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  1. Horns
    FatherAlabaster gave a Damn to MarkhantonioYeatts in What Are You Listening To?   
    JOY DIVISION - Unknown Pleasures
    JOY DIVISION - Closer
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    FatherAlabaster gave a Damn to markm in What's on your mind?   
    Thanks for the cat intel to you and F.A. She's starting to warm up to me a bit now. Cat behavior-even all the shit they do with their eyes-pupils dilating, and eyelid changes are fascinating. 
  3. Horns
    FatherAlabaster given a Damn from Serpentboi1992 in What Are You Listening To?   
    Abigor - Time Is The Sulphur In The Veins Of The Saint
  4. Horns
    FatherAlabaster gave a Damn to GoatmasterGeneral in What Are You Listening To?   
    Luciferion - Demonication (The Manifest) 1994 Sweden
    Infester - To the Depths, In Degradation, 1994 Seattle WA
    Gutted - Bleed For Us to Live, 1994 Toledo Ohio
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    FatherAlabaster gave a Damn to SurgicalBrute in What's on your mind?   
    Yeah...I'm not a fan of putting my cats outdoors, especially living right on a main road like I do. It's just asking for trouble. If I lived in a quieter neighborhood I'd probably reconsider it. Honestly Mark, depending on the age, use your best judgement for that situation. If you live in a quiet area, which doesn't get a lot traffic you'd probably be okay...just keep in mind, a cat will roam quite a ways, so it's not just your immediate road you want to think about. There's also other neighbors and how pissy they'll get, and other neighborhood pets and how aggressive they might be.
    As for the cat, give her time...They typically bond with one person more than others, but they usually enjoy being around all their people to some degree. Like FA said, some are slow to warm up. One of mine was really high strung when she was younger, scared of both my wife and myself. Wasn't until I took a nap on the couch one day that she finally started relaxing around us...just came up and plopped down next to me and went to sleep. She's been my buddy ever since. It's usually about them feeling confident in their new space. Once they realize its their territory you'll start seeing more personality come out. Hell, even the crazy one I had that basically lived in my bathroom got to a point where she would slip out and come sit with us when we were watching TV.
  6. Horns
    FatherAlabaster gave a Damn to GoatmasterGeneral in What Are You Listening To?   
    Probably me, but I have seen at the very least Surge, Zach, Navy and Marko all support them as well. And no worries Doc, I don't need credit. Just like to spread the stuff that does it for me around for others to possibly enjoy.
    Obituary - Cause of Death, I've gotta say I'm pretty sure I spin Slowly We Rot more than CoD.
    Obituary - The End Complete
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    FatherAlabaster given a Damn from Serpentboi1992 in What Are You Listening To?   
    For me it's the riffs on Hidden History that make it sound "proggy", not so much the clean guitars and atmospheric bits. I agree that it's really well put together, regardless of what does or doesn't qualify as "prog" in a DM context. The clearer/fuller-sounding mix, the variety of textures, the overall flow, the guitar parts... lots of little things worked together to make it immediately compelling to my ears. I'm not opposed to a bit of one-minded hamfisted bludgeoning, but I've always been most drawn to the bands that had a wider range. Cause Of Death rules, my favorite Obituary album by a mile.
    Talking about this made me go back and listen to Starspawn again, and I got a bit more enjoyment out of it this time around. Good parts in a less compelling whole. There's still something annoying about it to me - between the vocals, and some of the leads, and the overall sound, it feels like it's trying too hard to be a throwback in a way that doesn't benefit the music. Obviously that's not an objective judgement. Maybe I'll come around to it. Maybe I'll just listen to Timeghoul.
    Last few:
    Blood Incantation - Hidden History 
    Blood Incantation - Starspawn 
    Abigor - Time Is The Sulphur In The Veins Of The Saint 
    Desultory - Into Eternity
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    FatherAlabaster gave a Damn to JonoBlade in What Are You Listening To?   
    I am a bit the same, although I do *like* Starspawn and wouldn't have checked out Hidden History if I didn't, but it was a bit murky by comparison. I like the ebb and flow of Hidden History. It tells a good story. If that is "prog" fair enough. I just see it as a well constructed death metal album. Even Obituary (the grandaddies of meat and potatoes death metal) did sort of soundscape intros/interludes and that is why Cause of Death is by far their best album. 
    Anyway you slice it, seeing Blood Incantation after two years of no gigs was very welcome. So far I don't even seem to have got covid from the excursion.
    My understanding is that the new EP is all wacky synths and stuff (haven't heard it as Century Media released it and they don't do bandcamp - which is why that label sucks). The buddy that I went to the BI gig with loves that shit, but it would be a shame if the next proper album leans more on ambience than death metal. That is when bands lose their way.
  9. Horns
    FatherAlabaster given a Damn from Thatguy in What Are You Listening To?   
    Krallice - Crystalline Exhaustion
  10. Horns
    FatherAlabaster given a Damn from Serpentboi1992 in What Are You Listening To?   
    Krallice - Crystalline Exhaustion
  11. Horns
    FatherAlabaster given a Damn from Thatguy in What Are You Listening To?   
