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  1. Not just musicians, actors two.
  2. Well sure there are girls who don't wear any it's all preferences but if she is the type to wear it then she will probably always want more for me it's almost natural to have some jewellery on, maybe because my mother is full of rings and necklaces so I see it as a normal thing. I used to wear a lot of rings but I got tired of them. now I always have the necklace my bf gave me for my first birthday we spent together
  3. True, a girl can never have enough jewellery
  4. I haven't read any of his newer works so I don't know if it's any good. Bu he has done a lot.
  5. Shawshank is fabulous! It's amazing how many good things came out of the mind of Spethan King
  6. I don't know, for me it wouldn't because I don't consider the vampire thematic to be a part of the horror genre.
  7. Anyone saw Another? I finished it in 2 days, it's really good. My first horror anime, and I'm not disappointed
  8. I am drunk and full of love!
  9. Just finished fullmetal alchemist, one of the best anime I saw.
  10. So have I, I really put everything I got into picking gifts, I don't want to buy thing just to buy them, gifts should me personal and special.
  11. I like it! I've also been busy with the exam, I'll do the interview this week!
  12. You have a beautiful family, I wish I'll be as lucky as you one day
  13. Haha that's not pleasant but it's a better mistake, financially speaking
  14. Well that's better then leaving your phone on the roof of the car and forgetting about it... and run it over when it falls from the roof...
  15. If you want more, do more, there isn't any philosophy there.
  16. hmmm a narcissist can't really hate himself... You know what your problems are, try resolving them. Knowing them is half the job done. I don't really know how can you feel happy, strong and smart but not feel that way in the same time, but I think you should go for the positive version
  17. Sure it is, it's used to blind enemies
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