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    Mage Tower is my one-man doom metal / atmospheric black metal band
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    Metal, ambient

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  1. New demo will be available soon Mage Tower - Gates of Ice - Deep Caverns - YouTube
  2. New demo soon will be available Mage Tower - Gates of Ice - Deep Caverns - YouTube
  3. The thing is probably like nsbm, christian black metal or for example red and anarchist black metal. It's not a musical genre, though it might be useful for the people who look for specific themes in music.
  4. Good music, reminds me of Children of Bodom, Inflames and good old Polish band Odium
  5. Mage Tower - Gates of Ice - Deep Caverns - YouTube
  6. Repulsion is a good band. Check out Mortician as well (maybe it's not technically a grindcore band, but has grindcore feel)
  7. Hey, I checked your band too. Great sound and this high tempo.
  8. Great covers ! Love it. In general I love the sound of acoustic guitars. Check this out
  9. [h=1]"Street Performer Plays AC/D..." The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement. [/h]
  10. The point is to shock people putting anus and hitler all together in some disgusting but funny mix. I like grindcore music but lyrical themes are often silly.
  11. Welcome ranger ! I like Sabaton too, great band - my favorite track is "Uprising".
  12. Sounds awesome. What does this acronym 218 stand for ? What are the lyrical themes ?
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