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  1. Again with the death metal, I really like these bands and so do loads of other people, and they are from very different eras, and have different themes, which makes it all the more harder to choose between them for superior band in terms of musical quality, what do you think about it?
  2. At what point do you think, (meaning what album caused the occurence) did Deicide become different, because I kind of agree with you, for me it's around the 'Once Upon The Cross' era
  3. I would have to say Thrash Metal, just because of the heritage, it has with the whole Bay Area Thrash scene from which many awesome bands emerged from, Metallica, Megadeth, Exodus etc.
  4. They're both really awesome death metal bands, which is better, say why. Which is your favourite song from these bands, and what do you think makes the other band better
  5. Thrash Metal because of it's persistance and drive, Power Metal because it really gets you going with fast tempos and uplifting riffs and solos, and then Progressive Metal because the musicianship in a lot of the bands in this sub genres is mindblowingly amazing
  6. Heavy Metal British And Proud
  7. There has been a lot of controversy about this album, mainly due to the fact that the band has incorporated different styles as well as many vocal and instrumental techniques, such as the soaring solos that Bjorn Gelotte plays and the cleaner singing of Anders Friden, for me personally I think it is a very good album, i'm just curious as to what people think
  8. I myself like Melodic Death Metal very much and so a place like Sweden with the city of Gothenburg in it that spawned bands such as In Flames, and a lot more that are big in the Melodeth area, as well as bands that aren't Melodeth like Hammerfall that are also very awesome indeed. Norway however has the city of Oslo in it, which has thrown many fantastic Black Metal bands into the world such as Mayhem which I also like very much. The sheer diversity of Metal that comes from Sweden though, does mean for me that it is the better place for Metal, although Scandinavia is a brilliant place in terms
  9. It is such a good album for many reasons, one of these contributing reasons was that it was the first album after the massive controversy about St. Anger and the fact that with a lot of fans it didn't go down well, however I personally don't really mind St. Anger, because it was evident that Metallica were just experimenting with different sounds snd techniques to apply. I suppose that as many people say, they went back to their roots of relentless thrash metal for this album, it is a good thing but it is the music created by Metallica that people know and love, and with the songs like 'All Ni
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