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  1. Mix up on my order of Heads for the Dead Cd box set and I appear to have the limited edition (100 copies) red splatter LP instead. Still got the patch, sticker, poster and bottle opener and key chain and all for the CD price so think I am up on the deal? In less positive news we have no hot water since Friday as the boiler packed in and we are waiting for a part. I am out on the road most of the week also so trying to shower at my parents is a challenge with 12 hour days more or less each day this week. Was super twatty with the heating company earlier, proper played the dissatisfied customer routine.
  2. Car music today: Immortal “Pure Holocaust” Altarage “Endinghent”
  3. Welcome to the forum. Nothing wrong with loving the classic stuff. Reminds me, my Dio patch needs sewing to my battle vest.
  4. Gaerera s/t Killing Addiction 'Omega Factor'
  5. When it comes to death/doom, variety is not necessarily top of the average listener's appeal list. Usually when I review such a release I find myself typing "doesn't reinvent the wheel but does the genre justice with this solid offering" or words to that effect. Ossuarium's debut full length falls under that banner most definitely. Nobody is fucking around here with a saxophone to make the offering standout with some eclectic and unnecessary deviation from tradition. If you like your death metal doomy or your doom metal deathy then chalk up a tick in your respective box folks! As predictable as the "Incantation influences aplenty on show here" references are, what "Living Tomb" does do is show some variety in terms of the band wearing their influences on their sleeves. Yes, Incantation is an obvious comparison but I also get the clumsy and cloying lead work of Autopsy in here too. There's also clever, atmospheric structures in places you wouldn't expect, like mid-track on the superbly titled "Vomiting Black Death" which remind me of dISEMBOWELMENT. What is also obvious after a couple of listens though is the production job, in terms of how bad it is on the whole. It sounds like the rhythm section has cloth over it and yes, I get that the genre is supposed to sound gloomy but this isn't good gloomy, this is (slightly) muffled gloomy and that detracts from the whole experience unfortunately as I find it quite noticeable. The slower sections of most songs suffer more obviously with this and so I find this is where the brain switches off or goes wandering. Let's not get too bogged down in production though as the skill of the band is still obvious and we can just imagine how strong the sophomore release is gonna be if they get that production/mix issue ironed out. The potential of Ossuarium is as huge as the riffs and as intense as the melancholic leads that guide on this dank journey. The artwork here depicts perfectly what you get on the record. Big looming structures, menacing atmospheres and ugly sounds (check out the guitar at the start of "Writhing in Emptiness"). These boys can write and play also and you will struggle to find better built death/doom this side of Spectral Voice and Tomb Mold, it just needs a better environment to really show all these good bits off a bit better. 3.5/5
  6. Opeth "Morningrise" (1996 - Candlelight Records) Prefer the debut if I am honest. Although I acknowledge the musicianship and effort that goes into this record, it does go on a bit. A little too meandering in places and it feels like it has outstayed its welcome as a result which is a shame because the statements it makes along the way are bold and memorable but just get lost in the excess. Heads for the Dead "Serpent's Curse" (2018 - Transcending Obscurity Records) Had I discovered this in 2018 it would have featured highly on my AOY list. I was so impressed with it after one listen I bought the CD and various other merchandise, such was its impact on me. You see despite in essence just being (another) metal supergroup playing Swedish Death metal the twist of the horror and paranormal atmospherics makes this one hell of an enjoyable listen. Kind of like a night in the 90's watching shite B movies only with a much better soundtrack. Motörhead "No Sleep 'til Hammersmith" (1981 - Bronze Records) Long drive to a meeting this week and this was just on repeat part way there and all the way back. Full of the character you'd expect from Lemmy and co. as they just turn up, play some loud as fuck rock n' roll and made me feel like I wasn't stuck on some ghastly motorway in blizzard conditions, instead I was front row watching Motörhead. I wish.
