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  1. 1. Dying Fetus - Blunt force Trauma 2. Cannibal Corpse - Worm Infested 3. Lamb Of God - Blacken The Cursed Sun 4. Meshuggah - The Spiteful Snake 5. Dethklok - Briefcase Full of Guts 6. Carnifex - Sorrow Spell 7. Dimmu Borgir - alt lys er svunnet hen 8. Jungle Rot - Cut in Two 9. Overkill - A Pound of Flesh 10. Dark Tranquility - At Loss For Words
  2. I've been listening to overkills full discography today. I never really enjoyed thrash metal much until I heard overkill a while back brilliant band literally nothing I have heard from them disappoints me.
  3. Stunfisk is the best pokemon in existence
  4. I've never seen a metal band live since I live on an island that only has between 1-2 indie rock/pop concerts a year no metal concerts
  5. Blood On The Dance Floor Attack! Attack! (although I can always count on them for a good laugh *crabcore*) BrokenCyde Every pop artist i've heard apart from Michael jackson One direction
  6. BlutAusNerd i'm definitely going to have to check them out since I recently listened to jungle rot and they kicked ass
  7. I'm looking for more bands like jungle rot that are sort of straight up death metal with lots of groove not slamming death metal though *I feel like I'm posting to much threads so sorry if this is annoying*
  8. I feel pretty lucky that my dad listens to a bit of thrash metal and my mum listens to some hard rock. the only thing i'm not aloud to do is show death metal to my little brother but that's understandable
  9. deathstorm what band is that I can't tell from the picture
  10. What do you think of Elfen Lied so far midi?. personally I didn't enjoy and I thought the story line sucked but the fight scenes are pretty epic.
  11. BlehOfChuggaRiffs


    At the moment i'm enjoying torchlight 2 I really like the dungeon crawler loot fest type games also pokemon is my favourite game of all time by far although I kinda burnt out on it from playing it for 5 years straight without playing anything else