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  1. Hey! I recently watched this video: Anyone know's the song name? I tried with Shazam but it didn't found it. Watch about 2:15
  2. Any suggestions? merged to reduce clutter - staff
  3. Mods: Please don't delete the topic. It's not the same as my other one. It's just a bit similar. This is just with more chill vocals/chill playing.. (Told because it was just a bit un-clear). As they look abit similar. Hi! OBS!! Please read the topic before posting As it will get more exact of my needs. I need some bands that's some sort of rock or the genre dosen't matter.. But a band that sings chill mixed with growls/screams In first hand I would like something like this: Haste The Day - American Love (Sining slow and then the songs comes on with growls and instuments) I know they aren't nu metal. But I didn't know where to post this as it dosen't matter with genre for me. So please move it to a better place if needed. (Doesn't have to do with anything to said above!) And I would also like some bands suggestions that having chill vocals/mixed with growls screams similar to alternative rock. Or such as those bands: In Confesso What Tommorow Brings Silence of September Ark PeninsulaOr with other generes (mixed): Stale Mind Element Eighty He Who Dredz Tyrade Dosen't really matter.. Listen to the songs for more exact suggestions!!.Sorry if I got this topic a bit un-clear but abit hard to explain.. Just ask if you wounder sometinhg.. Please move the topic if it's wrong place. As it didn't matter for me with genere. So I didn't know where to post it. Thanks alot for suggestions!. Cheers.
  4. Hi! I have some problem when making posts.. In the grey box there you should write. When you click in it, it turns white and I can't see what I'm typing.. I'm using Fire Fox for pc. Same problem on phone though too. I had to write everything in a text document and then paste it. So it would be nice if you could fix this . Plus the forum loads pretty slow (Every where) My other sites loads faster.. Anyway great forum! \m/ And also: Sorry if it's alredy were a topic about this... Please delete it then.
  5. Hi! Does any one know some good nu metal/ band/s with growls/screams? Or some similar to Element Eighty? (Album Element Eighty).. Or similar to Fluwid? If anyone have heard of them?, they aren't so known yet.. You'll find them on Spotify Fluwid on Spotify Recommanded if you agree with this kind of nu metal . I hope it's ok to ask here, I'm not fully sure as I'm very new here.. My first topic here.. I have alredy looked in LastFm but it take ages to find with example with growls.. I also perfer with pretty good clean vocals. One more thing a bit off-topic but what ever?.. How do I change text color in the topic when I will write my post?. I can't barley read that color ^^.. So I had to write it in Notepad and then paste it..