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  1. interesting^ The solitary bird of night Through the thick shades now wings his flight, And quits this time-shook tower; Where shelter'd from the blaze of day, In philosophic gloom he lay, Beneath his ivy bower. Elizabeth Carter
  2. Arsonist Lodge - Gegen Kristus
  3. The owls are not what they seem.
  4. Depends on ones idea of 'romance' though I am sure you have suitable rooms in your Castle for such purpose..m'Lord.
  5. Killing Joke - Love Like Blood
  6. Haven't listened to these for a while, seen them a few times. I always liked 'Screamager'. Nice post. Oh and they were around a long time before 'nu-metal' was even a thing
  7. What a great review! I am sure I mentioned this split to you ages ago, anyway, glad you feel it! It is really nice.
  8. Soft Cell - This Last Night...In Sodom vinyl.
  9. Nocturnal Depression Four Seasons..
  10. Welcome as always, we have such sights to show you..
  11. Yes from real life tiny chocolate birds <3
  12. Microwave tuna pasta bake courtesy of Aldi earlier and now some mini eggs and a glass of milk.
  13. I feel the same as Requiem about recent Cradle costume and it is such a shame, but yeh, hard to watch now. They used to look great early on. On one of the last Terrorizer covers I have, Dani has the 'Nightmare before Christmas' paint and I know it's not all about imagery, but it is all too much at the moment. Still, they have some of the most amazing lyrics I have ever read so I'll let them off this time Alabaster is right about Rammstein and so good live.
  14. Godflesh - Streetcleaner