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  1. 23 years! Age of 14 I started and I turn 37 next month. I feel like we should get a free bus pass to gigs or something?
  2. Emperor - In The Nightside Eclipse
  3. It's sad when bands rely on nothing more than their name to sell records. I haven't heard a decent Slayer album since "Seasons In The Abyss". When i listen to "Hell Awaits", "Reign In Blood" or "South Of Heaven" nowadays I wished they had quit ages ago given the stark contrast in quality from their recent output in comparison to there albums of old that I mention. Kerry King is a dick - he has limited talent and can't write a decent song for shit. The really talented part of Slayer is dead (RIP Jeff). Slayer ran by Kerry King is a doomed venture.
  4. I am going to check out burgerkill for no reason other than it is a brilliant yet ridiculous name at the same time. I will have a listen to the others as well though. Thanks for the recs!
  5. If I had a pound for everytime I thought of my wife, I'd probably think about her sometimes.
  6. I have just discovered Slidhr - an Irish BM band. They are about to release their first full length "Deluge" after 5 years of absence. It's BM at heart but some of it's sound drips with an almost industrial sheen. I've heard "Deluge" twice now on stream at their Bandcamp page and really like what I hear. The production is appropriate to the direction of the album - not terrible but not layered with polish. It's re-ignited my waning interest in BM anyway. This is evidence that you don't need to reinvent the wheel to move a genre forward - just do it fucking properly and the pieces fall into place.
  7. The new Queensryche album is allegedly very good (the Queensryche without bonkers Tate that is). I've read one review that states it to be the album that should have come between "..Mindcrime" and "Empire" which counds promising to say the least. I will wait to hear it myself before making a final judgement though.
  8. I like that - it starts off all picked and then takes you straight off in a different altogether more heavy direction. I can see what you mean about getting more in to the time they have on that track, some great changes on there. So what about "Heritage" then, I know it is a different phase of Opeth if you like but I have seen it get some serious panning before now which has put me off? If we look at is as a straight up Prog record is it any good?
  9. MacabreEternal


    Eating - Nothing Drinking - Nothing Listening - Embers - Memoria in Aeterna Doing - Replying to this random thread Thinking - Of typing up my notes from a meeting i had this morning or getting the acoustic out and jamming around for an hour.
  10. My day was a mixed bag by all accounts. I had a meeting all morning as a major new project starts tomorrow at work, then I had somebody crying on the phone at me about how unfair my department had been with them. I then had a go at the builder for not turning up at the house last Friday to do some jobs. Finally I narrowly avoided being blown up by the girlfriend after she left the gas ring on whilst I was in the shower.
  11. Impiety - Advent Of The Nuclear Baphomet
  12. Opeth, Thunder (I seriously know every word to "Backstreet Symphony" track by track), Megadeth, Impiety and The Psyke Project.
  13. I've been getting to grips with "Orchid" today (albeit in the car on my way to and from work and meetings etc). Given it is their first release I am astonished at how prominent and definite it is in its direction. The sit up and take notice aspect (the encouragement to listen) that I find so intriguing with Opeth is definitely there from the off. I like the expansive nature of the songwriting - you can hear the effort put in to each track. My only criticism is one that can be aimed generally at all their albums is that the tracks do meander sometimes but it is usually a well-orchestrated meander.
  14. Really? Would you like to share them (god that sounds like a therapists tag line - I am not trying to analyse you I promise)? I had a very interesting experience with an alleged ghost but I was very young (although another member of my family had seen something also in the same house) so I don't really take it to be as concrete proof as a result. I was about 4 or 5 years old at the time. Long story short saw the image of a woman dressed in what I thought of then as "old clothes" stood by my window every night - even got my parents to sleep in my room but I would wake up and she would still be there. House was built on the site of an old cotton mill.
  15. Hello - what is the metal scene like in Indonesia? Would you be able to recommend any decent bands from over there? Listening to Kekal now after Iceni mentioned them above - not my cup of tea really - any really aggressive acts to recommend?
  16. I hope the "post" trend dies off soon. Post-Hardcore, Post-Punk, Post-Metal, Post-Rock, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah..... I am not denying there are bands out there that do "post" well but the scene (hate that word - will flog myself in the yard later for using it) is just swamped with them. It borders on Death Metal bands that sound like Incantation in it's incredulity at times. I was told a nu-metal revival was under way but thankfully it was a lie or I have managed to bury my head in the sand long enough to miss it altogether. Djent is not my cup of tea at all - it just doesn't sit right with me, like a dinner that won't digest. I'd like to see more power metal revived personally and some proper cock-rock/glam metal too.
  17. I am on an Opeth revisit at present. I put on "Deliverance" and "Ghost Reveries" the other day and have never looked back. After battering "Blackwater Park" in the car all week I was overjoyed to find "Still Life" on the cheap in town last weekend and it is danger of becoming my favourite album of theirs. I am looking to get my discog for them complete which is something I rarely bother to do with many bands. I got "Orchid" this weekend and need to fill in a few other gaps but I fell compelled to listen to them from start to finish somehow, to have a complete overview of them. The progressive dynamics in the time changes, the jazzy ludes and the well orchestrated mixture of clean vocals and growls stick in my head quite easily which rarely happens with most new music I listen to nowadays.
  18. Favourite show by far at present is "Banshee" - it's just real ballsy, belief suspending, darkly comedic brilliance. The set-up is bizarre and places no footfalls in reality but who cares? It's crass one-liners coupled with it's unrelenting violence pull me in regardless. Also loving "Hannibal" too. The guy they got playing Will Graham is brilliant - almost as good as the "Maneater" casting. People keep mentioning "Breaking Bad" - is it any good folks?
  19. Death? It's lights out in my opinion. No afterlife, no heaven or hell, no big family BBQ in the sky with all the ones that got there before me. I intend to find nothing but blackness, an endless sleep. That isn't me being morbid it's just how I look at it. If religion or whatever gives people a coping mechanism to help them come to terms with their inevitable end then great - I am no fan of religion for many reasons but I have no problem with people who find comfort from it. My dad puts it best whenever we talk about dying - "Off for the best sleep I have ever had in my life."