  7. Tormentor - Tormentor II (Anno Domini - 1989 - Independent) Destroyer 666 - Genesis to Genocide (Unchain the Wolves - 1997 - Modern Invasion Music) Immortal - Demonium - (Sons of Northern Darkness - 2002 - Nuclear Blast) Ulcerate - End the Hope - (Shrines of Paralysis - 2016 - Relapse Records) Serpentine Path - Obseletion - (Serpentine Path - 2012 - Relapse Records) Deathspell Omega - Drink the Devil's Blood - (Si Monventvm, Reqvires Circvmspice - 2004 - Norma Evangelium Diaboli) Mayhem - PsyWar - (Esoteric Warfare - 2014 - Season of Mist) Danzig - Evil Thing - (Danzig - 1988 - Def American Recordings) Ulcerate - Soulessness Embraced - (Everything is Fire - 2009 - Willowtip Records) Condor - 83 Days of Radiation - (Unstoppable Power - 2017 - High Roller Records)
  8. Heads for the Dead 'Serpent's Curse'
  9. Seen this floating around the internet, adding to my list thanks.
  10. Mo'ynoq 'Dreaming in a Dead Language' Just not getting the excitement on the web for this. Mediocre at best Modern BM. Krallice do things much better than this I am sure. NP: Gaerea "Unsettling Whispers" @FatherAlabaster, reminiscent of Mgla to my ears, may be of some interest to you?
  11. You’re winning at life. I have this on my list too after a stream/promo thing. Might get to it tomorrow.
  12. It just sort of passes me by when i listen to it, even if I sit down with it. I can't hear anything wrong with it but there's no real meat and potatoes to dig into. NP: Megaton Leviathan "Mage"
  13. Opeth 'Morningrise' Mo'ynoq 'Dreaming in a Dead Language' Heads For The Dead 'Serpent's Curse'
  14. All the time although in perhaps a slightly different context. If I watch athletics on the TV I just hear “Running Free” by Iron Maiden, nor can I take paracetamol without “Painkiller” by Judas Priest blarring in my head. A stroll in the park or woods with my girlfriend just has “Walk” by Pantera on memory loop. Driving north just puts Darkthrone in my head with “A Blaze In The Northern Sky”. Hypnotist on TV? “Mass Hypnosis” by Sepultura. Lost count of how many times during meetings if someone raises that there’s not enough time to discuss something I hear Anthrax “Got The Time”. Need to replace the batteries in the xbox controller? “Battery Acid Enema” by Autopsy. Was forced to attend my nephews holy communion last year and spent the entire time in the church running through songs with the word ‘altar’ in the title. “Altars” by Altarage came up a lot, but “Altar Of Sacrifice” by Slayer as well as “Altar Of Deceit” by Triptykon kept me occupied also. Life is just shit without metal.
  15. Behexen - Night of the Blasphemy (Rituale Satanum - 2000 - Sinister Figure) Ornette Coleman - Peace (The Shape of Jazz to Come - 1959 - Atlantic 1317) Metal Church - [My Favourite] Nightmare (Metal Church - 1984 - Ground Zero Records) Blut Aus Nord - Rigsthula (Ultima Thulee - 1995 - Impure Creations Records) Cynic - Kindly Bent To Free Us (Kindly Bent To Free Us - 2014 - Season of Mist) Overkill - Shred - (Under The Influence - 1988 - Megaforce Records) Machine Head - Wolves - (The Blackening - 2007 - Roadrunner Records) Lurk - Tale Blade - (Fringe - 2016 - Transcending Obscurity Records) Grave Miasma - Kussa'u Tibtihu - (Exalted Emanations - 2009 - Sepulchral Voice Records) Mayhem - Pure Fucking Armageddon - (Live in Leipzig - 1993 - Obscure Plasma)
  16. Altarage "The Approaching Roar" (2019 - Season of Mist) No surprise here if you have read my review on the blog on this site. Absolutely killer DM right here. The soundtrack of the undead army that will one day rise up and take our pathetic, capitalist arses and devour us all. The theme tune to every falling nightmare you've ever had. The howl of a tormented spirit trapped in the walls of your subconscious. Towards Atlantis Lights "Dust Aeon" (2018 - Transcending Obscurity Records) History laden funeral doom with a mix of death metal growls and clean lyrics (that I didn't instantly get along with) that has that clever fellow from Pantheist on vocals and keyboards. Not the best I have ever heard but interesting enough to engage my interest, even though a 30 minute opener is a real bollock ache for the most part. Coroner "R.I.P." (1987 - Noise Records) Good ol' bit o' tech thrash from the late 80s to add some diversity to my listening this week. What strikes me about this record the most is the maturity on it at this early stage of their career. A shitload of energy in the mix too on here that couples well with the ability to deliver a memorable debut.
