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  1. 13 hours ago, FatherAlabaster said:

    Bought this yesterday. They haven't missed a beat IMO, I love it. What do you think?

    Not spent enough time with it but the 2 tracks I got through hit the spot well enough.  Think an EP might work better for me as opposed to a full length since I rarely go back to their records even though I enjoy them.

  2. 10 hours ago, Requiem said:

    This is a great album. I especially love their cover of 'Venus in Furs', which is just haunting and prompted me to actually go and read the book. I haven't played this CD in ages, it could be time for a spin. 


    It’s made my top ten albums of the 21st century in the thread o’er yonder.

    NP: Nocturnus AD 'Paradox' - I admire the effort here and the musicianship is exceptional at times, but it just feels really clunky (albeit after one listen).  The internet loves this but I can't fight the felling of it being a little forced.  We shall see what further listens glean.

    Barbarian 'To No God Shall I Kneel'

    Mayhem 'Wolf's Lair Abyss'

  3. Marduk 'Those of the Unlight'

    Still sits in the shadow of the coat tails of 'Dark Endless' but a step up in terms of songwriting prowess and structures.  Good use of atmospherics and pace overall to give the record that more rounded feel yet still obvious that they had space to grow into at this stage.

    Masters of Classical Music 'Mozart'

    Slightly unorthodox second entry this week but my Dad gave me his entire classical music collection and I still have never listened to more than a fraction of it.  A lot of it is compilation based like this one and that suits me as I explore the collection as I can flick and flip to my heart's content.  Anyway, 'Eine kleine Nachtmusik', 'Turkish March' and 'Piano concerto in A major' have all kept me sufficiently pleased this week.

    Rippikoulu 'Musta Seremonia'

    Finnish death doom at its very best really.  Get a real sense of cavernous spaces from this, filled with that brooding atmosphere and the dirge of the sheer weight of the sound.  Really should play this more.

  4. ** moved to review section **

    I certainly echo the thoughts here of a lot of their post 'Blackwater Park' stuff leaving me cold.  I started to get to grips with their last effort back on holiday last year in a particularly peaceful and soul rehabilitating place in Wales with it's own stream and waterfall in the garden.  Even in this environment that left me more open to new things, I couldn't help but feel that they were trying too hard to be "quirky" with their songwriting.  The sense of time changes just being there for the hell of it as opposed to being part of the whole majesty of progressive rock was just too imposing.  Prog for prog's sake.  Their output of recent years feels like something intrusive is being done to the listener as opposed to something with potential allure is being presented to the listener.  

  5. I think for me Marduk had a very mixed debut.  'Dark Endless' sat in the death metal seats with occasional (although not always fleeting) visits to the black metal section.  I find the debut more appealing than 'Those of the Unlight' although I have to accept the songwriting improved significantly by the time the second album dropped, even if they only truly hit their stride with 'Opus Nocturne'.  I have the first three records on CD now so am planning on taking them out with me in the car tomorrow on my drive to a meeting.

    My only other real experience of their discography was the release that was my gateway into the band which was the 'Iron Dawn' EP which I love as much now as I did 8 years ago.  More recently I found 'Viktoria' to be an unexpected like with its blasting delivery.  I do plan on venturing further into their discography with 'Nightwing', 'Heaven Shall Burn...' and 'Panzer Division Marduk' all queued on my stream. 

  6. 1 hour ago, FatherAlabaster said:

    It's got a couple of parts that are pretty memorable - I first bought the album as a teenager and I found myself humming along with it when I put it on recently. They never brought anything particularly original to the table but I had fun with it. If you haven't heard it, "Ancient God Of Evil" is more competent than the debut, but also not as interesting - typical mid-90s melodeath, predictable but with a couple of standout moments. I didn't find myself sticking with the reunion album.

    NP: Slidhr - The Futile Fires Of Man

    I found 'In the light of Darkness' perfectly competent after one listen although I remember very little.  Will definitely be returning to them.

    NP: Merciless 'The Awakening'

    Thanatos 'Realm of Ecstacy'

  7. 47 minutes ago, FatherAlabaster said:

    I'm curious what you thought of this, Unanimated doesn't strike me as being your kind of thing.

    It is very much more of an appeal for it's "blackened" elements, with its dry production sound giving some edge to the melodic dm aspect of the sound.  Still has a rawness to it that appeals in the same way that "The Red Sky is Ours" does. Not perfect but seems a decent effort for the time it was released.  There's some quality lead work on here that is admirable also.

    NP: Unanimated 'In the Light of Darkness'

  8. 19 hours ago, FatherAlabaster said:

    Maybe rent one of these for the weekend?


    The “judiciary” have issues with me using fire.  Like that is my biggest threat to society!  Sometimes it is like the upholders of the law don’t even know me.

  9. Begun working on a long term solution to the never ending weed growth in the back garden.  Spent time at a local garden centre today effectively accepting my fast approaching middle aged status by buying Weed Control Cloth and plum slate to deny growth space and light for weeds.  Problem is that whilst on one side my neighbours are very good with maintaining their garden, the ones on the other side are just happy to have their garden in the state of a permanent jungle, meaning weeds are now growing under the fence and into my flower beds.

  10. Cultes Des Ghoules ‘Henbane’ 2013

    Be aware dear listener for here lies nefarious music for nefarious means and grim nights of even grimmer storytelling around sacrificial altars strewn with carcass after carcass of lambs and virgins.

    ’Henbane’ is what a young person who knows how to describe good things would term to be “sick”.  It drips with a sneery sarcasm, unforgiving and unrepentant for its disdain for humanity.  Surprisingly measured in its delivery and approach the record comes off as both memorable and disturbing in equal amounts.  

    Krieg 'The Black House' 2004

    Aside from having bleak as fuck artwork that speaks to my very soul, 'The Black House' is just as fucking punishing a listen.  Draining in terms of both the emotional intelligence required to sit through it and the sheer physical energy it evokes in your body as I throw myself around my room to it, there's no place to hide when this record is on.

    Akhlys 'The Dreaming I' 2015

    Naas Alcameth is a renowned genius and album number two from his Akhlys project further cements this.  It is like an exploration of the true heart of darkness.  On the journey topics such as madness, desolation and nightmares are explored.  Full of dark ambient as well as authentic BM this is a real treat, always driven by a sense of discovery and balance that gives each new hellscape time to embed with the listener.

  11. Immortal Bird Thrive On Neglect

    Had endless hours of fun with this album this week, managed to nab a CD copy so could play it in my car too.  Deathgrindy, proggy almost mathy greatness.

    Sonic Youth diRty 

    In other news, I spread my wings recently into the obscure, alt-rock, indie, grunge, noise rock of Sonic Youth.  I won’t pretend to love all of this record (it goes on far too long) but when it is on point, it is on point.

    Saxon Thunderbolt 

    Ah, Barnsley’s finest at their finest.  Love this record out of most of the latter day Saxon releases.  It’s got balls, it’s got showy leads and it has consistency too.