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  1. Nice to see Led Zep and Sabbath on your list. My tastes are more on the extreme side of metal, Black Metal playing a big part in my day to day album rotations but Death Metal plays a big part too. Digging the shit out of Opprobrium “Beyond the Unknown” this week, which is probably one of the best ever Death/Thrash records ever made. Also exploring some of Taake’s discography this week, although nothing comes close to bettering the debut so far. That having been said been on a nostalgia trip back to my youth of late and was spinning Pantera and W.A.S.P. last week.
  2. Not really on my radar at all sadly. Never heard anything from them to make them stand out from the crowd enough to peak my interest. Capable band, no doubt, but just a bit hum-drum for me.
  3. Opprobrium 'Beyond the Unknown' Of Feather And Bone 'Bestial Hymns of Perversion'
  4. Hi Welcome, hope you enjoy your time here. Who are some of your favourite bands?
  5. Opprobrium 'Beyond the Unknown'
  6. Taake 'Nattestid Ser Porten Vid' Taake 'Hordalands Doedskvad' Taake - s/t
  7. Pantera 'Cowboys From Hell' Saor 'Aura' W.A.S.P. 'The Headless Children'
  8. Too wrapped up in work at present, making a conscious effort to bury myself in music and read some books this bank holiday weekend. Also watching Vice’s ‘Tattoo Age’ series at the minute has peaked a previously unknown interest in art. Not tattoos per se just paintings in general.
  9. There’s so much of their previous glam rock sound still present on it, I can really hear it with my older ears. Also some fucking weird bass reverb going on that I never picked up on before (don’t appear to have any remastered version either). With you on the head play though, but I have had most of this rattling around in my head this week after the shuffle on my player threw up ‘Heresy’ and I just been itching to give the album a play.
  10. Pantera 'Cowboys From Hell' - amazed how much of this I had both forgotten but found so easily recognisable within a few notes of each track. A lot of teenage memories in these 12 tracks right here.
  11. Hi, welcome. Nice to see you getting involved already. Hope you enjoy it here.
  12. Immortal Weighing up my list thus far it is obvious that Black Metal has only been influential in my latter years (I would say in the last decade only did I start to listen to BM). It seems natural that I would list one of the more traditional metal sounding BM bands in Immortal. ‘At The Heart Of Winter’ was the gateway record for me with it’s big riffs, solid structures and memorable atmospheres. The further back I went into their back catalogue and got wind of the walls of noise that were ‘Pure Holocaust’ and ‘Battles in the North’, the more attuned to the real essence of what the band and genre were really about I became. Let’s face it, their discography is not flawless and at times is downright forgettable. But the avenue into the genre that Immortal gave me was invaluable. As I got to grips with their harsher, colder and more primitive releases, I in turn lent an ear to the likes of Mayhem, Darkthrone and Burzum. The world post-Abbath looks sufficiently grim based on the excellent ‘Northern Chaos Gods’ which proved Demonaz to be the true force in the band. If I am honest, there’s no other BM presence in my list of 20 (spoiler alert). Only Emperor came close to an entry but although I champion the first two records from them they made little in the way of being an influencer on me like Immortal were. Key Album - ‘At The Heart Of Winter’
  13. Further replacement of ‘missing’ digital albums. Cannibal Corpse ‘Tomb of the Mutilated’ now on CD.
  14. Heavy Metal Friday so far this morning (somebody fetch my wolf skin loin cloth and prep my trusty steed - I am going on a pillage) Grand Magus ‘Wolf God’ Smoulder ‘Times Of Obscene Evil And Wild Daring’
  15. Xasthur - 'A Gate Through Blood Stained Mirrors' Thulcandra - 'Fallen Angels Dominion'
  16. Hey there, this doesn't really qualify as an album review so I am locking this, it just describes the band's sound which ain't a review by any means I am afraid.
  17. W.A.S.P. Forget the theatre for a minute here. I knew all about Lawless and co’s stage antics and shock lyrical content, but it was not any of that brazen, cocksure headiness that drew me to the band. Nope it was purely the music. I would argue that from the debut through to ‘Crimson Idol’ they rarely put a foot wrong. Yes, ‘Inside The Electric Circus’ perhaps needed a trim and ‘The Last Command’ too. But neither were turkeys and I played both of them to fucking death as a teenager being energised by the likes of ‘Jack Action’, ‘9.5. - N.A.S.T.Y.’ and ‘Wild Child’. ’The Headless Children’ showed some real maturity with actual structure to the songs and a little more teeth and less tongue in cheek than what had come before (although ‘Mephisto Waltz’ sucked and blowed and the same time). The final piece of the maturity scale came with ‘The Crimson Idol’. To hear a band more infamous for tits n tattle perform a concept record and not get lost in the story and let the music still be centre stage was a real treat. I spent so many of my teenage years playing W.A.S.P. for a good portion of each of them it seems criminal that nowadays I don’t pick up their CD’s off the library shelves more. Key Album - The Crimson Idol Morbid Angel The mind bending sonic wizardry of Trey on Morbid Angel’s first 2 albums just blows me away still to this day. Despite my affection/nostalgia for Obituary as my death metal gateway band, Morbid Angel occupied my turntable/CD drawer for a large percentage of my teenage years also. There was a poise about MA that I felt no other band had at the time. Vincent looked like a shampoo model who ate puppies at children’s parties and the cool menace of his vocals further cemented the image. Sandoval was a fucking beast on the skins and Brunelle worked the riff engine, stoking the fires with near passive effort. ’Altars of Madness’ and ‘Blessed Are The Sick’ change places as being my favourite MA release more often than I change my duds! I even forgave the dry sound to ‘Covenant’ after many years off being put off by it. Hell, even when Vincent has been sacked, had handbags at ten paces with Trey or just decided that Country is his thang, Tucker steps right in and the band molds accordingly, creating some great records along the way. A common theme in my list is bands who mature, whose songwriting goes up a notch within mere years. The step up from the debut to ‘Blessed...’ is so obvious and the whole record is caked in fucking atmosphere to the extent that you can ice it, slice it and serve it dinner parties. Key Album (today at least) - Blessed Are The Sick
  18. Sanguinary Trance ‘Wine, Song & Sacrifice’ (an album about most nights of the week at my place really)
  19. There’s so much win here you could slice it, toast it and spread butter on it’s blackened crumb! Mmmmmmmmmm...blackened crumbs!
  20. Yep, it just isn’t digesting as well as it used too and I can’t figure out why. Could be different story again in a few weeks/months.