  17. Altarage "The Approaching Roar"
  18. The roar has always been approaching. As far back as three years ago when Altarage dropped their debut full length 'Nihl', this scribe could already hear the threat of their ability, feel the menace of their presence from over hills far away and sense the nefarious intent as the raw fury howled over my skin. Sophomore effort 'Endinghent' further cemented the prowess of these blackened death metal Basque country residents. Although slightly less of an impact than the opening salvo of 'Nihl' it was obvious throughout their second offering that Altarage were refining their strategy and making the style of attack more calculated. Album number three is no longer an approach though. It's an arrival. Arguably now on a par with the bastion of death metal chaos that are Portal now, Altarage are right up there with their own stamp on the principles of this most unwelcoming and inaccessible form of extreme metal. What they did so well on 'Nihl' was shift multiple times the pace, atmosphere and direction of a track. Doing so with such effortless and frankly unexpected subtlety that I just could not be anything but astounded. At the same time they could drop a grinding slab of unrelenting, blackened fury with scant regard for pacing or measure and still have my jaw on the floor. 'The Approaching Roar' takes those foundations and adds maturity, dexterity and skilled songwriting to them to produce some complex and yet - in parts - more accessible pieces of Altarage. Last year's Portal release 'Ion,' saw the band's sound lifted out of the traditionally murky depths that familiarised their sound, in favour of a more coherent aesthetic - which worked well. Altarage are still firmly writhing in their own filth and murk here, despite the odd glimpse of a clearer stab of accessibility. The menacing flamenco promise of the acoustic intro for opening track 'Sighting' is the first flash of this but in mere seconds the full on face stripping fury that we all know is coming is right there, detaching retinas and bursting ear drums. Even just one track in, the shifting/morphing of pace is obvious and the hidden melody of the final minute is reminiscent of your mum playing Smooth FM in the another room, just audible over the chaos that envelopes you at that time. 'Knowledge' is a big, chunky riffing monster of a track that builds like an army getting into formation for some devastating attack on the enemy. 'Urn' takes a brave step at track number three on the record by building a hazy and funereal intro that sounds like a dial slowly being notched up over a couple of minutes. Eventually (of course), the gates of hell themselves are then flung open with abrasive vocals and churning instrumentation. It is at this point that I first fell the drums are a little to low in the mix sometimes, stifled of air a bit by being a part of the roaring chaos as opposed to being allowed to breath a little at times. Again the song-shifting occurs here with the final two minutes of the track being some of the most coherent Altarage to date. As you take in the ebb and flow of 'Hieroglyphic Certainty' and obscure grinding riffs and tribal percussion of 'Inhabitant' it occurs to you that this listening experience is akin to a very cleverly engineered virus, the strain of which threatens to consume your entire existence. The deftness of the structure of 'Chaworos Sephelin' with its haunting, lo-fi cello tinged atmosphere that gives way to the crashing fury of waves of pummelling riffs and percussion is a joy to behold. The final two tracks finish the album just as we started it, still full of ideas and dripping with the promise of still better things to come. Altarage might be shrouded in mystery with their secretive nature (the Members tab on their page of Encyclopaedia Metallum says "none") but the music that they deliver shows them sharing only the most potent and valuable artefacts from the darkness which they inhabit. The roar is now and always will be with you. 5/5
  19. Küppers Kolsch Had a drive down to Chester today and found a craft beer place in the market there. Picked up a few bottles for tonight/early evening/late afternoon.
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