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    I'm passionate about Stoner / Doom metal. I'm a huge fan of Fender and Gibson kit. Own three P Basses and a vintage Gibson Thunderbird. Love Orange and Hiwatt amps. (For the guitars - Marshall). I reside in the UK and like bands like Cathedral, Electric Wizard, Orchid, Black Sabbath (who doesn't?) Orange Goblin, Uncle Acid. I also like classic rock, too.
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    Chester, UK
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    Writing, collecting, walking, and an over-indulgence in retro stuff.

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    Cheshire, UK
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    I'm a retro bassist with a passion for Doom/Stoner metal. Love Fender and Rickenbacker. HIWATT amps.

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  1. On the American front, Saint Vitus (along with Orchid) are one of the best Doom bands. They are legendary and deserved a far better deal than they've had. I know the lineup has changed. Sad to hear that Mark Adams called it a day due to ill-health.
  2. Sorry about the late response. It's great to see people like you on here. 

  3. Hi, all you wonderful metalheads! I just want to wish you all a Happy New Year and all the very best in 2016. I'm doing this while I'm still coherent (Only joking). Look forward to catching up with everyone in 2016. Stay well! Jaime.
  4. Ravenlord


    Hi, Yes. I listen to Orchid. They've really wired into the Black Sabbath sound pretty well. They even have that early 70's image to back-up their sound. I have: Capricorn The Mouths of Madness EP: Heretic Through the Devil's Doorway The Zodiac Sessions Mark Thomas Baker really does pay homage to Tony Iommi right down to using a Gibson SG.
  5. Metal means a great deal to me. Firstly, it is ramified into various sections and I prefer Stoner/Doom metal. I listen to Orchid, Electric Wizard, Cathedral, and Uncle Acid. It is heavy, raw, and the mediocrity of mainstream pop cannot hold sway over it. It is enduring and consistantly pays homage to the early 70's riffs and approach. Stoner and Doom is so indicative of this approach. It is never affected by 'trends' and its followers tend to be intelligent and well-read people. I also like how some bands, like Electric Wizard, weave their lyrics around what influences them. Such as
  6. Ravenlord


    With Kyuss it has to be 'Green Machine' from Blues for the Red Sun. That nails it.
  7. I think The Sword do have the stoner edge. A good example is: Age of Winters (2006). It has that slow, fuzz tempo that is indicative of stoner/doom.
  8. I do! Can't beat Jus Oborn and the gang. Really heavy riffs, early 70's image, bang on!
  9. Hi, well since you asked I've wriiten a reasonable 'about me' profile.
  10. Don't forget Witchfinder General - Death Penalty. (1982) and Friends From Hell (1983). They were the Doom metal arm of the NWOBHM scene.
  11. Hi, there.  My profile has been updated. :)

  12. They were originally part of the NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) alongside Stourbridge's 'Witchfinder General'. But they only had a demo tape out at that time. They released their first output in the mid-80's. They have a sort of mystic feel to them. Check out : Dance of the Druids from their 2006 album Mythical and Magical.
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