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  1. In the spirit of that, I'm drinking a Founder's All Day IPA right now. Probably my favorite readily available summer IPA. I've had better, but not by much.
  2. Banned for quirky misspellings.
  3. On a personal, subjective note: I completely agree with this. Thank you.
  4. Check out "houblon chouffe" by la chouffe brewery. It's a true Belgian IPA. If you can find it un-skunked (green bottle WTF?) it's one of the best summer beers I've had.
  5. Re: Soundgarden - It's certainly not for everyone... just like anything else. But they've been one of my favorites for 22 years! I'll say the same thing about Pantera, Pearl Jam, or Rush, I have no idea whether I'd like it today if I was hearing it for the first time, but this music has been a huge part of my life for so long that it's just a part of who I am. Also, I didn't fully appreciate them as musicians til I saw them live a couple of years ago. Kim Thayil was flawless. "Jesus Christ Pose" and "Fourth Of July" are awesome heavy tunes. Fourth of July live was unexpected and crushing, mad
  6. Can't you just make it two books? Volume One and Volume Two. Bam, you've just finished your first* book. *edit, assuming you haven't already written something else...
  7. Soundgarden - King Animal Badmotorfinger and Superunknown are untouchable classics from my youth, but man I fucking love this album. They nailed it.
  8. Banned for avoiding a perfectly pointless argument - one can only assume it's from an excess of moderation.
  9. Banned because he apparently can't stop opening his mouth.
  10. I retain my right to skepticism in the face of your unswerving conviction.
  11. Clean vocals are hard. Hands down, the most difficult thing for me to do live. It's much easier to just sound tough as nails. Usually it's cooler, too, so I guess that's good... It's just so hard to hear what note you're supposed to be hitting, when it's that loud, assuming everyone is in tune and playing what they're supposed to. To pull my stuff off live, I'll have to have someone doing backup growls and a decent backup clean singer. Real singing isn't for pussies.
  12. Bummer your vocalist didn't work out! I really dug his tone. I'm interested to hear your vocal sound, though. Playing and singing is really addictive - I've been "just" a guitarist sometimes and it wasn't enough. The singing warmups help a ton with breath control and relaxing your throat and chest. I always used to tense up a lot when I'd scream, because I thought that's where the sound came from, but I just ended up blowing myself out. Scales and vowels. Goofy-sounding shit.
  13. I guess there's no beer smiley on this forum? I love the Belgians! A few great Belgian-style brews coming out of Canada, too, from Unibroue and Brasserie Du Ciel - if you can find anything by those guys, give it a shot. Something about nice fresh hops during the hot summer months, though...
  14. Banned for repeated misunderstandings.
  15. Finished the music for a brand new track! Time to record more vocals. I'd love to be all "fuck yeah \m/ vocals!!!!!" but it's honestly always a daunting proposition the first time through a song. I'll be back in a few hours...
  16. Those are some good choices. I've had all the bigger names you mentioned, and I really liked Affligem and Kwak particularly. We don't call them "white" or "life" beer, though! We usually call them by their style names, even here in the states, so a German wheat beer would be a "Weissbier" or "weizen" and a Belgian wheat beer would be a "wit". The Affligem that I've had would be considered a "dubbel". From the same region, I also recall liking Orval and Corsendonk. I'd love to try some of your local beers! One of my favorite things is to find unique flavors and beer styles. I feel pretty lucky
  17. Alright. First, I'll point out that you're changing the subject. Before, we were talking about things that "couldn't be measured". Now you're talking about things that, you claim, have been measured. Then you're saying that those measurements have been rejected by the scientific community out of fear. To respond to that, I'll say that the "scientific community" as such isn't subject to any form of central control. It's not some big global conspiracy. In certain fields (like drug or weapons research) you can find situations where money or governmental controls override actual results, or common
  18. a mashup: Assuck - Anticapital and Jerry Cantrell - Degradation Trip
  19. Wow, I actually really liked that. Great gloomy lo-fi mood. 8.5/10 Funny - right in the middle of the song, my kid pressed a button on his toy keyboard and it started playing a little tune in exactly the same key. It fit really well. I had to walk over to the computer and double check it wasn't part of the track. Reminded me a lot of this - released the same year: Frf3hhNIwLs
  20. Again - I'd call that evidence of something peculiar about our way of thinking. A tendency, throughout history, to attribute events that we don't understand to the working of an active intellect. Having evolved as social creatures, it makes sense that we'd look for personal motives behind every occurrence. I grew up with the Hindu pantheon, but even as a child I started to see it as a metaphor. At some point it wasn't a useful metaphor anymore.
  21. Cheers! I was never huge on thrash, but a standout for me is that Forced Entry album, "As Above, So Below" - ever get into them?
  22. Excellent. I'll check out Negative Plane. Castevet is like black metal with an Isis twist - I'll have to find the CD again, my hard drive died a while back and I'm still rebuilding my collection. I agree with everything you said about Ulver. Bergtatt has been one of the prides of my physical CD collection for at least 15 years at this point. Rotting Christ's "Triarchy" was an accidental discovery of mine in 1996 and became one of my biggest influences as a musician for a while, so that'll always be my favorite, and I apologize, my mistake - Non Serviam is the one with the out of tune guitars!
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