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  1. Cahlus

    Jkl metal compilation

    Finnish Metal Compilation (bands from JYVÄSKYLÄ rock city) There is a huge metal scene in Jyväskylä (Jkl) in the middle of Finland. You might know a part of the bands already but I bet there are new ones too. Tracklist: Nemecic - Alpha Aurora Atakhama - Hypothesis of Humankind Apocryfal - Contra Sotajumala - Teloitus Ghost Brigade - Suffocated Craniumblast - Crania Blood-Stained - Infected Gloria Morti - The First Act Alghazanth - Daemonolith Swallow the Sun - The Giant Devoid of Fate - Monilith Manufacturer's Pride - Adeptus Satanicus Enter My Silence - Coordinate D1sa5t3r Frosttide - Awakening Status Abnormis - Damage Control Soulfallen - Bring Me My Demons Trauma Field - Faihtful Timo Rautiainen - Kuusikymment kaksi Funeris Nocturnum - I Abhor Thee Enjoy!
  2. Cahlus

    New industiral metal bands

    Craniumblast FINNISH INDUSTRIAL DARK METAL: http://www.kaaoszine.fi/ennakkokuunt...t-singularity/ CRANIUMBLAST www.youtube.com/craniumblast
  3. Singularity - Full Album (HD)
  4. Craniumblast's debut album; available for streaming from start to finish via Kaaoszine! (for 1 week) FINNISH INDUSTRIAL DARK METAL: http://www.kaaoszine.fi/ennakkokuunt...t-singularity/ [ATTACH=CONFIG]1011[/ATTACH] "To put it shortly it's pretty much a theme album; inspecting life and death, greater essence of being, and ones individual experiences amongst those topics. Some interesting stuff there IMHO, still keeping in mind it's metal music, not Shakespeare." - Jimmy Grey Enjoy! http://www.facebook.com/craniumblast https://soundcloud.com/craniumblast