    Krallice - Psychagogue  ...yes, but.
    Sunrise Patriot Motion - Black Fellflower Stream   ...maybe. I think so. I used to like Yellow Eyes quite a bit, then I saw them live and they annoyed me enough that I just kinda stopped listening to them. Unfair, but I didn't do it on purpose. Second good/interesting/different album from the same guys in the past few months. Maybe I'd like Sick With Bloom again if I put it on.
  12. Horns
    FatherAlabaster gave a Damn to GoatmasterGeneral in What Are You Listening To?   
    Had a lengthy discussion about this recently with my oldest and dearest friend from our high school days together in the 1970's. I said something about how I edited the musical selections when he comes over because I knew he wasn't really heavily into the more extreme sub-genres of metal. I mean we lived together at one point for about 5 years back in the late 80's/early 90's and during that time our record collections got pretty intermingled. I know he's a metalhead and although we've always kept in touch over the years, I know we went off in different directions with our music explorations and interests almost 30 years ago.
    We just went to see Overkill together back in March which was a band we both used to be totally into, and together we went to as many of their (as well as many other metal and punk bands') shows as we could all throughout the 80's. He told me in March that currently his favorite metal band was Nightwish and he's super into Wardruna (whom I wouldn't call metal at all) but he also said that I didn't need to edit anything on his behalf when he was present, he was actually quite curious about the current state of extreme metal and what kind of stuff I actually enjoy listening to these days when I'm alone. He wants to jump in but the sheer number of bands and albums coming out these days seems daunting, he doesn't know where to start.
    So I texted him a list of some of my favorite albums so far in 2022 in case he'd like to check any of them out. Several hours later I got a text back satying he had liked some of it (didn't specify which ones) but he noticed that most of the bands had a very strong Satanic or anti-Christian stance/theme/mission and he wondered how a given sub-genre could have so many hundreds of bands that all seeemd to be solely and entirely based on nothing more than being vehemently anti-Christian. He wondered why don't they ever sing about anything else?
    We had a long back and forth about it and I explained to him that although the dark "evil" sound of the music was quite important to me, I'm clealrly not an evil person myself. I don't pay any attention to lyrics or themes or messages in black or death metal and the whole Satan thing is not what I'm there for, it really is just about the riffs for me.
    Of course anyone who knows me well enough knows it's true that I do identify as anti-Christian. (anti meaning I'm actively opposed to it, not just saying that I'm not a Christian) But it's not something I think about all day nor do I generally feel compelled to talk about this stuff with the normies, be they friends, strangers or family. 
    I wouldn't say my views are extreme enough to where I'd be willing to call myself a card-carrying Satanist. I don't believe in any supernatural entities, not any Gods or Satan or angels or demons or spirits or ghosts or Heaven or Hell and I don't really like to spend a lot of time thinking about any of that stuff because I don't even find the subject that interesting, I just think it's banal and stupid. I just want to be free to enjoy the heavy music for its own sake and to bang my head with abandon.
    So I am one of those people who is able to totally separate the music from the message and from the artist. Apparently not everybody can. We all know that some black metal artists over the years have been bad people, just like I'm sure there have been bad people involved with the making of any sub-genre of music or film or literature or whatever. But I don't feel the need to screen every band to weed out the shitbags nor the need to comprehend, dissect and approve of all their various messages. Same way I don't need or care to know if all the factory workers and company employees at the companies who make and sell any of the products I use regularly are good/bad people. I'm not the thought police.
    So to Jon's point earlier, I don't feel the need to screen out the Christian nutters from the art or music I consume any more than I need to screen out the Satanists and shitbags. It doesn't matter to me how I might feel about a band's or a musician's or a filmmaker's or actor's ideology or personal habits. As a consumer I feel entitled to "cherry-pick" and just take the parts I want from music & films, and to simply leave/ignore the rest. Film and music are escapism for me and to a large extent I feel like the actors and black metal musicians are playing a part anyway, moreso than they're just representing their normal everyday selves. 
    That's interesting, I wouldn't say I loved it but I liked most of Starspawn but then they lost me with Hidden History and the prog intrusion for lack of a better word.
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    FatherAlabaster gave a Damn to KillaKukumba in What Are You Listening To?   
    Strapping Young Lad - SYL
  14. Horns
  15. Haha
    FatherAlabaster given a Damn from KillaKukumba in What Are You Listening To?   
    A "raspberry cordial", as it were.
  16. Horns
    FatherAlabaster gave a Damn to Dead1 in What Are You Listening To?   
    Atheist - Piece of Time
    Atheist - Jupiter
    Death - Spiritual Healing
    Judas Priest - Killing Machine
    Megadeth - United Abominations
    Sepultura - Beneath The Remains
    Slayer - Reign In Blood
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    FatherAlabaster given a Damn from Thatguy in What Are You Listening To?   
    Meredith Monk - Dolmen Music   ...punctuated by my wife blowing raspberries and the new baby shrieking with laughter, oddly appropriate.
