoid now that they are going to drop me over this even though they had representatives talk to my doctor and they agreed to cover the cost of the medication through a different pharmacy. The cost of these pills breaks down to $40.55 per pill, and it cannot cost that much to manufacture each one of them because the manufacturer has to be making a profit, so that means that they're effectively trying to say that these pills cost $20.25 to produce a unit of, and I don't believe that shit for one minute. How the hell is a normal mentally ill person, who may not have insurance, supposed to pay for that shit? That's more than my best friend's mortgage! That's the cost of a rental in Florida right now and is about the money I make in a month at my job (after taxes come out). To make matters worse, the patent on this Vraylar doesn't expire for another 8 years or so. So what happens if someone desperately needs this drug and doesn't have insurance or $1228.55 to drop on it every single month? What the fuck is wrong with America and the pharmaceutical companies that operate here? Does Martin Shkreli personally own the trademark to Vraylar? I am absolutely fucking outraged that my insurance is being billed $1228.55 for 30 days worth of psychiatric medicine, that I seriously need, when boner pills for old men are maybe $60 a month... if that. There's something fundamentally wrong with our healthcare system when medicines that people need are $1228/mo. Christ forbid I ever have to go to the hospital, I cannot imagine the cost of a week in a hospital bed when meds cost this much.
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