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  1. Sacramentum 'Far Away From The Sun'
  2. Judas Priest Priest have nowhere near the impact on me that say an Iron Maiden or a Metallica have. My love of Priest was born completely out of 'Painkiller' and at the time of release I only had that and then 'Ram It Down' to listen to in my humble collection. It has not been until recent years that they have taken a more prominent position in my metal journey with my library being stacked with various releases of theirs. I think their importance is that they add a variety to my collection just by virtue of their discography alone. From the high octane metal of the aforementioned 'Painkiller' and last year's near resurrection of that quality on 'Firepower', to the arena rock anthems of the 'British Steel' era through to the intricate story telling of 'Sad Wings...' there's something for most moods in Priest's back catalogue. But I won't shy away from being another one (of the established many) who worship 'Painkiller', not just for its energy and intensity but also for the fact that in the year it was released it had several strong challengers (1990 was a great year) and it still stood head and shoulders above all. Key Album - Painkiller Deftones Yes, that's right, the Deftones are in here. There was a time when I had drifted from the metal shores of my established kingdom and was in danger of falling out altogether with the genre. Deftones actually served as my gateway back into metal with their blend of accessible, melodic and hazy/gazy songwriting coupled with that aggressive, hormonal teenager with a knife nu-metal style that all the cool kids listened to. 'Around the Fur' and 'White Pony' hold special places in my heart but it was actually 'Diamond Eyes' that originally grabbed my attention one Sunday afternoon when I was feeling bereft of music and needed something to slap me upside the head. Worked a treat. Key Album - Diamond Eyes Kreator I get the talents of Destruction and Sodom when talking about Teutonic Thrash metal and I enjoy most of the aforementioned two's output over the years but it was the evil intent that sat behind 'Pleasure To Kill' that really made me sit up and take notice of the German Thrash scene, above even 'In The Sign Of Evil' or 'Obsessed by Cruelty'. Mille Petroza's vocals were like acid in my ears and the raw atmosphere of the record coupled well with the structure of the songs that gave it a menacing edge over the likes of 'Seven Churches' even. Since the sophomore I have gone on to own all of their records through from the debut, up to and including 'Coma of Souls', and find myself visiting them all with regularity. Key Album - 'Pleasure to Kill'
  3. Welcome, thanks for taking note of the advice earlier. Hope you enjoy your time here. Based on your tastes it appears you are in good company here.
  4. Moved from Intro section - please read the forum rules before posting non-intro threads in the Intro section. Further breaches of the policy will be considered as SPAM and may result in warning or bans.
  5. Have Tool commissioned you for their new album cover perchance?
  6. Behexen 'The Poisonous Path' (2016 - Debemur Morti Productions) Behexen's most varied work to date makes for some interesting listening as we get a blackened crust sound emanating some d-beat/hardcore styles whilst at the same time remaining authentic to the black metal sound we all know from them. A well produced album that maintains the presence of all instruments in the mix without sacrificing the energy of the sound. Sacramentum 'Far Away From The Sun' (1996 - Adipocere Records) As part of plugging gaps in my digital library with physical releases I have had the pleasure of listening to Dissection 'Storm of the Light's Bane' in my car for like 3 weeks now. Also I picked up Sacramentum's debut as part of this process but I have to confess that I have really struggled to get into it (certainly in comparison with the experience I had around revisiting Dissection at least). It just doesn't stick in my head at all and when it is playing I find it fails to hold my attention properly. I judge a good record by how well it keeps me company on a long drive out - which perhaps isn't the setting for this record, maybe it requires more personal time with it - and sadly I just found 'Far Away From the Sun' didn't cut it despite many repeated attempts. Moonsorrow - 'Verisäkeet' (2005 - Spikefarm Records) So, Moonsorrow have been on my "to do" list for about 2 years now. My recent preference for a more melodic and folk edge to my BM (whilst also delving further into the Finnish scene for my blog writings here) seemed to lead me on a natural course this past week to discover this absolute beauty of a record. I can only liken it to meeting an attractive but very plain looking member of the opposite sex. You engage in a few initially casual dates, before you reach the stage of a meal at their pad and you realise from the shelves of their abode that they have a hidden depth of knowledge beyond anything you first expected in terms of the dimension of their understanding of music. Occasionally, it does get a bit dull but never pompous or grandiose. You eventually decide this is the one for you, invite them round to yours for absinthe and canopies, feast on them and hail the dark lord for his gifts!
  7. Xasthur - s/t EP (2006) Xasthur - 'A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors'
  8. Might wanna change that font. Can't read a word of what you typed. EDIT - better, cool list, welcome.
  9. Destruction ‘Release from Agony’
  10. Moonsorrow ‘Verisakeet’
  11. Adnams Grapefruit IPA - it’s hot and I am sweating like a blind lesbian in a fish market so I need a refreshing IPA to wash away my hangover from yesterday and start me on a similar path for the second day of the Easter bank holiday!
  12. Metalhead makes ‘Culture’ section of newspaper. Take that Tipper Gore!
  13. Morbid Angel ‘Kingdoms Disdained’
  14. Moonsorrow ‘Verisakeet’
  15. Behexen ‘The Poisonous Path’
  16. Grand Magus ‘Wolf God’ promo tracks, seems the usual fayre from these guys. Solid, anthemic, fist pumping metal. Can’t help but feel they are past their best still but this may grow more as the full album drops and with repeated listens.
  17. Thy Serpent 'Forests of Witchery' Behexen 'Nightside Emanations' Behexen 'The Poisonous Path'
  18. Diabolical Masquerade ‘Nightwork’
  19. There’s a review in the blog section of the forum.
  20. Nah, just two enquiries, one said no to pets and the other added us to a list for viewing.
  21. Conversely to FatherA’s move not happening, we have have done the first round of clearing out ready for our move. Usual stuff around a wardrobe that we tried to move and if fell apart so had to be rebuilt and braced between a wall and a bed. Then there was the mandatory trip to the refuse/recycling centre who helped me ‘dump my load’. Similar to the above my workspace is now clear for the first time in months having freed up another cupboard to dump all our shit into so my office is my own again. I won’t do anything as creative as Alabaster will in his space. My language might get ‘creative’ at some point and I might draw a band logo on my notepad during a conference call but really it is not comparable.
  22. Good lad! Many Happy Returns for the day!
  23. Thy Serpent 'Forests of Witchery'
  24. Emperor 'IX Equilibrium' (1999 - Candlelight Records) Whilst accepting this was a shift in direction that proved too much for some after the breathtaking majesty of the first two Emperor albums, I found the third offering to be very appealing. The aggressive sound and rogueish charm of the 'bashing pots n' pans' percussion creating that wall of sound was a welcome prospect to my ears (albeit they really got it right on the next release). Coroner 'Punishment for Decadence' (1988 - Noise Records) Maintaining the entertainment levels after the debut was always going to be a challenge for Coroner, but the sophomore release more than shows the progression of a band who not only maintain the momentum of the debut, but manage to up their game still on the technicality front whilst still maintaining a strong songwriting ethos also. DIssection 'Storm of the Light's Bane (2006 2CD Deluxe Edition - Black Horizon Music) I literally am sat here listening to this as I type with the delivery only coming a couple of hours ago. This version offers two different mixes of the record (one the "normal" mix, the other an unreleased alternative mix). Whilst disc one that contains the original sounds as magnificent as I remember, it is disc 2 with the alternative mix, unreleased 1994 demo and 'Where Dead Angels Lie MCD ' 96 Remastered Original Mixes that has me salivating as the band blister their way through Tormentor and Slayer covers amongst the various demo versions of tracks. Neat find.