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  1. Congrats on your story getting published on an Artist site! 


  2. Ian Gillan shared my report about his concert in Belgrade on his official page. I'm happy like a child when you give it a candy.
  3. Ah, ok, that's not a problem. But I really just posted that one because I'm constantly listening to it, not to promote the band.:)
  4. Thanks! I hope too. I'll be at my cousins place and she works all day, so I'll be on my own most of the time. I hope to meet some okay people there, so I don't get bored.
  5. Hi guys! I'm back after a long time and I must admit that I missed you. Trough this period of time I was off from most of the forum sites. In the meantime, I started to write for multiple metal portals and webzines and I'm currently writing for one webzine and I also started a new portal. I decided to learn as much languages as possible. Renewed my Russian language knowledge and currently learning Norwegian. After I finish my finals (in 10 days), I'm going to Norway. Can't fucking wait! If there is someone from Stavanger here I would like to hear recommendations about places I need to visit there. c:
  6. This is the song from the fresh, new album from Serbian progressive metal band Asymmetry. Album came out few hours ago. This was the first sigle.
  7. I'm back and I look totally different than before.
  8. Chicken burger, sweet corn with sour cream, croutons, red pickled paprika with honney, crispy fries. And freshly squeezed lemon. Yummy.
  9. hicken kebabs, rice with sweetcorn and basil and pickled paprika with honney.
  10. Dear lord... It's a joke.
  11. Hahahahah thank you wery much.
  12. I want to perpetuate the moment in which I really looked like a girl... for a change.
  13. I'm sitting here, five days after Apocalyptica concert watching this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZk0InnfX_U It was fucking perfect. I was on the other side of the stage. We was singing the whole anthem.
  14. Having a cold and unhealed septum piercing isn't a good combination.