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  1. Last I had was a pale ale from a brewery outside of Houston, Texas. It was beautiful.
  2. Good to hear buddy. Where are you going on vacation? I saw Korn and Mushroomhead recently. Slipknot will be in the area in October and I'm hoping to go to that. I'm going for Network Support. I've noticed at every job I've had, every IT guy didn't do shit all day. I want that.
  3. Checking in. I miss yall.. Well some of yall. Been busy with work, started school 2 weeks ago, been to a few concerts you'll probably tell suck but I had fun. How's everyone doing?
  4. Heaven Shall Burn - Black Tears
  5. chaos212


    Is this when we group hug?
  6. Their burgers look incredible. Now I need a desire to go to Utah.
  7. I like my eggs with no goo at all. If I fry it, I break the yolk and cook both sides. I normally scramble them with onion, mushroom, cut up ham and top it with salsa
  8. That sucks Midi. Onto bigger and better eh? I'm going through a break up myself. Not as messy as I expected a divorce being after together 9 years.
  9. I see a few new names since my hiatus, want it to make it clear for everyone.
  10. This is me being skeptical of your skepticism.
  11. I'll definitely be on the look out for those books. And I agree on Dawkins' better writing is his work on evolution. The Greatest Show On Earth put a lot into perspective for me.
  12. Not metal, but I was in the pit for Brand New. They put on a hell of a show.
  13. It hurt. A lot. But I had no other way home and it lasts for a few hours.
  14. The Healing - Transcendence Wake The Fallen - Internal Found both on Band Camp. Great pick ups.
  15. I appreciate the open arms, guys. What's been going on with yall?
  16. This is the first book of his that I got my hands on. And I only felt compelled because I read Dawkins, Harris and Hitchens' books. It's a very different approach to denouncing religion as they are scientists and a journalist and he's a philosopher. It's been interesting so far.
  17. I got my pupils dilated during an eye exam and was forced to drive home looking like Robocop.
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