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    What Are You Listening To?

    Carnation "Chapel of Abhorrence" Judas Iscariot "Heaven in Flames"
  2. MacabreEternal

    What Are You Listening To?

    Alice In Chains “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here”
  3. Variety is the spice of life, so they say. Someone might want to mention this to Legion of the Damned. Picking up right were Venom left off last week in the the generic stakes, "Slaves of the Shadow Realm" churns out largely unvaried, unremarkable and unmemorable thrash metal with the odd splash of death and black metal smatterings here and there. To give you some idea of how hard going this is I have to wait three whole tracks to here a lead guitar! I love good chug fest as much as the next man but when it is the only flavour in the dish its impact on the palette diminishes quickly. I can't honestly tell if the album is supposed to be one long song accidentally edited to give gaps to give the illusion of it being several tracks? Some tracks just start very lazy (Slaves of the Southern Cross) whilst others just allude to some slight break of pace from the previous track before going off on the exact same pace, in the exact same direction (Nocturnal Commando). The frustration is that when they get it at least half right and vary things just a touch, they can put together some enjoyable pieces (Warhounds of Hades) but the memorability factor still struggles to register much above a 0, even in these moments. By far the pinnacle of the record is "Black Banners in Flames", a menacing thrasher of a track that allows for some relent in the ferocity stakes to apply some melody to create that aforementioned menace. Otherwise I feel that I have had a sub par meal at a restaurant. The chefs are perfectly competent (no Michelin stars here though folks) and the ingredients are all of reasonable quality, sourced responsibly enough, but there's little attempt at seasoning and so everything just seems bland. It sounds like the vocalist is holding this together really. Swinkel's performance on all tracks is obviously a notch up from his band mates' which is a shame because he deserves better really. Painfully, I streamed the version with two bonus tracks on, which didn't help me digest this any better. That having been said "Priest Hunt" is way stronger than most of the regular tracks available here. 2/5 (2019 is not starting well)
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Strangely enough I have never gotten around to "The Destroyers of All", I have just queued it on my radar list (along with half a million other albums). I think everything I have heard thus far has been an improvement on the previous and I thought "Shrines.." to be the pinnacle for me. Will check out "The Destroyers..." though.
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Carnation "Chapel of Abhorrence"
  6. MacabreEternal

    What Are You Listening To?

    Judas Iscariot "Heaven In Flames"
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    Upcoming Albums, 2019 Edition

    I have a few I am looking forwards to this year: Candlemass "The Door To Doom" - like @Requiem I am super pleased that Johan is back. The EP they released last year was a bit, meh! Hopefully his return will inject some life back into the band. Body Count "Carnivore" - I really enjoyed their last offering albeit the cover of Slayer was pants. Hoping they can bring that same energy to 2019 as they exhibited two years ago on "Bloodlust". Carcass - rumours at this stage but "Surgical Steel" was decent enough for me to still be interested in anything they release. Megadeth - about to release (another) greatest hits comp. Fuck's sake... Triptykon - please let this be true, when Tom has finished his Hellhammer appreciation stint rumour is there's a new Triptykon album in the works. Finally, Deftones are due another record and although I found "Gore" to be dreamy pop nonsense the rumour is that after threatening to walk last time, Carpenter is getting more of what he wants this time around - as in some fucking actual riffs - so will be interested to see how this pans out.
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    What's on your mind?

    Nice one Dave, good luck. Get some metal on the stereo.
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    Top 3 albums/eps of the week.