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    FatherAlabaster given a Damn from Alx in Hi there!   
    Hey, welcome.
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    FatherAlabaster gave a Damn to Thatguy in What Are You Listening To?   
    Thatguy is back from the deep south.
    Hymns to the Dead...good fun and my first metal gig for more than 2 years. Bands in order of my degree of enjoyment.
     DARKESTRAH - First up. Great stage presence, female harsh singing and one dude played an electric central Asian lute of some sort and the long trumpet thing (which I couldn't hear). Much too folky for my taste and rhythmically old fashioned.
    TRIUMPH OF DEATH - Tom G with a young band playing Hellhammer. Too thrashy (and dare I say primitive) for my taste and they were last up and I was a bit weary and not in the mood for what they were offering. I did enjoy it though.
    KRYPTS - Second up. This is what I'm talking about. Damn fine modern death metal. They came on after Darkestrah and this just emphasised how clunky the Darkestrah rhythm section was. Monster bass player on 5 string and I could actually hear a good deal of what he played.
    CHTHE'ILIST - Third up. My highlight by a long way. Seeing and hearing this band was a supreme aesthetic experience. Great songs, clever harmonically and rhythmically and as intense and nasty as you'd like. Wow. I got their shirt.
    Then a few days later I took my wife to a show I thought she'd like. NILS FRAHM. Solo act. Electronic keyboards and what not. Many sequencers. A glass harmonica - and instrument I had read about but never seen or heard. Yep, the wife enjoyed it and so did I  -  but not metal at all.
  20. Horns
    FatherAlabaster gave a Damn to markm in What's on your mind?   
    Thank YOU. Finney was the dog love of my wife's life. She called him, "my little man" and they were inseparable. A couple of weeks before she "got there", she visited her brother while I stayed home taught kayaking and watched over Finney at night. I came home and had been unable to hold himself in a little pen we finally kept him in the house. He pooped all over it, he was covered in feces. The stains in the little pen were such that I threw it away and I was less than pleasant with her on the phone. I pleaded with her, "we both work, we can't care for him the way he needs". I didn't want to ever be put in that kind of situation again. He basically needed a homebound caregiver.  I mean, she told me to take a breath and calm down and then shortly after she returned she looked at me and started to cry and said, "Mark it's time.  I'm ready".  She made an appointment and we ended his life. Weird, when we drove to the vet he became unusually agitated and I started to think, maybe that 6th sense knew what we were going to do. Shit, I almost changed my mind. Like, could he possibly know??? But we followed through. It was the best thing in the end and neither of us have regrets now. 
     It took her a long time to get to the place where she came to her own conclusion, that it wasn't OK to keep him alive for her attachment. In the end we both realized we gave him a great life, he lived crazy long for a dog-17 years and some change-that's sick! And he enriched our lives for many years with the tenacity and enthusiasm that only terriers have! Norwich's, the smallest of the proper terriers, served in WWII and in the show ring it's stated that honorable scars shall not be considered a fault when evaluating a dog. They're fiercely independent and, while affectionate and comical, can never be truly "owned". They're little bad asses. 
    Of course, it was sad, but it was a mercy as it had been a few years since he would play, run and play and simply be a dog. I remember shortly before George Burns died, he said something like, "well, it's about time for me to trade my body in for a new one".  I hope I have that clarity when I get there. Like my Unitarian Mom always tells me, "death is just part of life".
  21. Horns
    FatherAlabaster given a Damn from markm in What's on your mind?   
    Thanks man... me too. I guess I'm glad she didn't linger in pain, but damn, we hated to see her just fade like that.
    Lots of wisdom in here, thank you. I'm sorry to hear about your dog, too. The situation with our one remaining cat is nearly identical. She keeps bouncing back, which is amazing, but her quality of life isn't great. When we moved up here from Brooklyn, we had four cats with us... I'm astonished that she's the last one left.
    Thanks again to everyone for your kind and thoughtful words.
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    FatherAlabaster gave a Damn to Hungarino in What's on your mind?   
    So sorry man. If there is a better place then cats deserve their place at the head of the line. Such complex and wonderful friends. Sounds like you did your very best in an impossible situation. 
  24. Sad
    FatherAlabaster given a Damn from Hungarino in What's on your mind?   
    Thank you man. The younger one passed early this morning. It all happened so fast, we're still in shock.
  25. Thanks
    FatherAlabaster gave a Damn to markm in What's on your mind?   
    So sorry to read your post. We recently put down our Norwich Terrier, Finney, who was with us for over 17 years. He was blind, deaf and his body slowly failed him. It's such a hard decision when to end your pets' lives.
    A few points we considered....I remember a vet telling us when the bad days outnumber the good, it might be time. Another consideration for my wife and I is if we felt we were keeping a pet alive for own emotional needs, that wouldn't be fair.
    There's never a good time , but I do think there's something said to let "your best friend" pass in dignity and hopefully not in an emergency/crisis situation in extreme pain or trauma. None of us want to go that way. It's truly one of the most difficult painful things anyone can face. When to say it's time is a choice only you can make. it's a bitch. 
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