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  1. I always thought it was "haduken," but deciphering foreign language words in video games has never been something I was good at.
  2. Thank you all for helping us exceed 5,000 views! SonicBOOM!
  3. Yeah man, I love the hell out of the last Body Count album, Manslaughter. Ice-T does much, much more of an old school hardcore style of vocals than he does rapping. His Highness Lord Grand Boulevard is almost exclusively a rapper, but we're all growing into the band as the days pass. Thanks for checking us out!
  4. Truly, hoodrat shit is in the eye of the beholder. But most people beholding that shit would consider hoodrat shit to be shit like runnin' hustles, puffin' Ls, rollin' deep with mad hoes, doin' crimes, slangin' shit, you know. Hoodrat shit. This whole Boomside shit, at its heart, is not only about self-expression, but also about smoking dat weed and blastin' our nasty jism cums on fly honeys. ....................THIS IS BOOMSIDE!....v6xqd2QFHKE
  5. Y'all metalheads ain't down wit robberies and home invasions and shit?
  6. Runnin' hustles to take care of our own. Boomside Freak Posse and Hoodrat Nation represent! It's on. zpZjFKhWeYU
  7. Wow, thank you both very much for the kind words. We appreciate it immensely. We're representing Brentwood and Central Islip to the fullest!
  8. Some of us haven't been in a band in a while, and we're kind of psyched about this. We're called Boomside (named for a drug-infested low-income housing complex where we're from.) It's four best friends just turnin' up and having fun. I'm generally not into rap metal, mostly because either the rapper and/or band are wack, but I think we do it right. This is one of the first times that Boomside is being broadcast publicly. It's certainly not for everybody. However, there's more to come - not all heavy and with a wider variety of flavors than this song indicates. I feel like our main audience would most likely be 14-24 year olds who like hoodrat shit. With that being said, here it is, our first music video! BOOMSIDE - Be Afraid DRrH-M9ty98 Vocals - His Highness Lord Grand Boulevard Guitar - Scumbag Jim Bass - Warsaw Budd Drums - Thörr Stack Find us on Facebook /BoomsideNY
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