    Alice In Chains "Rainier Fog" (2018 - BMG) I had heard positive things all over various haunts of mine on the internet about how good this album was. Naturally, mere weeks after confirming my 'best of' list for 2018 I finally get round to listening to what would have made the top five at least. There's such a sense of unity and harmony across the band on this record that there's little not to enjoy. From the stabbing riffs of "The One You Know" through to the melancholic vocal harmonies of album closer "All I Am" it is just an all encompassing experience over ten tracks. It inspired me to go back to 2013's "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" but there is not the same level of dark beauty or flow to that record (even though it stands up as a solid record in it's own right). Verheerer "Maltrér" (2018 - Vendetta Records) German BM takes a welcome rotational slot on my weekly playlist this week. I will be honest, the teenage boy in me drew me to this based on the cover alone. Blood red artwork depicting grim and frost bitten mountain ranges and druid-like figures makes 13 year old Macabre a happy boy! Thankfully the musical content stacks up brilliantly a well. A real sense of power is obvious throughout this record and it is this forceful delivery that makes the ears prick up and take real notice of the grim majesty being forged over these seven tracks. That isn't to say it is all pounding BM ferocity either, the experience as a whole is well paced and uses this to create atmosphere to good effect. Another one that got away from me in 2018! Cretin "Freakery" (2006 - Relapse Records) My first experience of Cretin was during a CD swap we did years ago on another forum I frequented. I found them a little too much for me at that stage if I am honest. The whole sound and delivery just a little too overwhelming for Macabre"Snowflake"Eternal. Years later I would hear "Stranger" and dive right in and purchase without quibble, waver or doubt. Anyway, I decided to make sure that as well as making more of an effort to stay on top of new things in 2019 I would ensure I was paying sufficient attention to older material too and this week I have found "Freakery" to be an absolute fucking blast(beat). Thirty minutes or so of fucking frenzied death metal/grindcore has been a welcome enema for the ear holes.
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    Top 3 albums/eps of the week.

    Ok - shamelessly stolen idea from various other forums I frequent but lets see how it goes. As the title suggests it is an opportunity to post your top 3 of the week in terms of albums and eps. This week for me has been: Queensryche - Empire Megadeth - Countdown To Extinction Slidhr -Deluge
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Verheerer "Maltrer"
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    What's on your mind?

    Chin up Dave, hope the depression eases soon fella. Hope also you are around more too. We can always use more Dave around here. In other news I am off to work in Ireland most of the coming week. Did 11 weeks out there a couple of years back but for some reason took no opportunity to take in the beautiful landscapes of the country. That was mostly in the North of the Republic but this time I am more Dublin based but have a hire car so will use to full potential. @RelentlessOblivion sounds like a great present, enjoy.
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Cretin “Freakery”
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    Venom "Storm The Gates"

    So, my first review of 2019 is of the latest offering from UK legends Venom. 37 years after the debut full length and the band are still active, albeit as a much changed line up from that which recorded "Welcome to Hell". I'll be honest, I haven't bothered with Venom beyond "At War With Satan", so I really had a blank slate in terms of expectations when I put "Storm The Gates" on this afternoon. To say it is generic is something of an understatement. Each track just morphs into the next, displaying no discernible milestones to give any track a shred of memorability. The instrumentation is capable enough and competently performed but to record 13 tracks of the same structure and format gains no favour with these ears I am afraid. Riffs become beyond infectious and hit pandemic levels of boredom when given this level of over play. Yes, they chug and occasionally show real promise of bite but this is fucking Venom guys, not some Friday night cover band down the Rams Head with a £2 a pint Happy Hour. Where's the menace? Where's the atmosphere? And, no I don't expect "Black Metal" part 2 or a follow up to "At War With Satan" but this at times sounds like Cronos is in a band with one of his kids and their mates, all competent musicians but not really doing justice to what is promised by the names involved. If we look back at 2018 and to Saxon and Judas Priest, we can see easily two acts still writing entertaining and stylistically recognisable material without having to try that hard. It is hard to make 13 tracks of the same format sound like you are trying too hard, but the fact is that Cronos and Co. are doing such a monolithic job of flogging a dead horse it just comes across as exactly that. The overarching part of Venom I enjoyed was the fun, (dark) comedy edge to the band - even if they did take themselves seriously when I never could - but this has a real mood hoover run over the shagpile here, sucking any creativity, energy or integrity out for good. I am supposed to balance my reviews with both positive as well as negative, but I am fucking struggling here folks. Erm...the artwork is competent and that band logo still gives me pangs of past glories. That's about as far as I can force the good vibes with this. So, there you go. Review number one of 2019 and it is a record that chalks up a rating that means the only way is up from here for the year (although, sadly the same probably isn't true for Venom). 0/5
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    Top 3 albums/eps of the week.

