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    Joanna | 18 | F | Fantasy nerd | Roleplayer | Metalhead | Bassist | Pokemon fan | Future druid | Scaly
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    Bend, Oregon
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    Metal, fantasy RPGs, Pokemon, Scandinavian and Celtic beliefs and history.
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    Library intern
  1. Basilisk

    What inspired you to take up the bass?

    I have four friends who play guitar, so I wanted to do something different. I eventually narrowed it down to drums and bass, and I sure didn't want to have to set up a whole drum kit every time I felt like practicing. I like the sort of invisible feel the bass guitar has; you don't consciously notice it's there, but if it's not... you'll hear it.
  2. Basilisk


    Eluveitie is one of my favorite bands, and I can confidently say that after knowing they existed for a mere two days.
  3. Basilisk

    OI! \m/

    Hey everyone, I'm Basilisk and I'm a metalhead! \m/ ...I guess most of us here are, aren't we? Anyway! I first got into the genre after I watched an episode of Metalocalypse, and I was immediately hooked on the show, the band and the raw power on display in the music. Much later, my friend showed me a pirate metal band called Alestorm, which I was skeptical of at first... but when the first note rang out I was completely overtaken once again. After looking around in various genres and bands, I figured out the elements of metal I like the most; the driving, emotional guitars, the heavy earth-shattering bass and sometimes, a smattering of folk instruments on the side. My favorite genres are folk, viking, progressive, power, and melodic death. Favorite bands, in no particular order, include Dethklok, Ensiferum, Eluveitie, Blind Guardian, Persefone, Zonaria, Wintersun, Winterhymn, Cruachan, Waylander, Skalmold, Tyr, Rhapsody of Fire ans Fjordfader.
  4. Eluveitie has a hurdy gurdy in it, which is awesome. I'd like to see some bass flute, bassoon ans baritone clarinet myself.