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  1. I ahve to be honest, its probably my least favorite Amon Amarth album. The songs are all good but nothing really stands out. Just solid material but there aren't any real highlight moments on this album for me. I much preferred Fate thru TOTTG.
  2. idk maybe im crazy but I love THWG I thought it was a great album. Conviction is such a great song and that riff is contageous.
  3. Im kind of vanilla on conspiracy but Abigail is one of my favorite albums of all time for sure, maybe even ahead of them and fatal portrait in the KD catalogue but in terms of overall story to music, imo nothing beats Them. Every story tells a different part of the story and it all fits together beautifully.
  4. nothing beats King Diamond "Them" when it comes to this question.
  5. jnurp


    I wish satyr would find a second guitarist to write music with. Its like he writes great riffs and they go nowhere and the songs get so boring after a while. They have a unique style because the guitar riffs aren't the usual tremolo picking E-Bb riffs like every other black metal band. They're more like traditional metal riffs but Frosts rhythm give them that black metal feel. They're good in moderation to me I guess.
  6. Opeth-Blackwater park, Alice In chains-Dirt, Burzum-Filosofem, Depeche Mode-Violator, Bathory-Blood Fire Death
  7. jnurp

    Death Angel

    Well death angels biggest downfall imo was always the vocals. The dude was such a whinny guy he sounded glam and the riffs were aggressive, it just never clicked to me and add to the fact their albums had terrible production in the early years. I did enjoy a lot of act iii but i always hated the vocals as a whole until this album. He sounds awesome and the songs are fantastic. Its an amazing album.
  8. I must have cotton in my ears or from another universe because endgame to my ears was one of the most uninspired works of music i ever listened to. Dave is literally just going thru the motions at this point. Broderick is a virtuoso but he cant write a solo worth a damn and after 3 listens there isnt a riff I can even remember afterwards. Terrible album, megadeth is done. And this is coming from somebody who loved united abominations.
  9. jnurp


    is he really a racist and an anti semite? I have heard so much conjecture about this that its starting to affect my appreciation of his music. Whether he is or isn't the biggest pos on earth would never change his talent and his amazing mucis, but idk the more I think about it the less I want to even listen to somebody that hated non whites and jewish people. There isn't much online readily accessible concerning these claims.
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