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  1. Hello again, We've just revealed our brand new EP, The Abyss Vol. 1, which is the first part in a trilogy of EPs, which we're hoping to have released by the end of the end along with a CD with all 3 included on one disc. The first part will be released on Friday 13th April on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify etc... and features 4 songs, two brand new tracks Broken and Crucifixion and two re-recordings The Extremist and The Dark Tower. It'd be awesome if you could check out the EP which is available exclusively on our bandcamp until the release date and give us some feedback. The Abyss Vol. 1 on Bandcamp
  2. Hi everyone, I'm Steve from Hamerex, and our latest album, Traitor, is currently available now via bandcamp as well as Amazon. We're currently booking gigs for next year as well as focusing on our current dates in support of our album. We're trying to upload at least a song from each gig, which you can find in The Dark Tour playlist on our Youtube channel, as well as rehearsal, recording and music videos. A big thanks if you take the time to check us out, and hope you enjoy our music Current Gigs 29th July: Clarence Park Festival, Wakefield 7th October: Snooty Fox Club, Wakefield w/ Coyote Mad Seeds & Last Exile 21st October: Dove & Rainbow, Sheffield w/ Coyote Mad Seeds 28th October: Asylum, Chelmsford w/ Kaine 25th November: The Bobbin, Lancaster w/ Promethium 9th December: Mearfest at The Carlisle, Hastings 16th December: The Fenton, Leeds w/ Lost Effect, Dakesis & Concept of Time Links http://www.hamerex.com http://hamerex.bandcamp.com http://www.facecbook.com/hamerex http://www.youtube.com/hamerex http://www.twitter.com/hamerex
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