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  1. Grave Digger- Rebellion(The clans are marching)
  2. Seriously and most of it is lies anyway. It turned out to be not what jesus wanted. He didn't want people to go killing each other for him. A lot of it was for politics and power.
  3. I don't think their fake not real god said that. He couldn't have because he doesn't exist. Haha! Yeah they have been pushing it since Constantine united the eastern Roman Empire with it.
  4. That really sucks. Something should be done about that.
  5. I bet. Are there a lot of pagans there?
  6. Yeah I know what you mean. I personally don't like their religion but I have friends who are christian and don't bother me with it so I don't bother them. I tolerate it with them but if you push it on me, then you have trouble.
  7. Yes that would be paradise. I think we have found a perfect world right there.
  8. When your really at an impass like that, you could just get both. I have that problem like everytime I go to the record store but I only have a certain amount of money.
  9. Yeah that is true. We need each other even though I may complain about the weak all the time.
  10. Viking


    Welcome! I can't wait to check you guys out. I'm from the bay area too.
  11. Yeah I agree. They are weak. Always have to have somebody weaker though. They are necessary for us.
  12. I'm not really going to start smoking again. I was just kinda stressed out that night.
  13. I do have to agree with that. We are stronger than those weak pop people or whatever. I call them normies. Some beer, metal, and throw in some chaos caused by us!
  14. I have to agree with that. Totally! I would have done the same thing.