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  1. Its been a year since I came back, my head was not on straight because of a bad breakup I got out of (after 7 years it was like a mini divorce). Went though a depression and did not socialize much. But here I am saying hi again. I figure the snowstorm here has me snowed in so this is as good a time as any to get back on the board. Hope everyone had a nice Holiday Season.
  2. Coming to the sad realization that he is one of the "old guys" and his favorite bands are no longer the heaviest/hardest/fastest. Part of life I suppose.
  3. I don't give a shit about my case.
  4. OK.. how about "My preference is for the less extreme Metal genres". Does that work a little better?
  5. I can't believe I have gotten to that age where I think the newer music kids listen to sucks.
  6. I love his solo work too especially Arch/Matheos
  7. This is just my "controversial opinion", as the thread title describes.
  8. Blast Beats and Deathcore vocals are garbage and ruining Metal.
  9. It is having intercourse with Stoner Rock and will soon create a Doom Rock baby
  10. I miss the good old days - thought for the day
  11. Compilation tribute albums can be great. It is how I learned of Opeth back in the 1990s.
  12. (Disclaimer - I am a 41 year old metal fan with roots back into the 70s and 80s, so please don't think I am bashing modern sounds) It seems like down tuning has become the norm for bands these days, but I still enjoy the way things were done back in the day. Also the way modern distortion and compression sounds to me makes it harder to distinguish the subtleties of one chord from another. Much of the extreme metal I hear reminds me of white noise for some odd reason. I have given it my best shot, but just cannot seem to click with it. Does anyone here share this sentiment? Maybe it comes with getting old, I don't know. Just putting that one out there.
  13. I treat the Old Testament as Ancient Jewish Folklore. Like Paul Bunyan or Pecos Bill stories. Have at it.
  14. I live in the Maryland area just outside of DC. My favorite styles of metal are traditional good old "heavy" metal, doom metal, power metal, and thrash metal. Although sometimes I find something out of my usual tastes which sounds great. Anyhow, glad to be here. Is anyone else from the Capital Are too?
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