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  1. As I said in my Introduction, a great part about metal is the metal community. We usally respect each other's opinions even if we don't agree with them. So why do we have to be so rude to the MetalCore community? I personally don't like the genre. That doesn't mean I have to insult everyone who likes the genre. People have the freewill to make they're own decisions. So stop trying to do it for them. If you really can't stand the idea of people liking the genre, suggest some bands to them. Just stop being mean to people because of their decisions. It's descrimination. Let's stop it now. Remember, we're a community. Sincerly, Mr. MetalHead
  2. Hey guys! I found this guy making fun of lil' wayne one time when I was surfing around youtube and decided to check out more of his videos. He has guitar tutorials, songs and videos in general. His quirky sense of humour is my favourite part. Anyways, check out the video "How to be HardCore" a video that makes fun of my least favourite subgenre: MetalCore. Rock on, Mr. MetalMan
  3. You could ask why he wants to leave. See if it's another band member. Or maybe he's just adding to previous drama. Maybe he's just is threatening because he wants to get back on track. (If there is previous drama). What I would do is just try to communicate with him and ask him why he wants to leave. If you definatley think he's going to leave, try to convince him to stay. Before you look for advice on the internet, make sure you've tried everything you can think of to make him want to stay. If he's on the forum and reads something like this, calling him a drama queen probably won't make him want to stay.
  4. You have an awesome taste in music! I like all the bands you mentioned exept Madness. I've never heard of them. I'd love to listen to them. If you could tell me a few good songs by them that would be pretty cool. Anyways, my 5 favourite non-metal bands are 1. Beatles 2. Bob Dylan 3. Pink Floyd 4. Neil Young 5. Rolling Stones. This probably isn't a solid list but the Beatles are definatley my favourite band. I missed out on some awsome musicians though so, honorable mention. Plus Led Zeppelin are considered metal a lot.
  5. ;D Ze winky D face. No one can destroy zis freak of nature.
  6. I use an Epiphone ThunderBird IV pro. For metal, Dean is always good. Rickenbacker is good for anything but slap. I think that Fleabass went out of buissiness. They were nice.
  7. Metallica are one of the most famous metal bands. They are the most successful metal band. But they aren't the best. After the album "And Justice for all", came "The Black Album". The black album was good, but fans weren't happy with it. Metallica sold out completely with their power ballads and sloppy, lazy musicianship so, even though they had a few good albums, they are not dedicated enough to music to be respected as much as they are. Do you think Metallica are worthy of being in the big four because of their albums pre-Load?
  8. Slayer are probably the best, but MegaDeth are my favourite!
  9. Mr. MetalMan


    Pantera are one of my biggest inspirations in metal! The first time I heard them was their performance of Cowboys From Hell at the 1991 monsters of rock festival in moscow. I loved it. But, when I started listening to more of their stuff, I started to like them less. It was too heavy for me. I probably should have put them aside until I was ready to start listening to heavier metal. Long story short, I like them a lot now and listen to them almost everyday.
  10. I am Mr. MetalMan from Canada. I am a musician (Guitar, Bass and many other instruments) and a metal lover. Why else would I be here? I don't have a favourite metal band, but I love most of the mainstream metal. (Motörhead, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Pantera, Megadeth. I'm probably forgeting some bands.) I love other music genres too. My favourite band of all time is The Beatles. I like just about anything but the stuff they play on the radio. (some hipster crap I can deal with) I apologise in advance for not liking metal subgenres like MetalCore Glam Metal and Black Metal. (Some MetalCore is good. I like very few of it and I don't like a lot of glam, though some is good. And Black Metal just turns me off because I'm not a satanist. Other than the satan worship black metal is fine.) I'm really eagler to get to know some more metalheads. One of the reasons I love metal so much is because of the metal culture! Rock on, Mr. MetalMan P.S. A special shoutout to my band. We don't have a name because it the last name we had sounded too much like the name of a crappy MetalCore band. I am the bassist in my band.