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  1. New demo will be available soon Mage Tower - Gates of Ice - Deep Caverns - YouTube
  2. New demo soon will be available Mage Tower - Gates of Ice - Deep Caverns - YouTube
  3. The thing is probably like nsbm, christian black metal or for example red and anarchist black metal. It's not a musical genre, though it might be useful for the people who look for specific themes in music.
  4. Good music, reminds me of Children of Bodom, Inflames and good old Polish band Odium
  5. Mage Tower - Gates of Ice - Deep Caverns - YouTube
  6. Repulsion is a good band. Check out Mortician as well (maybe it's not technically a grindcore band, but has grindcore feel)
  7. Hey, I checked your band too. Great sound and this high tempo.
  8. Great covers ! Love it. In general I love the sound of acoustic guitars. Check this out
  9. [h=1]"Street Performer Plays AC/D..." The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement. [/h]
  10. The point is to shock people putting anus and hitler all together in some disgusting but funny mix. I like grindcore music but lyrical themes are often silly.
  11. Welcome ranger ! I like Sabaton too, great band - my favorite track is "Uprising".
  12. Sounds awesome. What does this acronym 218 stand for ? What are the lyrical themes ?
  13. I'm checking their album "Thieving from the house of God". Sounds great - everything in the right place : guitars, vocals, drums. Good band
  14. Great sound, 100% pro and nice compositions
  15. Marijuana is very harmful to brain, as far as psychiatric reserchers state. I know a lot of stories of people who got lower IQ because of smoking "Around 1000 people all born in the same year in the New Zealand city of Dunedin were interviewed at ages 18, 21, 26, 32 and 38 about their marijuana use. The participants were also tested for their cognitive abilities at age 13 before starting to use cannabis, and at age 38. The study found persistent cannabis use during teenage years was associated with a drop in IQ of seven or eight points by the age of 38." seven or eight points i 7 or 8% in most cases. "Regular marijuana use in adolescence is known to be part of a cluster of behaviors that can produce enduring detrimental effects and alter the trajectory of a young person’s life—thwarting his or her potential. Beyond potentially lowering IQ" Marijuana IQ Study Successfully Defended by Scientists | CADCA My own buddy form school started smoking and after that he became more chill-outed YES, but less intelligent, less smart, slower on reactions etc. Plus marihuana may cause really serious psychic conditions, like schizophrenia A Complex Link Between Marijuana and Schizophrenia - TIME
  16. Up to this moment there are two tracks online. Soon I'll upload some more. My official website http://magetowerband.blogspot.com/p/music.html My youtube profile, and songs on youtube magetowerband - YouTube Demo is already full - 7 songs all for free on internet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44_abcD3kxA&list=PLAesOhKtHNzoAb0OugHFlUhfqbuS73_RE Second demo - only 2 tracks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqhL2ZBHQzA&list=PLAesOhKtHNzoV0IYaWp5N6ABR2WAv37sm And a track from third demo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWUVxJX9Ifs
  17. Sounds really majestic, like some sort of martial industrial. Some parts very much like Summoning. Only thing I didn't enjoy was drums. But melodies are good and the whole atmosphere too. "I declare thy guilty" is much better than those metal tracks, much more pro. But whole project is good in my opinion
  18. Are there any pieces of LLUA on net ? Where can I find music of your project ?
  19. RetorntoCarthage why so much hate toward musical genre ? It's funny to get so aggressive because of..... musical style ? I know many good blackened death bands, they are simply black metal with death sound for example Saltus from my country - very good black metal with some death influences. Abusiveness is good too, same genre as Saltus. And what does homosexualism have in common with black metal ? Or with goats ? I know a lot of KIDS who quarrel which metal genre is "more trve and more fvckin deadly" it's childish
  20. Hello my friend I know this project, and this another one Dreamerion ? Was it the name ? It was good music, I prefer Dreamerion more than Jeer. But Jeer is good too in general.
  21. Smoking, alcohol, drugs, easy sex - all of these are very bad, dangerous and unhealthy. Straight Edge is the best !
  22. I personally love Slavland - it's one man band by Belzagor. He mixes medieval music, with Slavonic influences of course, with black metal. Very good project. Check out Saltus as well, very good pagan blackened death metal (having more black metal sounding than Behemoth actually). Check out Swiatogor - same eastern heathen motifs as those in Slavland. Stworz is another good choice.
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