    Deicide "In The Minds of Evil" (2013 - Century Media Records) I haven't really bothered with very much from Deicide after "Once Upon The Cross" but the release of "Overtures of Blasphemy" in 2018 made me wonder if the life in the old dog was worth a review of other releases from the latter years of Benton and co's career. "In The Minds of Evil" stacks up surprisingly well with its riffage and overall song structure. It is a tad too long for me though but worth a few listens this past week. Nargaroth "Herbstleyd" (1998 - No Colours Records) The latest edition to my favourite BM records largely due to the sheer totality and fullness of approach to this record. It is all on here, from the haunting atmospheres enhanced with German spoken word passages to the tremolo fury you'd expect from a hate-filled Black Metal band. It opens strongly and immediately I feel like I am being told a story and am instantly captivated. One of my favourite "old" discoveries of 2018. Acherontas "Amarta अमर्त (Formulas of Reptilian Unification, Pt.II)" (2017- World Terror Committee) My lasting memory of this record is the beautiful acoustic opening and closing to the album. What this bridges is some fine occult BM from an artist sadly under-present in my music collection (until now). A real feel for pace and sensible structure as the record builds up to a great ending over the final two tracks that represent the longest compositions on here. I haven't heard Pt.1 of this either so that is on the rotation list also for a future spin or two.
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Alice In Chains "Rainier Fog" 1914 "The Blind Leading The Blind" EDIT - That 1914 record is dull as dishwater. NP: Verheerer "Maltrér" Venom "Storm The Gates" (not sure why)
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    Word Association

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    What are you drinking?

    Red Hook Long hammer IPA.
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Alice In Chains “Rainier Fog”
  20. MacabreEternal

    What Are You Listening To?

    Deicide “In The Minds Of Evil”
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    War Metal

    Not "battle metal" - whatever that is? This is about one of metal's harshest and most extreme sub genres. It is chaotic and primitive in equal parts and so very often gets confused with black metal. Let's start with the obvious. Blasphemy, Canada's very own version of dynamite and gunpowder are the fucking epitome of war metal. Conqueror, also inflicted their own particular brand of Maple Leaf misery back at the end of the 90's. Bestial Warlust, relentless and crushing with "after thought" 5 second solos. Ouroboros, the band that never was - after two promising demos they went wayward after vocalist/guitarist Ryan Page went to prison for selling machine guns and explosives. Diocletian, the planet lost a true pioneer of war metal when these boys hung up their shitkickers last year. Deiphago, my favourite of all of theses bands. This is insanity on vinyl, cd or whatever other format you take your madness in. Revenge, a little more calculated in their delivery but still no less emphatic in their obscene extremity.
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    Top 10 Albums of 2018

    I miss Blut. Forum is a lesser place without him and his fathomless music knowledge.
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    Hi Russ, welcome. Care to tell us about your favourite bands/albums? Hope you enjoy it here?
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    What's on your mind?

    Worked most of the festive period taking only the public holidays off. Have enjoyed my more detached Xmas and New Year since I have been able to focus on the festivities on the actual days they matter (not from 6 weeks before like the TV seems to think it all starts from). Busy year ahead methinks for the great undead one. Population culling, creating “legitimate” business fronts, long walks in the country, sacrificial virgin quotas that are barely achievable, a dip in suitable European fodder from March onwards, craft items to make for the church fayre, an additional recycling bin collection, extensive police “enquiries” and some potatoes to grow. Makes me tired just thinking about it.
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Overkill “Last Man Standing” Got high hopes for the new album if this is any fair representation of what is to come. Energetic thrash metal with a big, menacing build up on the intro. Roll on Feb.