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  1. Hi fellow Metal fans has anyone here seen Metal Family Cartoons on YouTube, it's in Russian so you have to use subtitles to watch each ep. Each EP is funny on so may levels, I can't seem to find much info on the creators of this cartoon series on the internet I could use some help on that. LW
  2. I can't figure out most forums like this one it has symbols I can't figure out how to use Word in forums like this, I'm used to using works 95 it's old but a good writing program. I also love Opera not the modern costume style but Classic costume and stage show, a post mention how I love the pomp of Heavy Metal stage shows it's from Opera when it done properly Like Shakespeare. LW
  3. Hi folks as an Aspberger Metal and Musical fan withour it sounding like Drivel?, LW
  4. Hi I made Two postings yesterday on this forum they are now gone were are they?, LW
  5. Um folks hi again still need help on Nightmare, He might be to Heavy Metal for Furry conventions, LW
  6. Um No on the costume it's going to cost me me big bucks Can to do it, dam that's one of the problems. LW
  7. Hi this is my intro I'm an heavy metal fan who is pushing into 40 in some months, I've got Aspbergers. I'm working on Nightmare my Heavy Metal/ Hard Core Furry Horse character costume. I would like to use him for a band of like minded people. LW