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    melodic progressive metal, cycling, play bass, my cats, swimming, reading, maths, weirdoes, Monty Python, motorbikes, walking, asian food, gin tonic

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  1. I like their music but the vocals always semm a bit incongruous. This guy could sing in Van Halen
  2. I quite like some of the Mirror Of Souls album, never had time to check out the new stuff
  3. I rather like Galneryus even if there may be a huge flog of bands all sounding the same. Somehow they tickle the right nerve
  4. Darkness In A Different Light is actually their only album I ever listened to. I like it but it's not really one of my favs
  5. Heavy, proggy, melodic, riffs, Allan Russel
  6. Volition for me. Awesome band
  7. For me musical styles form a circle with progressive metal touching on classical music and thus closing the full circle. Some of the classical composers, if they had distroted guitars and kick drums may have done metal even back then. But I draw the line. Metal is a MUSIC genre for me and as such heavily dominated by actual sounds. Metal without kick drum or guitars is not metal for me. And if you do classical music with metal instruments you get metal. If you play metal using classical intruments you get classical music. For me - it's as simple as that. Because metal is something that influences how I feel. And even if Carmina Burana may be kick ass it will never make me feel like Symphony X.
  8. I am always on the lookout for opportunities to help bands along, get the word out about them and promote. That's what my blog is all about. Well, in my searches I have found and teamed up with a partner, who offers promotion services for metal bands starting as low as 20$. All metal genres welcomed....recordings though have to be good otherwise the DJs won't play them. Band promotion - What does it include? Your band posted and included in their resident bands list. Posting stuff about your band on a regular basis (4-5 posts a week and maybe more) on at least two facebook pages plus tweets about your band. Radio play for your band, that is guaranteed airplay mind. As I have joined in this effort now, we will be adding a lot of European radio stations to the list very soon. I have seen a lot of promotional offers that do a lot less for a band and cost a lot more. That's why I am wholeheartedly behind this team and will be adding my piece of cake to the feast now. I hope to get you interested, please visit http://www.powerprogmetal.com/band-promotion/
  9. I also listen mostly to prog with clean vocals. I may add a lot of bands to that list. Dreamtale, Cloudscape, Oceans Of Time, Theocracy, Kamelot, Pyramaze, Chaos Frame, Simulacrum, Tellus Requiem, Anthriel, Anubis Gate, Desert, Damnations Day, DGM, Fairyland, Kerion, German Pascual, Lance King, Galneryus, Illusion Suite, Royal Hunt, Third Exe, Triosphere, Wardrum
  10. Yeah, introduce myself ... I like my metal heavy and complex, therefore mostly progressive, but melodic. Symphony X is a good starter, and a host of others, not to forget oriental metal. I like to discover new bands all the time too. Have spent office hours to get a blog running to share what I find. Hope to get some cool bands a little bit of promo through this. In real life I own a rehearsal & recording studio in Vienna, Austria. I like playing the bass, swimming, reading, cycling, my cats, Monty Python, motorbikes, relaxed people, asian food, the English language, Gin Tonic, weirdoes, oh you get it. Nice to meet ya all. Keep it metal
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