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  1. Nattravnen "Kult of the Raven" Altarage "The Approaching Roar"
  2. Immortal "Pure Holocaust" on CD as currently only have the digital copy.
  3. I fucking love that record, it is slated more or less universally whenever it is mentioned but I fucking dug the shit out of it from day one. That is a terrible album, I know budget and production values play a part but c'mon.... So much win right here.
  4. Mine was "Slowly We Rot" by Obituary. Bought entirely based on the cover alone and without any understanding of what lay within the grooves of that vinyl disc. Looking back now it took me a while to really understand it although I instantly loved it, this was more out of the sheer rebelliousness of that sound and how it made virtually anyone else I shared it with in my family repulsed by its very auditory abrasiveness. I only began to really appreciate it as a death metal record about a year later when I had heard other DM records.
  5. Two really good examples here of quality bands with their own sound. Instantly I can recognise Immolation on most of their tracks and Ulcerate although less immediate they truly have that blend of dissonant, technical DM sound trademarked and thoroughly owned.
  6. We are off walking on the weekend, whatever the weather we have decided to go regardless. I have a drive up to Falkirk tomorrow so hoping for some decent dry weather for that as the motorway gets more pleasing on the eye the further north you go usually.
  7. Alice in Chains "Black Gives Way To Blue" Wolfhorde "Houns of Perdition"
  8. Heads for the Dead "Serpent's Curse" - CD bundle including, patch, poster, autographed pictures, sticker, fridge magnet, bottle opener and key chain. Fuck yeah!
  9. I am on iPad as my PC speakers are fucked. Should find it elsewhere later.
  10. Had more snow overnight here and then the temperature dropped and froze it, beautiful and treacherous out there today.
  11. Altarage - The Approaching Roar - not enjoying it but that is more to do with YouTube's rather aggressive ad usage and plus I am working so unable to give my full attention to the album. Will look for a cleaner stream later and revisit.
  12. Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy.
  13. That’s me late for work this morning. Thanks.
  14. DarkThrone “Ravishing Grimness” - perfect soundtrack to today’s snowfall. Towards Atlantis Lights “Dust Aeons” Un “Sentiment”
  15. Yep, put this in my stream weeks ago and only just got round to it. There’s a cool as fuck CD bundle on their Bandcamp page that I might nab.
  16. Heads for the Dead "Serpent's Curse"
  17. Malevolent Creation "The 13th Beast" @True Belief
  18. There's life in the old dog yet it seems. In terms of original members only Phil Fasciana remains in the ranks of Malevolent Creation now and after the passing of Brett Hoffman last year you could almost forgive fans for thinking the curtain had fallen on Malevolent Creation. The fact is that whilst "The 13th Beast" reinvents no wheels it does exhibit the sound of a band in the throes of something of a regeneration phase. There's nothing tired sounding here, no dull interludes to build unnecessary atmosphere. As soon as the spoken word intro to "End the Torture" finishes it is straight up thrashing death metal until the very end, some 11 tracks later. Although all debuting in the Malevolent full length stakes here, the 3 musicians that join Fasciana on this record are all clearly capable and qualified purveyors of their art form. Again, I highlight that this is not far above your average DM record yet it is so assured and solid you can easily forgive it to some degree. Lee Wollenschlaeger gives a good acquittal of himself as an established and competent vocalist, filling Hoffman's shoes nicely. Phil Cancilla is a machine on those skins, blasting his way across the soundscape yet also using the percussion well when the occasional let up in the pace permits. Fasciana and Wollenschlaeger work well together to keep the chug of the riffs motoring along whilst Gibbs plonks, twangs and rumbles his way through every track, allowed to be heard in the mix and show his variety without ever showboating. For a band together for only 2 years as a four piece they sound tight and committed. There's no metal fan worth the denim their patches are sewn onto that doesn't look at that album cover and mouth a "fuck me, dude!" I mean, come on, it is fucking awesome. Like a more ornamental Predator head on a ghostly green background. I love it when album covers are matched by the content of the record inside, and whilst there are obviously some shortfalls here, still in the main "The 13th Beast" delivers. When they keep the track length short and succinct, Malevolent Creation are at their best. "The Beast Awakened", "Agony for the Chosen" and "Knife at Hand" all kick serious ass. By the same token "Born of Pain" at nearly 7 minutes long doesn't really do anything or go anywhere to justify the length attributed to it. Overall, I would have preferred a shorter record. At 11 tracks the band cover a lot of ground in under 50 minutes but not all of it really needs treading. That withstanding, never does it get grating and still the accessibility factor remains consistent enough to forgive the extra excursions present. So, having started slowly, January 2019 has finally delivered something worthwhile and a first physical purchase also of a new release for this year. 3/5
  19. Please keep all advertising in the promo thread, I have edited your post here. Further advertising/promotion outside of the Promotion Thread will be considered SPAM and will incur restrictions on future posts and could lead to a ban.
  20. I am writing a review of both later for the blog here, will link it for you later. NP: The Nightly Disease "Smell of Burning Wood" enjoyable though this is, it is still nothing short of Drudkh worship, albeit done well. Great for relaxing and (strangely for me) working to as it runs with repeated structure over the two tracks so requires little of my attention. Corner "R.I.P." - now it's a party!
  21. Soilwork “Verkligheten” Malevolent Creation “The 13th Beast” Flotsam & Jetsam “The End Of Chaos”
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