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  1. UK rock/metal band ZEDI FORDER have released not one but TWO new albums. Will they tickle your fancy? There's only one way to find out. We'd love to see you head on over to bandcamp to check out Judgement & Isolation. Pay what you want pricing! SO far feedback had been great. Hope to see you over there, www.tricore.bandcamp.com
  2. Hello! We're looking for someone with a top quality, extremely distinctive voice who thinks they would suit our band. We've imagined a gruff deep heavy vocal to RATM type rap-like shouting but are not tied to anything. You can check out a couple of our tracks by following the link below. We recorded and are currently working with robotic FX stylised vocals at the moment but it's proving to be an absolute fuckpain to replicate live so we're considering natural vocals now instead. We have someone for the clean melodies so singing those isn't important. We're not particularly looking for screaming vocals, it's not really our sort of thing but if you think you have a voice that sets you apart from the average we'd love to hear from you. We're in our thirties, we don't mind how old you are. We rehearse in Woking, Surrey & sometimes Reading. We're looking to do as many gigs as possible as quickly as possible so you'll need energy & flexibility. Check out the tracks, can you imagine your vocals working well or know someone who would? If so please get in touch with a demo. Cheers! https://soundcloud.com/underdogelite/sets/rind-skank-demos/s-nYmSu [email protected]
  3. We’re looking for a FRONTMAN (with a difference) for our band. We play metal and are looking for a vocalist to add a certain theatrical flavour. Looking for someone late twenties/thirties pref, lots of energy. You don’t need to be able to sing (melodic parts already taken care of) but do need to be able to speak in a fairly commanding and playful fashion, in English, no strong accents please. The vocal parts definitely need to be delivered with a certain theatricality, clarity and confidence performance wise. Vocals will have FX applied to them live. Think Daniel Day Lewis in "there will be blood" or "gangs of new York" for what we think might work, though there is always the unknown. A set of very strong songs written. Looking for somebody who understands music, has great rhythm, timing and can learn and memorise lyrics without too much bother. The lyrical tone of the band definitely has a social issues slant so there’s plenty of substance delivered in a fun way. We rehearse mostly in Woking, Surrey. Own transport a massive plus, dedicated and game for doing as many gigs as possible. . Please let me know if you’re interested at demozfor (at gmail dot com) Cheers!
  4. The debut came out in 2017 - read on for details about the new stuff! https://tricore.bandcamp.com
  5. ZEDI FORDER are looking for a preferably 7-string (Drop-A tuning) talented GUITAR player to complete the power trio. (Guitar, Bassist & Drummer come lead vocals). Music within the Heavy rock/Alternative metal genre. We rehearse in Woking, Surrey, UK. We’re looking for a laid back but dedicated & confident quick learner who is willing to practice 1-2 times a week and at home to get everything nice and tight. We’re after someone who is ambitious and is able to prioritise the band and work with us to push the project forward including securing & playing local gigs, mini tours (that work around day jobs), recording, on & offline promotion, making friends and influencing people. The underline ambition of the band is serious but essentially it comes down to having a blast playing cool music! We’re looking for peeps of similar age range – mid to late twenties, early to mid-thirties, male or female with decent equipment. Please check us out on facebook and hit us up via there (email listed) if you're interested, https://www.facebook.com/zediforder Cheers!
  6. Zedi Forder have released their debut EP. We've been getting super positive feedback so far so head over for downloads and full streams and come tickle their new facebook page to help build it up! tricore.bandcamp.com facebook.com/zediforder
  7. UK heavy bands Tricore, An Entire Legion, & Rind Skank are doing a mailing list drive and giving away music for just one more week. Head on over to see if anything tickles your whiskers - Download tracks in exchange for emails. Please share this with friends who might be interested!https://tricore.bandcamp.com
  8. We're currently after a UK based, talented, ambitious, click savvy DRUMMER for our band Rind Skank (alt rock/electronic). (Aged early twenties to early thirties). If interested please see our full ad on our site below. Follow "We're looking for musicians" link. Demo/vid required. Contact details there. tricor1.wix.com/rindskank
  9. Hi -- My UK based heavy bands "An Entire Legion" (Alt metal/rock) & "Rind Skank" (Electronic/rock) have new releases and some free downloads for mail up signups. Check out here.tricore.bandcamp.com