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  1. In terms of Metal becoming mainstream, I'd say no and no. When it comes to public things like the News you'd never expect to hear metal on there, and certainly it wont ever happen except for maybe some special occurrences. Its clear that pop and hip hop are the kind of styles that dominate the music industry today, and its understandable why it is happening as well. If Metal would want to be mainstream I'd say it would need alot of effort from promoters or bands but theres also the fact that the general audience in the world tends to like the current mainstream genres and quite likely they are aware of the metal genre and probably have heard it, but they didnt like what they were hearing and they'd never wanted to check it out again. So I'd say Metal would have to sound more melodic and uplifting with electronic stuff and a pop-influenced sound in order for it to be appreciated by the larger music audiences in the world today. But quite likely this is not going to happen, since bands want to stick to their sound and not change their musical directions just to reach a larger audience. I know plenty of bands who does it for their souls than for making money out of it, and certainly these bands wouldnt care who are their audiences or how large they are because they know are unlikely to have a wide one anyway.
  2. They have their own unique sound, and yes they are similar to nickelback but they are more than capable of separating themselves from other imitators. So to call it a major turn off just because they sound similar to another band seems to me a bit like missing the point.
  3. What do you usually do the most while listening to music?
  4. Recovery


    Hi, sorry if there was already a thread about this band, I searched and didnt see one though. I know this awesome thrash metal band called overkill. they're really good. I was wondering if anyone else here likes them? In case you dont know them heres a song to chek out well if you know them then feel free to say your favorite albums/songs and such. Mine would probably be horrorscope, Bloodletting and the electric age.
  5. Hi everyone I know this band called theory of a deadman that I really like. they are a post-grunge/hard rock band. Im just wondering if anyone here has heard of them and if anyone here likes them too? Well, If you dont know them and you wanna check out a song, heres a good one
  6. Hi. I love dream theater. my favorite would probably be Images and Words but A dramatic turn of events and Black clouds & linings are aamazing too. I dont really like Systematic chaos and train of thought though, but I still listen to them from time to time. In a general sense, dream theater is my main favorite prog metal band. Well, Imcurious to know now what are others's favorite albums by dream theater here
  7. Hi everyone, I just joined here today. I love metal and I'd love to find some new friends here. I like mostly thrash metal, power metal, symphonic metal. Heres a list of some bands that I listen to these days Power Quest Arthemis DragonForce Korn Sonata Arctica Blind Guardian metallica slayer theory of a deadman nickelback breaking benjamin stratovarius Well, nice to meet you! I look forward to getting to know you. cya
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