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  1. 13 hours ago, FatherAlabaster said:

    If you have a chance to get out to the Williamsburg/Bushwick area of Brooklyn, Grimm's new brewpub is worth a visit, although it's a hike from the nearest subway and there's not much else to recommend the immediate surroundings. I used to love Greenpoint Beer and Ales but not sure if they've maintained their quality. What spots do you have your eye on?

    McSorley’s comes recommended along with a multitude of other Irish bars.  Stout talks a good game but looks a little hipster.  Maybe a pint in P.J Carneys.

  2. Desolate Shrine - "Demonic Evocation Prayer"

    In The Woods... - "The Divinity of Wisdom"

    Summoning - "Earthshine"

    Portal - "Revault Of Volts"

    Blut Aus Nord - "Revelatio"

    Autopsy - "Funereality"

    Impaled Nazarene - "Hostos Humani Generis"

    Azaghal - "Nemesis"

    Slayer - "Show No Mercy"

    Abazagorath - "The Antigod"


  3. These threads are cool:

    Blind Guardian - Sacred Worlds - At The Edge of Time

    This is one of the most perfect examples of orchestral integration with metal music ever for me.  It builds so well, is just so well arranged all round and feels a complete track as it fades out the guitars to allow the orchestral elements to close the track.  The chorus is complete chest-beating, anthemic majesty and yet never once feels wanky!

    Judas Priest - Painkiller - Painkiller

    I mean, come on?  This sets the tone for the entire album perfectly.  Driven intensity from the word go as Scott bashes the living bejesus out of his drum kit before KK and Glenn get let loose with those fucking duelling guitars!

    Pantera - Cowboys from Hell - Cowboys from Hell

    I still lose my shit to this, years after first hearing it.  Whilst the rest of the album hasn't quite stood the test of time so well, the opening track makes for a nostalgia driven piece of brilliance for me.

  4. So, Abbath sophomore due in July, entitled “Outstrider” album teaser up on YouTube (all 26 seconds of it).

    New EP due from Lvcifyre, “Sacrament” is ‘due soon’ (thanks Dark Descent Records for that unwavering level of detail) after a 5 year gap from the band.  Track up on YouTube also (yep, too lazy to link), sounds reasonable enough.

  5. 1 hour ago, True Belief said:

    Possessed - No More Room in Hell

    First new material in 33 years.

    Hmmm... just played this and - decent lead wok aside - I was underwhelmed.  Let’s see what the full length brings though, always good to see the old guard having a go still.

  6. 19 hours ago, Athame said:

    Had some problems with my car today, I was going to another city meet a friend and some heavy rain showers came up in the way and for some reason the Air wasn't blowing to the windshield so my vision got all blurry. The rearview mirror was impossible to see also so I got worried and decided to come back because there was still a lot of road. Better safe than sorry.

    Absolutely.  I had to drive through some very heavy rain and strong winds on Tuesday night in a fully functioning car and that was scary enough.

  7. 1. Motley Crue "Girls, Girls, Girls"

    2. Master "Unknown Soldier (Triggered MIx)"

    3. Adramelech "Thoth (lord of the Holy Words)"

    4. Esoctrilihum "Incursus Into Daeth Hausth"

    5. Cirith Gorgor "Through Burning Wastelands"

    6. Nile "Barra Edinazzu"

    7. Grand Magus "Mountains Be My Throne"

    8. Discharge "Protest and Survive"

    9. Evoken "A Tenebrous Vision"

    10. Alghazanth "To Flames the Flesh"

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