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  1. AtTheGates


    Ha ha. Love it. I love her too! [emoji14] Sent from my XT1039 using Tapatalk
  2. Highly impressive old chap.
  3. Likes to insert hotdogs into unsuspecting people's buttcracks when they bend over.
  4. AtTheGates


    Haven't played a SNES properly since about 2001 when I got one to play Final Fantasy 6 on. I'm more of a MegaDrive person though.
  5. Relentlessly masturbated to their own reflection.
  6. Hah. No worries. That's why I don't talk music much on here. Everyone is into different stuff from me. I live and breath melodeath, you guys don't. No biggie.
  7. AtTheGates


    Most men look at porn. jfk36 looks at Debenhams...
  8. AtTheGates


    I've only used an N64 emulator once, and it worked fine for Conker's Bad Fur Day. I was playing with the keyboard though. If I want to play anything emulated I use my hacked Wii. You can use it for all sorts of things when it's been modded. I have emulators on therea filemanager, a program that lets you play Wii ISOs installed on USB that you've downloaded or that it rips from games inserted in the Wii. A media player/server that plays DVDs and a crapload of other video formats. I type the rest later POS Crapatalk is glitching out again.
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